My apologies, yesterday’s post didn’t, and I didn’t catch it. So… Spent time unwinding with friends and there was a first, with a wedding (NOT me)…

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and people started leaving last night, heading back to the ‘real world’, but I think we can all say much refreshed. It was great to see everyone, and fun was had. Pumpkins were turned into mush, especially when filled with Tannerite and exploded from a safe distance. 🙂

Heading home today, and back to regular blogging and commenting tomorrow.  I’ll leave you with this, as the barn is no more…

Peter has been doing a daily report on our get together, HERE. He’s got the details… 🙂


Sigh… — 7 Comments

  1. Sounds like a good bit of fun.
    The arch looks wheely nice. 🙂
    Tannerite and pumpkins. That’s awesome.

  2. Couple of very nice pictures there, and from Peter’s description, a lot of fun for all.

  3. It is always a bummer leaving a good event, especially since a good event will tire you out.

    My wife and I, in our later years of eventing, made the decision to, on long distance traveling that could be done in a day, that on the way back we’d stop halfway and decompress at a hotel, as inevitably we’d be far more tired than we thought when we left.

    Many a times the 7 hour drive to Mississippi was a nice fun trip while the 7 hours back was a hell of a drive with shades of torture in trying to stay functioning while new and unusual body pains appeared. Break that sucker up, stop in P-Cola for a break and a decent shower, and be grumblingly alive the next day.

    Love the arch, sad to see an old building go away, but it is what it is. Glad you had a good time out there.

  4. Hey, just had the idea pop out. Is this the source for the tractor beams used in Rimworld? 🙂

    Pain meds kicking in today. BAD pressure change from weather + sore from cleaning = take the better tab.

  5. John- We even had one jar go airborne about 50 feet, but thankfully nobody tried for it while it was in the air…LOL

    PK- LOL, you are definitely on ‘something’…LOL

    Beans- Oh yeah. 7 hours going no problem, 7 coming back take FOR EVAR!!! Sigh