Sharia Law… From the inside…

Aynax Anni Cyrus lays out the regression of pre 1979 Iran into today’s Iran after Ayatollah Khomeini hijacked the country.

FYI, Iran was the ONLY mid-East country allied to both the US and Israel until 1979.

Her father sold her at 14 as child bride for $50 and a years supply of opium for personal use.

Note: If she was below the age of a woman in Iran, 9 years old, her guardian (father) couldn’t sell her, had to give her to a husband. After 9 years old he could sell her as a wife. But in the meantime, after age 9 to to whatever age when he sells her, he was allowed by law to used her for himself…and he did until grandma got her smuggled out after her second husband used her for a punching bag and judge said she should listen to her husband and he wouldn’t have to beat her.

Aynax Anni Cyrus in her own words… It’s a little long at almost 40 minutes, but worth hearing the truth directly from someone to experienced it.

Is this really what you want your wife, daughter, sister, etc. subjected to?


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  1. I discussed this with a female friend a while back and got told that this kind of thing is false news and propaganda. It is the Euro-centric christian attempt to smear the peaceful and non-patriarchal and non-misogynistic Islamic religion. I disagreed with her and got told I was a few things, none of them intelligent or compassionate.
    She also pointed out, correctly, that almost half the states in the US allow child marriage with no minimum age (lowest reported in the last decade is 10) with judicial and/or parental consent. Consent of the minor in question is not required.

  2. They are savages. I have a difficult time parsing a kinder word than ‘savage’. From female genital mutilation to the abuse of female children in general and on – and on – it is a savage faith that hasn’t changed substantially since 900 AD. And we need to treat with them on that basis. Rep. Omar (D-MN) marrying her brother is a very trivial example.

    We need more draw Mohammed contests.

  3. A few ‘gay’ acquaintances of mine are Muslim apoligists, even after the Pulse nightclub (which they blame on an unstable man pushed by his family and pastor, but not because of muslim, yeah, hurts my head too…) Even after proof that gays like flying a lot sharia law, for a few moments, off of roofs. Puts a whole new meaning into roofies.

    They only see the young boys being used or the ‘I’m asleep so I’m not gay as a bottom’ excuse (in some places, if the ‘top’ pushes the ‘bottom’ and the bottom doesn’t respond, then the bottom is asleep, therefore no one is homosexual, yeah, hurts my head too…)

    They only see the ‘bright’ spots of various workarounds. They don’t see the young boys who as soon as they start sprouting facial hair are killed for being gay, even though they’ve been used since childhood. They don’t see any of the harsh restrictions or punishments.

    Just like feminists don’t or won’t see any of the harsh restrictions sharia puts on women.

    Or like non-muslims don’t or won’t see any of the harsh restrictions sharia puts on non-muslims. Dhimmitude at it’s best is a horrible way to live, at it’s worst it is a horrid hellish existence that makes the worst of medieval European or even Shogunite Japan seem positively happy and full of sunshine and unicorns.

    Sharia isn’t just about the women. Though you’d think that women, supposedly all for ‘womyns’ rights’ would openly speak up against this. The same women who rightly point out the negative treatment of women by some Christians will just not see the negative treatment of women by ‘moderate’ muslims, let alone full-blown sharia-compliant muslims.

    And it’s not like this isn’t seen here in the USA. It happens all the time, but the media, the leftist progs and womens’ rights groups all see the incidents as individual examples of a bad man or bad parents. They all refuse to report and classify these incidents of honor killings, mutilations, slavery in all it’s most horrid aspects (far worse than ‘traditional white American slavery as practiced in the deep south’,) and just outright inhumanity that exist and are encouraged under Sharia, here, in the US of A. What the everloving Heck?

    Blinders, too many people have blinders. It seems only white conservative males can commit crimes against women, or gays, or people of color…

    Islam, we as a nation have been fighting them since before 1801AD, and ever since. We, as a combined civilization encompassing Western Beliefs, have been fighting them since 644AD. Periods of peace are just times for them to infiltrate and prepare for war.

  4. Hard to wrap your head around a man who would sell his own child.

  5. Some cultures are not equal to others, contrary to the progressives world view, and should be judged as worse accordingly.

    What she suffered aptly demonstrates that fundamental Islamic culture is much, much worse. Try to sell your daughter in the US and you get caught, you’re going to jail at the very least, and rightly so.

    No one but the blindest proggy ideologue would want this kind of behavior in America to be tolerated, much less celebrated as a form of diversity.

  6. Beans- Excellent points.

    Mrs.C- Me neither… sigh

    Aaron- Agree, but they DO! Same with the gays, as Beans alluded to… dammit.