Looks like I set off the bots once again… But this time it’s Russia, and the Chinese both… Don’t know if that is an improvement or not…

Decimal: 1602265955
ASN: 8439
Organization: JSC AIST
Services: Recently reported forum spam source. (182)
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Likely Static IP
Continent: Europe
Country: Russia ru flag
State/Region: Samara Oblast
City: Samara
Latitude: 53.1813  (53° 10′ 52.68″ N)
Longitude: 50.1218  (50° 7′ 18.48″ E)
Postal Code: 404146


Decimal: 3072244299
ASN: 4134
ISP: China Telecom Guangdong
Organization: China Telecom Guangdong
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Likely Static IP
Continent: Asia
Country: China cn flag
State/Region: Guangdong
City: Guangzhou
Latitude: 23.1167  (23° 7′ 0.12″ N)
Longitude: 113.25  (113° 15′ 0.00″ E)

Strangely, this all started Tuesday, and ramped up to over 100 by Saturday morning. So far yesterday as of 2100, there were an additional 67.

Now I usually get two to five a DAY…

Anybody else seeing a significant ramp up in bots?


Meh… — 12 Comments

  1. They’re working for the Democrat Party. You’re a Conservative; no other reason needed. When things get crazy in the next year they will be set for the DDoSing of Conservative pundits.

  2. So that why you didn’t vote for Hillary. Ruskies and Chicoms swayed your vote!

  3. All- Exactly. Bill- I’ve already gotten 2 DDOS attacks… sigh

    And now Estonia… for bible stuff no less…
    Source: whois.arin.netIP Address: CC-107-174-148-0-26Handle: NET-107-174-148-0-1Registration Date: 1/8/18Range: Lixux OU (VATID EE101773168)Org Handle: LOVE-143Address: Karneri 3-3, Harju maakond
    City: TallinnState/Province: TALLINNPostal Code: 13522Country: Estonia

  4. I’ve gotten a few. There’s been a spate (relatively speaking) of purported pr0n sites, instead of the usual sales spams. Usually on cooking articles and signal-boosts – go figger.

  5. Can’t remember the last time I got trolled, much less by a bot (spam- or otherwise). Maybe with my content being 96% Bible verses, it doesn’t give them anything to key on.

  6. WSF- Nah, blogging the ‘wrong’ thing, like the truth…

    TXRed- That’s strange. I’m not getting the prOn, but church crap, and chinese/kanji and Russian that I’m not running translations on.

    Rev- Enjoy!!! 🙂

  7. Well dammit, I have so few readers to my blog…
    I do get a lot of spam from prostitutes, and dingle enhancement sites… at first thought it was because I use my initials, and they assume I’m a guy. After a little research and Dad’s name showing up,though he died two years ago, he’s obviously still checking on the babes… lol

  8. there has been a crap of load of really stupid comments on the local CBS facebook page too. Blaming Trump for all the gang shootings n Chicago, and the two shootings over the weekend. As a Catholic school kid I can spot the off grammar pretty easy but some of the locals are responding accordingly.