Looks like I set off the bots once again… But this time it’s Russia, and the Chinese both… Don’t know if that is an improvement or not…

Decimal: 1602265955
ASN: 8439
Organization: JSC AIST
Services: Recently reported forum spam source. (182)
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Likely Static IP
Continent: Europe
Country: Russia ru flag
State/Region: Samara Oblast
City: Samara
Latitude: 53.1813  (53° 10′ 52.68″ N)
Longitude: 50.1218  (50° 7′ 18.48″ E)
Postal Code: 404146


Decimal: 3072244299
ASN: 4134
ISP: China Telecom Guangdong
Organization: China Telecom Guangdong
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Likely Static IP
Continent: Asia
Country: China cn flag
State/Region: Guangdong
City: Guangzhou
Latitude: 23.1167  (23° 7′ 0.12″ N)
Longitude: 113.25  (113° 15′ 0.00″ E)

Strangely, this all started Tuesday, and ramped up to over 100 by Saturday morning. So far yesterday as of 2100, there were an additional 67.

Now I usually get two to five a DAY…

Anybody else seeing a significant ramp up in bots?


Meh… — 12 Comments

  1. They’re working for the Democrat Party. You’re a Conservative; no other reason needed. When things get crazy in the next year they will be set for the DDoSing of Conservative pundits.

  2. All- Exactly. Bill- I’ve already gotten 2 DDOS attacks… sigh

    And now Estonia… for bible stuff no less…
    Source: whois.arin.netIP Address: CC-107-174-148-0-26Handle: NET-107-174-148-0-1Registration Date: 1/8/18Range: Lixux OU (VATID EE101773168)Org Handle: LOVE-143Address: Karneri 3-3, Harju maakond
    City: TallinnState/Province: TALLINNPostal Code: 13522Country: Estonia

  3. I’ve gotten a few. There’s been a spate (relatively speaking) of purported pr0n sites, instead of the usual sales spams. Usually on cooking articles and signal-boosts – go figger.

  4. Can’t remember the last time I got trolled, much less by a bot (spam- or otherwise). Maybe with my content being 96% Bible verses, it doesn’t give them anything to key on.

  5. WSF- Nah, blogging the ‘wrong’ thing, like the truth…

    TXRed- That’s strange. I’m not getting the prOn, but church crap, and chinese/kanji and Russian that I’m not running translations on.

    Rev- Enjoy!!! 🙂

  6. Well dammit, I have so few readers to my blog…
    I do get a lot of spam from prostitutes, and dingle enhancement sites… at first thought it was because I use my initials, and they assume I’m a guy. After a little research and Dad’s name showing up,though he died two years ago, he’s obviously still checking on the babes… lol

  7. there has been a crap of load of really stupid comments on the local CBS facebook page too. Blaming Trump for all the gang shootings n Chicago, and the two shootings over the weekend. As a Catholic school kid I can spot the off grammar pretty easy but some of the locals are responding accordingly.

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