Big sky…

Out in the wilds of Colorado…

And in the me vs. Prairie dogs, the score is me zero… Couldn’t figure out the wind yesterday afternoon… 30 rounds zero hits, one scare. .22s at 225 yards is not easy in a gusting wind… Dammit…



Big sky… — 16 Comments

  1. Hmmm. Both Dixie Gun Works and Hern Iron Works sell Coehorn mortars.
    I’m thinking that the 2 1/4″ mortar round wouldn’t be pushed aside by the wind.
    Just saying.

    Have fun!

  2. That’s why God invented the .243 Winchester.

    • Heh. Now that’s cold, Ed. Out past 200 yards, if you could find the Shorts, you might could use ’em again.

      My varmint rig is a 26″ barreled SS Winchester M70 is 223. I’m also fond of my 45-70 Trapdoor Rifle (original). Trajectory similar to a .22, but wind not much of an issue. If the dogs line up, sometimes you can get a two-fer.

      Hey Old NFO, have you tried this ammo?–

      Hope the wind dies down for you. Wish I was there.

  3. Great picture, that makes a statement in its simplicity.

    John, I wouldn’t want to use a 60mm mortar at 200m range, at least not without firing by lanyard from inside a bunker. You’d use a low charge number (0 or 1) at short range, and the subsonic projectile can get pushed around in any direction by the wind gusts. Big pieces like the tail can go some distance. Uh, previous life experiences as a tester, let’s say.

    • I withdraw my suggestion. I know better than to argue with someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. 🙂

    • Hell, if I could SEE a prarie dog at 200 yards with my bare eyes (sans magnified optics), I’d say your vision is spot on.

      Two hundred yards with rimfire ammunition is a challenge. I occasionally try that with non-living targets, shooting along the fence lines at gallon milk jugs. They stand still and are about two – three times as wide as a prarie dog. Wind plays havoc with rimfire at long range like that. Coupled with heat mirage and targets the same color as the dirt surrounding . . . my hats off to you.

  4. I know exactly where that building is! It’s on [mutter mutter] county road near the [mutter mutter] intersection, on so-and-so’s land, in [yeah, that one] county.

    Not that I used to spend any time out that way hiking, no, not at all.

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. Got a little connectivity. It was .22 rim fire. The .308 was all good, once I realized the ‘wind correction’ I was getting from the other shooter was based on his 5.56 50 grain (e.g. WAY the hell off). Only problem was the 750 yard shot, winds gusting and it was over/under/over/under… dammit…

  6. Haven’t shot in a while because of screws in the hip, dammit, but I feel that’s about to change. .22 out to 200? Bold call and fun with it, by the sound of things. Nice one.