Grrr… — 9 Comments

  1. The Comrades on the stage couldn’t afford to fly one and piss off the Illegals or the socialist. They do not believe in America, only their own power, damn the Constitution.

  2. There are red & white striped panels, well off to the sides and above the line of sight. I’m sure the DNC would be happy to point out that they’re reminiscent of the flag. That’s interesting, as the televised spectacle is reminiscent of democracy. Sort of.

  3. I don’t watch much TV, and no Dem “debates” at all.

  4. That is because the Democrats do not want to remind us we are Americans – we are ‘A Melting Pot’. American doesn’t exist any more to them, because America is rascist White People Land – Evveeelll !

    The Democrats (and many Republicans) want to replace Americans. Americans were born with rights and know them by heart. Government does not want people who get in their face – they want compliance. People who know their station is to live their life without challenging the Leadership. Hence – lets get immigrants into this country as fast as possible. Make Americans (especially White Americans) guilty and reduce their numbers of kids. Less American kids – more immigrants and higher family population switches the numbers immensely. Before you know it – the White becomes the minority and is voted down to meaningless.

    My county is Blue – 85% Democratic vote. I’ve already seen that voting Republican is a meaningless throwaway vote – their positions are routinely voted down.

  5. An American flag might trigger someone by a display of, um, Nationalism. Or something. Can’t offend the sensitive. I’m gonna resume drinking now.

    If all goes well, I may be able to soon erect a flagpole. What should I fly on it: National Ensign; Unicorn Farting Rainbows; Gadsen; UN; Hippie Peace Sign; Jolly Roger; White Flag of Surrender? I somehow acquired a high-quality Mobil Oil “Pegasus-look-alike” flag; perhaps it could symbolize… oh, nevermind.

  6. I don’t ever expect a democ(RAT) to show any patriotism or respect for the country. personally i would PISS on any one of them if they were on fire.