Range time…

With suppressor video even!

Been a while since I’ve done a gun post, so here we go. The clip is as follows:

1st clip- 175gr M118LR through suppressor

2nd clip- 168gr subsonic through suppressor

3rd clip- 168gr subsonic NO suppressor

4th clip- 175gr M118LR NO suppressor

5th clip- AR-10 Carbine, 175gr IMI Match ammo, no suppressor

There is some audio clipping due to the iPhone camera/microphone. I did not have a calibrated mic there, so no dB levels are given.

And here’s the target and specifics-

The subsonic had a drop of 10 inches at 100 yards to my ‘normal’ zero. Hence the ‘high’ hold. There was also a much more pronounced wind effect. The 175gr was moved around a bit by the wind, but no worse than an inch in any direction.

Thanks to friends for the spotting and filming. Now I can go ‘mortar’ the subsonics into a target, if it holds still and there is no wind… LOL


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  1. You had to say mortar; brings back memories. Had a similar discussion with a retired MSgt on a range at Ft. Benning, on the best way to use a Mk19 40mm against light armor or fighting vehicles – direct fire or ‘mortar’ it to drop HE rounds on much thinner top armor. Like the previous post, glad it was just us and not alarmed civilians.

  2. Nice shooting irons there.

    Maybe a bit of feral hog control work in the future?

  3. A little too much fun here. Maybe I should get a suppressor, though I dislike having to beg the ATF for permission to own something that should be over the counter.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    You know, you get a few more of those, you can get your own “Youtube” channel? Like your rifles too btw. You were having too much fun, someone will report you to the “wronggroupthink” dept of your local socialist/democratic party. Even in Texas there are a few of those deluded idiots running around.

  5. I think that you need your own YouTube Channel – Shooting with Old NFO – something like that. I don’t know whether it would get shut down or not, but it would be fun to watch.

  6. PK- Ah yes, there ‘might’ have been a comment about a leprechaun at the end of those ‘rainbows’…

    Ed- Reality vs. Hollyweird… LOL

    John- Yep, possible. That’s a real M-24

    Jim- They ARE a PITA to get, plan on a year wait, at best… dammit

    Bob/LL- Oh hell no. I have a face and a voice for writing… 😉

    ERJ- Thanks!

  7. What kind of suppressor and adapter are you using? A friend’s rifle using SureFire can and adapter shows no change in POA/POI using Black Hills 175gr .308 match ammo with and without the can.

  8. drjim- It was!

    Tom- The same. There isn’t any change with/without. The spread is my fault for not offsetting for the wind. That rifle is half MOA or less on a quiet range.

    • copy that – thanks for the clarification! and wind can certainly be a bugger, especially there in the north Texas plains where, as my mom used to say, there isn’t anything, even a picket fence, to block the wind!

  9. It does make dove hunting near Olney and Archer City an interesting study in applying lead** to wing shooting! Especially if the dove are trying to get south in front of a cold front

    ** leed not led

  10. Hey Jim, Just finished reading, Down South and it was great! As I’m running out of material to peruse, I think I’ll read The Whole series again, What was the first one again? I have them all lined up but not in order
    Just started checking out the Rio Hackett guy too.

    They just passed a red flag law in this misbegotten stat so I’m going to start getting rid of all my guns and ammo. Being 81 now, I’m not sure I could hit a bull in the ass with a base fiddle anymore. Those I can’t sell or give away will be given a decent USN burial at sea.

    Take care