Ah… Fall…

Well, it’s SUPPOSED to be in the air… It IS football season.


I enjoy watching college football, although it seems at times almost like JV for the pros. I’m about to the point I’d rather watch it with the sound off, that way I don’t have to listen to the blathering of the ‘announcers’, and I use that term loosely. Especially when they start ‘pronouncing’, “Well, Coach ‘should’ have run this play in that situation, rather than what he did, yada, yada, yada.” I almost want to yell at the screen, if you’re so damn good, why are you sitting where you are, rather than BEING a coach? Grrr…

And the other thing is the ‘pronouncements’ about how ‘critical’ this game is… It’s the first freaking week of the schedule! Damn! Give the kids a break, already!

Anyhow, it’s football season, support your local teams at all levels, and if your kids are playing or in the band, or pep squad, get out there and yell for them! They appreciate it, win, lose, or draw. And being active in school tends to keep the kids off the street and out of trouble, which isn’t a bad way to go.

Oh, and one comment on the Iranian missile that blew up…

1) Murphy’s Law speaks Farsi too.
2) Mossad
3) MI-6
4) Polish Intelligence
5) CIA.



Ah… Fall… — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve been off the NFL for a while (pansy-ass bitches taking a knee), and so College is sort of the only outlet. But yeah, turn the volume all the way off. There are so few good announcers out there that it’s always annoying.

    I miss Vin Scully and Joe Garagiolo …

  2. There are few announcers whose performance wouldn’t be improved by some brilliant bursts of silence. And the NFL hasn’t been part of our lives for several years. Between strikes, protests, the stupid “taking a knee” from spoiled overpaid athletes with delusions of celebrity …

    I’d better stop before my BP goes any higher.

  3. Used to be, in Florida on the Sunshine Network, they’d rebroadcast the FSU games the day after using commenters from the FSU sporting staff. So blithering idiotic speechifying was nil, they didn’t keep cutting to show some human interest story on the field while critical plays were happening, and the producers had time to add graphics to replays of critical plays so you could see just where the FSU center (a double major in theoretical math and engineering (I think he wanted to work in the space program)) broke his ankle, then wore a cast for two seasons until he graduated (no NFL for him, best center even with a broken ankle I’ve ever seen, he wanted to do something real in his life like pursue a Master’s and PHD) and other neat things. They even showed the halftime bands!

    So, of course, that had to stop. Now I watch it on delay in order to fast forward past the mindnumbing commercials and read a book or play a game. Over-announcing has killed the game. No, that’s not true, because Radio announcing is great. It’s TV announcing that’s killed it. And the stupid Olympics-like human interest stories (Thanks, NBC for ruining sports for everyone except Oprah watchers. Bastiges!!!)

  4. The college game I wanted to watch was blocked (TCU) and the Astros game wasn’t broadcast in my area.

    I watched part of the Cowboys game Friday night, and when I caught myself thinking that the ‘boys didn’t look so bad, I knew I was exhausted past the point of rationality and it was time to go to bed.

  5. I would much rather be outside in the stands at a HS game (baseball, football, soccer) or indoors (basketball, volleyball) than setting on my behind at home watching college or pros.
    I remember the ol guys(lol, my age now) that used to show up at HS games, they often didn’t have grandkids near enough to watch so they supported the local kids. They were the best at moral support and the kids knew it.

  6. Foot ball didn’t excite me. And on TV, the time-outs and commercials and station breaks couldn’t keep what little interest I had.

  7. PK/RM/WSF- Hehehe, as we know well… LOL

    BP/Rev- Agreed!!!

    Beans- I kinda remember that… mid-80s?

    TXRed- LOL, yes hie thee to bed…

    Brig- Excellent point!

    • All the way to the mid 2000’s. During wife’s Batchelor’s (online at FSU because online was too good for UF) they had Sunshine Network. Sometime during her Masters (still online at FSU because online was too good for UF) the Sunshine Network stopped rebroadcasting.

      Totally a bummer.

  8. As to the Iranian no-go, there are a lot of dissidents inside Iran. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of ‘accidentally on purpose’ deaths.

    Strange things happen in Iran, and it’s not always Israel’s, Iraq’s or the USA’s fault. Not always…

  9. On the missile… or all of the above? They have been known to cooperate, now and then…