Got to hate it when those pesky facts end up upsetting the applecart…

Records Found in Dusty Basement Undermine Decades of Dietary Advice

His latest excavation—made possible by the pack-rat habits of a deceased scientist, the help of the scientist’s sons, and computer technicians who turned punch cards and magnetic tape into formats readable by today’s computers—undercuts a pillar of nutrition science.

Full article, HERE.

Kinda makes one wonder what ELSE is out there, or has been suppressed… Can we say climate data???



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  1. So, as our grandparents knew, there’s nothing wrong with eating fat. Wow, what a shocker.

    The interesting part is how the evidence was suppressed, because it didn’t fit the government’s approved narrative… back in the 1970’s. Some things never change.

  2. My total cholesterol tends to run in the 150 range. Maybe I’m not eating enough bacon.

  3. McC-Good point. My grandparents on both sides at bacon, eggs, gravy, biscuits, sausage, and other ‘unhealthy’ foods, and all of them lived into their 90s. But they were also very active throughout their lives.

    Ed- 🙂

    Jim- LOL

    WSF- Agreed!

  4. Surprisingly, a lot of the scientific health advise about fat came out after WWII, where, after 4 years of collecting animal grease and fat to make explosives, and pushing plant-margarine at us, suddenly the companies making margarine had to justify the existence of that garbage. So ‘scientific’ studies came out showing margarine (with artificial flavoring to simulate a butterish taste) was ‘more healthy’ than the fat-based butter.

    Quel Surprise! Butter’s healthier for you. And doesn’t have as many artificial ingredients (well, depending on what brand you get…)

    We finally converted to cooking as much as we can in bacon fat (which, of course, gives us reason to cook bacon) two years ago (move to an apartment from a house concentrated cooking smells, and wifely unit suddenly realized the veg oil she was having me cook stuff in was smoking the apartment bad) and both our cholesterol and A1C counts dropped. One simple change, cut out most vegetable oils, and ‘poof’ our bodies are healthier.

    Weird, huh, almost like the human body wasn’t designed to handle modified vegetable oils very well, almost like, weirdly enough, we’re designed to eat and process animal tissue, including meat and…. fat. Greasy greasy fat.

    I think I’ll go fix some bacon now…

  5. Regulatory Capture by the food industry. Eisenhower was right about the threat to scientific research.

  6. You might want to forward that photo to Knuckedraggin.com.
    He’d love it.

  7. I did a lot of reading while down from chemo. And what I discovered is that most of what we accept as settled science with food is as science based as Al Gore’s opinions. And promoted heavily by people making lots of money from them. So no more supplements, vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, yada yada, for me. Moderate eating, moderate drinking. Except on vacation of course.

    • I have IBS, so I followed the Doc’s directions regarding obiotics.

      Wow, who would have known that there was a substance even more purging than Calcium Citrate?

      The Doc think’s I’m weird. Duh..

      • I’m with you on that. Every suggestion by the docs has done nothing (expensively), made me worse, or had bizarre side effects. I’ve had at least 3 docs tell me, “You’re just weird.”

        Medicine is an approximation based on statistics.

    • Vacation calories DO NOT COUNT!
      So says the man who spent 3 days and nights in New Orleans (thank Murphy!).

  8. Sam- I ‘think’ Kenny stops by occasionally. He’s welcome to it

    PH- Pretty much…

    Beans- Ouch!

  9. I think most of Old_NFO’s readers grew up as I did, eating “unhealthy” stuff, and doing “unsafe” activities.

    And we’re still here! I do think regular exercise, either provided by what we did for our outside activities and/or jobs plays a large role in keeping healthy.

    Too many kids today just veg out in front of a keyboard or TV, ans slowly bloat their way to an early grave…..

  10. I’ve struggled to lose weight since birthing our last offspring. Went to researching and discovered that a LOT of what’s been suggested for 40 years was counterproductive. For further reading, I highly recommend Obesity Code by Dr. Fung. Also Dr. Berry and Dr. Boz on youtube have great videos on Keto.