By dribs and drabs, Judicial Watch is getting more Hillary emails about Benghazi…

Judicial Watch today released new Clinton emails on the Benghazi controversy that had been covered up for years and would have exposed Hillary Clinton’s email account if they had been released when the State Department first uncovered them in 2014. 

Full articles, HERE from Judicial Watch. The full copy of the email is HERE.

I can’t help but wonder what is holding up the State Department IG’s investigation on this, as more and more emails are finally being produced in response to the FOIA requests that have been filed for now going on at least 5 years.

I also wonder what Barr’s appointees are finding as they look into this. I can only hope THIS is the first step… Brennan and Clapper were also around for Benghazi…

The secrecy around the whole mess has been…eye opening to put it mildly, going back to day one. If any of ‘us’ peons had shared ONE classified email on an unclass system, much less a TS/SCI one, we’d be in Leavenworth, do not pass go, do not collect $200…

I can only wonder if this ties into the ‘rush’ to impeach Trump on anything they can ‘trump’ up, to be able to kill these other investigations, especially since it does appear to actually go all the way to Obama’s White House, especially on Benghazi.

Our folks that were left out in the cold and died deserve an answer, as do the American public. Just sayin…

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner.


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  1. > kill these other investigations

    Already, some of them have been dropped since no charges were brough before the statutes of limitations ran out.

    If they can hold on long enough, it’ll all go away. Again.

  2. McChuck is correct. There is a power play in motion as we speak. If Trump busts Hillary, he’ll probably have to take Obutthole too… and that would probably spark off violent riots. If the Donks impeach Trump, it’s game on. Brinkmanship is the order of the day.

    The left is in a quandary. They are now so vibrant and diverse that they can’t govern themselves. In addition, the political right no longer automatically caves when they have a hissy fit. And they can’t handle intelligent opposition. Things could get really interesting really fast.

  3. Luckily I was enlisted and never was plagued with access to classified documents. I have known others who had clearances far lower than Hillary’s. All dreaded letting something slip accidentally. Of course rank has it’s privileges, and few are as rank as Hillary.

  4. I held a Secret clearance, but was rarely exposed to anything actually classified. I long suspected it was granted merely because of my proximity to others who did work with such things.

  5. McC- Point.

    Glen- Excellent points, and that’s what I’m afraid of… I don’t WANT interesting…

    Jim- Yeah, be glad… I STILL have to be careful, and I’ve been retired for almost 30 years.

    Rev- True.

  6. afaik, there’s no statue of limitations on murder, ala Seth Rich and Benghazi, among many others. The qualifier will be enforcing this without crashing the system, and for that I have no answer.

  7. I am just hoping that this is some long-play by the good forces to bring all this evil up next year in order to savage the whole DNC structure from top to bottom and finally get rid of all the evil. I mean, the more they find, the more more people are implicated, and the deeper the original players are implicated.

    We didn’t have proof before that #44 was involved, now we do. We didn’t have proof that senior members of various agencies like NSA, CIA, FBI etc were involved, now we do.

    For a giant snipe hunt, we sure are uncovering a lot of giant snipes if’n you know what I mean.

    I really hope that’s what’s going on. Please let it be what’s going on.

    Dig to the very bottom of the cesspool, then work up tossing warrants right and left and chain the whole mess up from bottom to top (you always snag the lesser people first as then they’ll squeal and implicate the next higher tier, and so forth, and so on, to the top.)

    And I hope it happens quickly enough that the First Wookie’s camelnose doesn’t portrude any farther into the circus tent of the DNC candidate race than it already has. (I don’t mind a POC or Person of Gender in any top spot, as long as they are actually qualified to do the job. Ben Carson would have made a great Veep or President, and I think Palin would have made a great Veep. Condie Rice, yeah.)

  8. Too many are too far from the storm and don’t care enough to risk anything to do anything.

  9. Speaking to the investigation side of the issue, all of the potential had guys know by now that they have at least some exposure, they just don’t believe in their hearts that it could happen to them. Now is the time to indict a dozen small fish, several medium fish and one of two big fish in one or two felony charges. This gets the ball rolling and makes everyone grab their jewels in fear. The biggest plus is that Monday morning attorneys representing little guys start calling wanting to Make a deal. Some of those little guys are the kind who save every email and document and who keep notes on the bosses’ orders, all in the name of CYA.
    By Friday word of that is slipping out and suddenly it’s Katie bar the door as middle and some big fish scramble for deals. Btw, you then use a superseding indictment to hit your first big fish with more and worse charges. After the second time that happens, Mr Big Fish One is squealing and wanting to flip.
    Then you get out the popcorn! Come would really play the part of BF1 really well.
    I’ve run more than one long-term conspiracy (or organized crime) investigation that broke this way.

  10. Just once I used my personal email account to check in while teleworking. And was immediately told not to do it again. That was in work that had nothing classified about it.

  11. The sentence was supposed to read “Comey would play the part of BF1 really well.”

  12. My last assignment was at an embassy. State Department folks are folks who believe the US Federal Government is always right. They worship Hillary. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to find anything. You’re too young to die.

    • Don’t paint with too broad a brush. What you wrote probably only describes 97/100 of them.

  13. People are saying that the IG report is being left to “time out.” Looks that way to me… because I’m such an expert… but Durham seems to be making progress.

    Regardless, the Benghazi thing was obscene and then some. And all because of a movie. That guy actually went to jail. Outrageous, and I’m being polite.

  14. So, do you think this Tulsi thing might not be Clinton out of her mind, but instead Clinton aware of what is coming down and positioning herself for a mental incompetency defense?

    Cause I would not have guessed that Clinton could have the humility to swallow her ambition and accept that she isn’t going to win in 2020.

    She was very complete about having layers of deniability and cut outs. Deeply en-grained in her personality, which is part of why she didn’t think better of the private email server.

    I think the thing to consider here is the impact on her circles if they find out that she is sliding into dementia or complete insanity. Okay, the Clintons were meticulous with their circles, and the inner ones would have positive feelings, the desire to follow along for scraps, and fear.

    Hillary has three ways to motivate her followers. Good will decreases when she abuses people. Greed is weakened when she is less likely to gain enough to have more crumbs to offer. Fear? Is she aware enough to hurt you when you cross her? Is she lucid enough that she won’t harm you if you support her instead of crossing her? The Gabbard matter might be the tip of the iceberg. If at this point she is a mad dog, screwing up the last of her electoral prospects, and we simply aren’t hearing about it, some of the connected may well be ready to leave. And Hillary may have a lot fewer ready to go to jail on her behalf.

  15. I can’t help but wonder what is holding up the State Department IG’s investigation on this

    The Deep State won’t cooperate enthusiastically when the investigation is of itself.