Old skool…

Seems like a bunch of folks are enamoured by the latest and greatest plastic fantastics…

So it response, since I’m an old fart that likes blued, wood, and leather, I dug this one out of the safe.

S&W 29-3 1984 series, with an original Hunter holster for it. For those not familiar, it’s the Dirty Harry gun, .44 magnum.

Holster still holds the gun nice and tight. And yes, it’s a shoulder holster…

And it’s worn as a ‘deep’ conceal holster, so it sits well back under the arm.

In other news, a rather interesting read from American Thinker, HERE, by William Gensert.

I did note with a smile that he referenced the fact that pantyfa hasn’t shown up in Texas since they got spanked by DPS down in Austin two years ago, HERE.

I don’t think the left/pantyfa/et al realize that John and Jane Q. Public do not agree with either their agenda nor their actions, and if push comes to shove, those old folks WILL react accordingly if pushed.


Old skool… — 25 Comments

  1. LOVE the classic look of a blued big-bore! Iā€™m jealous!

  2. Pretty ! Those vintage S&Ws have character. You are lucky to own one, those now go for mega bucks ! Not that the Model 29 was ever inexpensive …

    Well, there was a time …

    During the 1980’s when S&W was transitioning to their enhanced -4 model, our local K-Mart had S&W 29s.44 Mags and 25 .45LCs on special – $250 plus tax ! Omigawd, I should have emptied out every piggy bank and burned my couch to get every penny. Such a deal !

    • Durn – should have made it clear that the clearance was to get rid of -3 models to make room for the new -4s.

  3. My first handgun was a partial S and W – just the last part, a Dan Wesson .357 with 4-inch heavy ribbed barrel. And the holster I got with it was very similar to the one shown. IIRC, I paid $175 for the gun and $20 for the holster, both brand new, in 1977 or 78. The holster worked pretty well for concealment, especially in winters in Ohio. Still have the gun, which has a great, smooth trigger, direct from the factory. Also very accurate, and the switch barrel feature is a plus. But my wife keeps telling me it’s her gun now! So I found a couple of 6-inch heavy barrel models at gun shows in the last few years to make sure I have some to shoot.

  4. I had a 29 like that bought it at the Rhein M Rod and gun club traded it off for a spotting scope and other hunting equipment. I had 2 Model 66’s as well that i sold when I needed money I paid 250.00 each for those kicking myself ever since. I have a thing for stainless steel so I have a 629 3 inch barrel I bought in the late eighties and a 6 inch 629 classic hunter. I just picked up a bucket list gun a 4 inch 657 no Dash at the spring gun show this year. I also have a 632 327 magnum J-frame that kicks about as bad as the 3 inch 629. Now I have to get a 686 and at least one more 66 and a 627 and go from there. I have a few of the plastic fantastics as well but they do not seem to have soul to me.

  5. > shoulder holster

    I’ve been wearing them exclusively for years now. Mostly the .38 snub in a copy of the old Brown Shoe “upside down” rig against the skin, with a polo or button-up shirt over it. Just reach up and pull down. The 1911 in the DeSantis rig isn’t as convenient and usually gets reserved for cooler weather when I can wear it over a shirt and under a vest or jacket.

    > S&W

    As long as it was made before 1994, fine. But their “above and beyond” groveling overcompliance during the 1994 “assault weapon ban” put them on my never-buy list after that. I don’t care how many times they’ve changed owners since then.

    Ruger is also on my “never buy” list, for their policy of denying healthcare benefits to employees who rode motorcycles. Interestingly, while it was widely reported in the gun magazines in the pre-internet days, Google and Bing have no hits on it.

  6. I’ll stay with my Bulldog.It has consumed many boxes of cartridges and has never, not once, failed to go ‘bang’ when the trigger is pulled. Some of us own just one firearm. Must be something lacking in our genes.

    • More likely just a shortage of funds – been there done that. Or else significant other permission is lacking……………

    • Nothing wrong with a Bulldog. I carried one for years. I wish I had it back…

  7. Clamshell shoulder rig by A. E. Nelson. My winter 1911 carry.
    Summer is a plastic CZ 9 in a cheapo…sigh.
    Upgrade ideas?

  8. I’m with WSF on having a reliable gun. The only time my Limber 1911 has failed to go bang was when the slide was locked back.

    Yes, I know revolvers can be inherently more reliable, but I sure loves me my 1911 pistols…..

  9. I had a nearly identical Dan Wesson revolver 357 with the same shoulder holster. It was a fine pistol and was easy to carry with that holster. Wish I never sold it but that was a long time ago. Oh well…

  10. Skip- If it works, don’t change it. You’re dialed into them…

    drjim- There is that…

    GT- We all make mistakes… šŸ™‚

  11. Little known data point – many (most?) of the scenes in Dirty Harry had a S&W Model 57 subbing for the 29 – the .41Mag was a ‘bit’ easier to find in those days.
    2nd data point – AFAIK the only major PDs that used the 57 for standard issue were SFPD and San Antonio (dark ages before wonder nines came on the scene).

    • I thought San Antonio officers were issued the Model 58, the FIXED sight version of the 57.

      I wish I had bought one of those 58’s way back when . . .

  12. Oh for Constitutional Carry so I can carry any darned way I want. Under shoulder, chest, hip, pocket, whatever, as long as I can carry I should be able to carry.

    Stupidity of carrying may vary… But it would be nice to have options.

  13. Gomez- True! I remember seeing the officers carrying them in the old basketweave holsters back in the early 70s.

    Beans- Good point… Just no floppy sack please…

  14. Antifa operate where they are covered by law enforcement. They figured that Austin would be a safe place, given that it’s lousy with progressives and run by Democrats. When the State troopers came in, that changed the scenario. Antifa tried stuff in Phoenix once, and learned that the police weren’t having any, same result.

  15. Bought a 29 in about 1980 at Portsmouth Gun and TV in Virginia. In-house custom; 3″ ported bbl. Beautiful piece but not a lot of fun to shoot. Traded it straight up for a FAL and two cases of Brit hard-primer 7.62. Those were the days.

  16. I’ve got an X-15 Bianchi shoulder rig for my 7.5″ Redhawk 41mag. Requires a bush jacket, at minimum, for concealment. I need to look for a more minimal rig like yours, as the -15 is rather bulky. Have several, including one for a Ruger .22 gov target model.
    Shoulder rig is the biggest category of holsters I have.

    BTW, Ken Null makes some interesting deep cover soft plastic shoulder rigs.

  17. I have the *other* Dirty Harry gun – AMT Auto Mag in .44 AMP. And a nice Bianchi shoulder rig for it.

    I’m leery of carrying a gun that’s worth more than my car, but if I ever need to rent a tuxedo, I can properly accessorize…

  18. That Model 29 wants the Dirty Harry replica SFPD badge, and three loaded HKS speedloaders (always three…) to go with it, in a custom wooden case.