I’m SO full…

Thanks to Jonathan, THREE stuffed pork roasts! And Mac and Cheese, and Green Beans.

The dinner group expands and contracts without rhyme or reason, and tonight we had two ‘extra’ guests. John Van Stry came over from Sherman, and Jesse Barrett came down from OKC. Good food, good conversations, and a demonstration of the ‘proper’ way to murder somebody with a knife…

Of course we ‘had’ to do that outside, so the kids didn’t see it, but the neighbors did… LOL

Authors, you can live with us, and you can’t shoot us either… And there REALLY needs to be a check box on search engines, for I AM AN AUTHOR DOING RESEARCH… Sigh…

Speaking of research, six hours today, got three sentences written and a couple of stray notes…

I hope each and every one enjoys Labor Day, and those working get double time for it!

Take a moment to remember those who can’t take the day off. The military, LEOs, Medics, and Fire/rescue.



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  1. Heh. “Don’t judge me by my browser history; I’m a writer, not a serial killer.”

    I really need that on a mug or t-shirt.

  2. Good lookin’ meat! And yes, writer conversations are almost as good as paramedic conversations for attracting unhappy attention from people trying to eat. “So, you said your bad guys could drop two bridges in KC and one in Omaha and paralyze all road traffic in the US. That still leaves railroads, and what about the bridges at St. Jo and…”

    “Look, the point is to stop major traffic flow and start back-ups, not…”

    Luckily, we were someplace where the staff and other diners knew we were either military, military-history students, or gamers, and they didn’t call anyone about is.

  3. Being a writer is a lost art on me. I have trouble writing Thank You cards. But I could dive in and tear up one of those pork roast..

  4. I suppose it would be a wasted question to ask if there are any leftovers.

  5. One of the greatest things about being a child and able to sit quietly in the corner and listen to the grownups was learning the correct way to say hello to your new-found SE-Asian captor (drop to your knees, plea and beg for mercy, send his kneecaps to the backside of his legs, punch him in the groin and then smother him. Various variations of technique depending on extent of injury of airman or whether to use knife or not (general concensus was if you had a knife at capture, captor would shoot you…) Only works, of course, if single captor. From guys who actually did this in Korea and Vietnam. Great thing to hear when you’re 6) (Or the correct way to stick a knife in someone’s kidneys…)

    But, yeah, these dark days that could get you DCFed

  6. JMI- Yeah, it does… 🙂

    TXRed- LOL, yeah, THOSE conversations… 😀

    CP- We did!

    Grog- Three little… make that TWO little pieces… Sorry

    Beans- Oh yeah!

  7. That meat looks delicious. I wish I’d been there to weigh in with my perspectives on knife/edged weapon combat. You need to include a tomahawk and the proper use of an entrenching tool in combat IMHO.

  8. Oh my, roasts! Jealous… and write on! Easier said than done sometimes, to be fair. But whoever said life’d be easy?

  9. I’m drooling here!

    We went up to Cheyenne for a family cook-out. Burgers, hot dogs, salads, etc.

    Guess we don’t eat as well as y’all do in Texas…..

  10. Im not an Author, but I really like to eat. That makes my mouth water. Russell

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    Man that looks delicious….and Etools make great CQB weapons.

  12. LL/WSF- We didn’t get into that because concealed weapon was the goal. 🙂

    Sam- I only WROTE three sentences… sigh… Tonight I’m up to a whole page and a half, and another four hours of research… I ‘know’ y’all will check up on me… LOL

    LSP- Good points!

    drjim- Our weekend dinners can get ‘interesting’… Just sayin’

    Russell- Thanks, I’ll pass your compliment along!

    Bob- Yes, etools work. I have one in the car, for ‘multiple’ purposes… 😀

  13. Bob, ONFO: my old-style e-tool is for digging snow out of a high-centered car; you mean it might have other uses? Huh. Who’d a thunkit? And my car hauls a bow saw and axe and bolt cutter for impromptu tree trimming. Really. Especially the bolt cutter.

    Labor Day musta been today ‘cuz I labored over twice as long as usual for my disabled clients due to the weekend workers being late and leaving early and grumble mumble. Hope everybody had a good day. The meat looks scrumptious.