Well, well, well…

The gloves are officially off…

And he’s fundraising off of it…

And your AK, and your M-1, and your 03A3, your 1911, and, and, and…

His actual statement was that confiscation was on the table for ANY gun designed to be used in war. So technically, even that Sharps Model 1859 your great-great grandpa carried at Gettysburg will be confiscatable…

Interestingly, NONE of the other 9 on stage disagreed with him. That should tell you something…

This is past the point of ‘touching’ the 3rd rail of politics, they’re humping that sucker for all its worth!  Grrr….


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  1. So all bolt-action rifles are on the ban list, because WWI.

    These people are the best campaigners for Trump 2020.

    • Well, technically the Spanish-American War, first use by US forces of bolt guns vs an enemy with bolt guns, we with Krag-Jorgensens and Lee-Navys vs Spanish Mausers, which led to the adoption of the ’03 Springfield by the Army followed by the Navy and Marine Corps, and I assume the Coast Guard eventually.

  2. It’s good that the freaks and misfits, Beto being the poster child, are finally putting it out there. It’s about the repeal of the Bill of Rights.

  3. Or that lovely Mauser — with a bayonet — that’s in the gun cabinet somewhere?

    But the statement shouldn’t surprise anyone — nor should the non-response of the rest. It’s what they’ve always been for; just now they’re saying it.

    However, it does clarify one other thing: how utterly and incredibly stupid they are (if one hadn’t already figured that out).

  4. The ~ BETO ~ Now FYI, El Paso is closer to San Diego California
    than it is to Houston Texas, kind of explains it all.

  5. Every LEO in the country is going to be forced to choose between their badge and their oath to the constitution. Some already have.

    • Too many will chose the ways of the Orc, badged Orc that is. The ‘national standards’ that have been forced on agencies over the last 30 years have done a long way to teaching the inbound police to not be supporters of the Constitution, but to be supporters of the rules, regulations and laws that their superiors tell them to follow (thus Portland or Gainesville, FL, where the Mayor and City Commissions can tell the Police Chief what the police can and can’t do, and the old guys or those with consciouses leave while the indoctrinated ones stay.) It’s a sad situation, but more and more I believe we can’t trust many of our LEO.

      Considering how many willingly participate in existing Red Flag Laws and at SWATings and show up for Misdemeanor Warrant servings with a full SWAT team…

  6. He wants $30 each for those shirts. The only practical use I can think of is to be cut up into rags and borepatches.

  7. At the risk of picking nits, no one would have carried a Krag at Gettysburg.

  8. People who legally own guns don’t vote Democrat (if they have any brains at all). This isn’t a “third rail” issue for them, it’s a long-standing part of the party platform.

    • And Bobby O’ reported him to the FBI as making death threats and the FBI did not, repeat, did not immediately tell Bobby O’ to pound sand.

      Thus, I fear, Mr. Texas Lawmaker may have a visit by a concerned team of ATF agents looking to make a big score and burn another Texas building down.

      • “…team of ATF agents looking to make a big score and burn another Texas building down.”

        I’m sorry to have to do this, but the ATF wasn’t responsible for the fire.

        The FBI was incharge of situation and buildings just happen to catch fire when they are around.

  9. Who is this we be references? For some reason I don’t think he will be part of the we that will try to take them away. In Texan terms, Come and take it. I guess he thinks the fairy dust of a law will save lives when compliance has to be enforced?

  10. He is desperate to stand out from the crowd. First loon among the loons.

    Cynical me thinks he knows he is unelectable but other loons with money will finance his campaign and he will keep the money. Beats working for a living.

    • As I mentioned in another blog, even the LEAST loony of the bunch of loons is STILL a loon. Or in this case they might be mockingbirds since they are all (more or less) parroting bobby frank – either overtly or by failing to counter him. (I refuse to use his fake nickname)

  11. Mike- You’re correct. My bad. Sharps Model 1857 were carried there! Fixed.
    All- Thanks for the comments.

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • I hate to pick nits but there was no Model 1857. The most common would have been the 1859 model. 1855 models would be possible as well as the Model 1853, the Beecher’s Bible.

  12. Just one more uneccessary reason to NEVER vote for a Dem.

  13. Bobby O’Rourke wants to take our ARs and AKs.

    Kamala says she will make an executive order starting confiscation on Day 1 of her regime.

    Others are mouthing similar sentiments.

    The scary thing? Slow Joe Biden is the one saying that one can’t make an EO banning guns and forcing confiscation.

    Slow Joe… The most reasonable of the candidates?

    Yikes, yikes I say…

  14. They are not aiming at guns.
    They are not aiming at the Bill of Rights, or Constitution.
    These are tactics.

    The goal is to destroy Western Civilization.

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    First off, I don’t see his effeminate ass leading the stack…Just saying. Truth be told, if a democrat gets elected, we will see the pressure ratchet up on the lawful gun owners and many will be preparing for the night time raid and getting their 175 pounds of tannerite shaped like a dog. and hiding the rest of their weapons because it will be bugaloo time. Do I want to go down that road….no, absolutely not, but better me than my kid.

  16. Every time I hear his declaration played I also hear Howard Dean’s campaign-ending scream.

    • Hopefully most, if not all, just went full Dukakis. Never go full Dukakis…

  17. per Miller vs. U.S.A. (1939)

    3..The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia.

    stare decisus. the SCOTUS has ruled, in 1939 AR-15’s ARE protected by the second amendment.

    get a constitutional amendment, Bobby boy, or STFU

  18. Robert Francis should just sell shirts with a B27 printed on them, and make this easier on us all.

  19. Who turned off the electricity to the third rail? I think we should turn it back on!