And the days mount up…

PP texted me yesterday afternoon, now on day 4 with no power, and no sign of any coming back anytime soon. ‘Maybe’ next week, sometime…

One report has over 2million without power in northern California, and apparently the Kincaid fire was once again started by PG&E from a high power line that didn’t get shut off and was captured on wildlife cameras starting it…

HERE is another rather interesting article about the econazi/tree huggers protesting cutting of trees… Really folks???

And the joke(s) are starting…

The newest pickup line in California?  Psstt, I have power…

What did Californians use before candles? Electricity…

And maybe they should use this as the ‘new’ California flag…

But in all seriousness, say a prayer for those firefighters who are working 24 on 12 off on the fire lines. Those folks are putting their asses on the line for basically peanuts in salary, and one bad day for them can be their last.

Edit- Gotta add this from PP… And least a few folks still have a sense of humor out there…


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    The Powers that be will be successful in deflecting to the PG&E utility for all the problems and the blame and subsequent lawsuits of course and not the underlying causes of the problems.

  2. Actions have consequences, bad actions have bad consequences, and taking no actions when action is needed usually has bad consequences.

    The once great state of California is proving the truth about that statement.

  3. So many frustrating factors here. The reason why forest fires have become so much more of a threat is California law forbids cutting trees or removing brush from these power line areas, only adding future fuel to what becomes a major disaster.

    Irony – wind power creates electricity. But they shut off the electricity because of too much wind. ???

  4. It ain’t funny Jim, Californistan’s lunacy is coming to Texas as fast as the Californians can flee to Texas bringing their progressive lunacy with them. Just like New Yawkers are doing in Florida.

      • And the damned Yankees have ruined South Florida. Fatherless sons and female intact dogs of breeding age, all. Grrrr.

    • A recent poll (Institute of Governmental Studies, UCBerkeley) has interesting, but not surprising numbers.

      24% of Californians are ‘seriously considering’ moving out of state within one year. Another 28% have thought about it. That equals 52% of all respondents. High prices is the number one reason for 70% of the aforementioned 52%.

      Of that 70%, 77% of Republicans but only 11% of Democrats cited high taxes as a reason to move.

      That tells me that the commies (mostly city dwellers) are fine paying high taxes. But they will still be moving out of state.

      This poll codifies what my stock answer is to anyone who say it’s a ‘California problem’. No, it’s not. It’s a problem in every other state. Logically, when confronted with a problem one would be looking for solutions. Solutions imply action.

  5. State of Washingtonians have brought their own brand to lunacy to Alaska. Cities are broke, and the Legislature has been deadlocked for several years.

    But seriously, that flag should come with a spew alert. My keyboard would appreciate it.

  6. As a firefighter, I noted with interest that the “big city” near where I live is sending a couple of Type 6 wildland trucks and a couple of crews to California to help out. While I agree that the people need help, there’s a part of me that thinks, “you made your bed, now lay in it”. The only way that people usually change is when things are so utterly broken that they’re forced to. Sending help feels like we’re just enabling bad decision making.

  7. The Californians without power should feel like they’re part of a big progressive movement. They should be happy not to have electricity. They should boast of their sacrifice on the altar of the trees that were not trimmed (and are now ash).

    California is horribly broken. I just returned from there to fuel that is $1.40/gallon less right across the border. Naturally, I rolled into Arizona on fumes, refusing to buy one gallon of CA gas more than I had to.

    I understand kids that have jobs and are stuck there in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. I feel bad for them.

  8. My brother lives in Culver City, CA, and from what he tells me the situation with PG&E is getting crazier every day.

    In essence, the power outages are a pissing contest between PG&E and the State Government. Right, reason, or none, the State held PG&E responsible for the fire that wiped out Paradise, CA. The damages from that little fiasco are enough to bankrupt the entire State, let alone the power company.

    PG&E retaliated by stating publicly that if they’re responsible, then they will have to take steps to ensure this terrible situation never happens again. Ergo, the lights go out each time the weather dictates hazardous or dangerous conditions for a fire.

    Heaven forbid we should actually cut down the trees and brush to prevent a disaster.

    This train wreck is only one of many, and doesn’t include the other scandals involving PG&E – mainly because the politicians were directly involved in the scandals.

    I’m not in favor of governmental intervention, but if California keeps going the way it has been (and I see no reason for change) I think the Federal government is going to have to appoint itself as caretaker until some competent people can be placed in office.

    • President Warren (phitt, phitt) will solve those problems by bringing them to rest of us.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments. Can’t disagree with anyone… dammit…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Can PG&E legally separate out and divest themselves of the ‘selling outside of the cities’ business? Because it seems like the thing to do is either quit that, or go out of business entirely. If California doesn’t want to do what it takes to supply power outside of the cities, quit. Let the state eat the cost of not being willing to support that.

    Of course, it is easy for me to say that when I’m not making the decision.

  11. Heh. Lewis Black mixes viewer comments with his own about PG&E. Brutal. Some profanity.

  12. Well, as one of the folks that was out of power for over five days and my husband and I just had our garage finished the day the fire started, I am pissed.

    We lost our home in the Valley fire. We love where we live. It is rural, and most of us get along. We are one of the few that has rebuilt in this area after that. Unfortunately, many folks that have not rebuilt, or never had a home on property near us have let tons of dead or dying trees and dry brush grow to astounding proportions. I have sent letters to the owners of the property near us saying that I would pay to clear the property within a 100 yards of ours if they would give us permission to come on to their land to do this. It is in their best interest. Have heard nothing. I keep my property clear as I can within my abilities, and plan on doing more.

    The fire started about six to eight miles away from us. (I haven’t gotten more than 2-3 hours a night of sleep, many nights none at all. So my accuracy may be a bit off.) It started even before the shutoff. The winds were absolutely horrendous. One night I spent several hours on my deck watching what turned out to be a controlled burn. It was terrifying to watch. It also is looking like it was one of PG&E’s transmission towers that started this whole mess.

    Yet PG&E has spent millions on their investors, while neglecting the infrastructure. I am going to be happy when some other company takes over. I wish I could afford solar and get off the grid completely.

    Right now I can’t leave. I have too much invested in this community. There are some very good people here, of all kinds of different political and social types. Most of us get along very well, even with our differences. Heck, I am donating a bunch of the hats my husband and I knit to folks that can’t afford one. Many elderly residents and kids up here.

    Please don’t paint all Californian’s with a bad brush.

    P.S. I bought and read 3 of your books on Kindle while I was without power. I actually read two of them in one night, when I could not sleep. I am actually planning on re-reading them before I give my review, but I plan on giving them a great rating. Thanks for giving me some great distractions during a difficult time.

    p.s.s. I am sorry this is so dis-jointed. I have had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. I am going to enjoy a glass of wine, a bowl of soup, and get my first full nights sleep in about a week. Our evacuation warning was cancelled today.


  13. I’d mock and laugh but this insanity is global. Australia is going in a similar direction. Lock it up and leav it. Don’t worry about the dead wood building up to a major disaster. Close down reliable baseload power and invest in ruinals. A prodiction. Californians won’t vote out those who have created this problem. They will blame everyone else, greedy corporations, capitalism and eventually those who just want electricity to boil the jug. They will call it electricity privilege and you are a racist homophobe for wanting it. Many will move elsewhere and take the infection with them.