It’s enough to make you wonder…

Fleet week brings over $100 million a year into SFO…

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But there are those who hate it…

We have been unable to find a single story in any local news outlet that raises a single critical issue about the cost, safety, environmental impacts, problems for veterans with PTSD or kids who get frightened—or the overall military promotion—of this annual Navy airshow.

In an era of worries about climate change, personal safety, and public spending, you’d think that the Navy’s Fleet Week and Blue Angels air show would be a tough sell. Yet, even as the event guzzles phenomenal amounts of fossil fuels and taxpayer dollars—and presents huge safety risks with its low urban flyovers and perilous maneuvers—the military celebration and public-relations stunt draws big cheering crowds and uncritical applause from mainstream media and politicians.

Full article, HERE.

The military used to have a LARGE presence in the San Francisco Bay area… Used to have… BRAC closed many of them, personally I believe due to the attitudes of the powers that be… I was stationed there twice at NAS Moffett Field. We closed Moffett for the Navy due to high per diem costs (it was taking a large chunk of the entire P-3 community budget to support training students there). Those squadrons were moved to Hawaii and Washington State, to lower costs, and VP-31 was decommissioned.

I know we were not treated well by the locals in the Bay Area, and the funds available for housing forced enlisted families to band together and share housing in order to get a decent place to live, and most of those were a longer distance than they liked from the bases (anywhere from a half hour to an hour away).

Almost no military bases remain in the San Francisco Bay area.
Downsized – Concord Naval Weapons Station
Closed – Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Oakland
Closed – Fort Baker
Closed – Fort Barry
Closed – Fort Cronkhite
Closed – Fort Mason
Closed – Fort Point
Closed – Fort Miley
Closed – Fort Ross
Downsized – Moffett Naval Air Station – Now Federal Airfield Moffett
Closed – Naval Air Station Livermore
Closed – Oakland Army Base
Closed – Treasure Island Naval Station
Closed – Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
Closed – Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Closed – Naval Air Station Alameda (Piers used for RRF Ship)
Closed – The Presidio of San Francisco
Closed – Hamilton Air Force Base

Closed- Skaggs Island Naval Communications Station

This would be somewhere around 70-80,000 military and civilian jobs/personnel. Taking a base salary of $35,000 a year as an average, that’s a loss of ~$2.8 billion a year in direct money coming into communities. You cannot convince me that didn’t have an impact. And many of those bases, even today, are not being used.

Right now, there are, to the best of my knowledge, only three small bases in SFO- Coast Guard Integrated Support Command Alameda, Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma, and Coast Guard Station San Francisco – Yerba Buena Island

And the only reason they are ‘tolerated’, is they take care of the boaters in the Bay Area.

Far as I’m concerned, I’d pull Fleet Week and send the ships somewhere they and the Blues would be appreciated…


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  1. I was stationed at The Presidio 1975 to 1977. As an Army MP I had a lot of interaction with Navy and Marines during Armed Forces Patrol. I must say the Navy swabs were the funniest to deal with… The Military made those towns around the Bay Area and got the worse of it from scum sucking liberals moving into and ruining a perfectly good thing.

  2. I imagine every one of those pols had friends and family eyeing up all that ‘free’ property to develop and make fortunes. Then the plan became to sell/auction at current market values. Then someone told them they’d be responsible for environmental remediation and lawsuits, downstream, as the developers.


  3. I was stationed at Naval Station Treasure Island from 1975 to 1979. Promoted to Chief while there but the only place we could find affordable housing (and hospitable people) was in Concord. Public schools in the Bay area were teaching a message other than education. Told my detailer I needed to go back to sea duty anywhere east of the Mississippi and south of DC.

  4. San Francisco is a strange place. Honorable men and women are shunned, yet vagrants that use the sidewalk for toilets are welcomed. I don’t know what created this attitude, but have a feeling it will get worse.

  5. Nothing a good tsunami couldn’t fix.
    (Stolen from a friend after he read the article)

    • That’s similar to what we said about New Orleans, Katrina hit and the roaches and gang bangers are still there.

  6. During WWII, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, And San Diego, were basically used as staging, manufacturing and training bases for the Pacific War. Now those same cities (with the possible exception of San Diego) would gladly join China if “War were declared.”

    • At least President Trump got the Commies out of the LA port, unlike the past president who allowed them in.

      But, yeah, the left coast of a once bright and beautiful state, now ruined by stupidity and moronity. What a shame.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and yeah, once a nice place, no longer…

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • Well, the Coasties do need someone to laugh at,…………..

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    A bunch of my Army buddies went to the Presidio at Monterrey for language school. I was hoping to get a shot out there because of my language trailer on my MOS. But the Soviets had to go belly up and screw everything up.

  9. Grog- Point… Dopers in boats ARE interesting… LOL

    Bob- You didn’t miss much other than HIGH prices for everything, trust me!

  10. Those same whiny libs are the reason the Iowa is in San Pedro, and not Alameda.

    There was an organized effort to prevent “This vessel of war being on display for our children to see!”

    Funny, but every kid I met on the Iowa thought it was way cool, and so did their parents…..

  11. The other day I spent some time looking at Volume 4 of the complete works of Lincoln online. Was looking for the equivalent of Churchill’s speech to Parliament about his intent to wage war to victory when he formed his administration.

    Turns out that civil wars are a bit messier. Found three that are arguable.

    Anyway, the one about the state conspiracies to prevent the enforcement of laws brings certain comparisons to mind.