Semi-legal coup???

After two days of watching the BS and NOT throwing anything at the TV, I personally am getting more and more angry at the congresscritters for this BS impeachment.

Yesterday’s ‘star’ witness former ambassador whateverthehellhernamewas, WASN’T EVEN A PLAYER IN THE CALL OR ANYTHING LEADING UP TO IT. Apparently she found about it “in the paper” like everybody else. The only reason, that I could discern, that the she was up there was so the Dems could bemoan how she had been ‘smeared’ by the President.

But, ambassadors serve AT the pleasure of the president, and she wasn’t fired. She was already at end of tour (3 years), and in fact has not suffered any apparent ill effects, unless being a professor at Georgetown is durance vile.

And there are still transcripts that haven’t been released, more ‘secret’ witnesses, etc. Plus the fact that there are questions as to Schiff’s handling of the procedures, cutting off Pubs, and lack of Pubs’ witnesses.

Will there be any? Only Schiff knows…

But it’s funny to check the various MSM outlets and see their ‘incriminating’ evidence… Mueller Report, anyone???

Sigh… Just get it over with, send it to the Senate so they can dump it and maybe do your friggin jobs! Like passing a defense bill, the new NAFTA, and a frikkin budget!!!


Semi-legal coup??? — 15 Comments

  1. I sincerely hope that this sham political ploy comes back to bite them in the butt come election time. The dems deserve to lose the House and Senate for good. The fact that for the past three years, the democrats have been attempting a (so far) bloodless coup in front of the entire country and no-one seems to really care shows me that we are closer to that 4th box than we should be. I am very concerned what they will try if Trump takes them to the cleaners next November.

  2. The frantic need of the Deep State (and associated useful tools and minions) to unseat President Trump has been an exercise in pathetic ineptness. From the “insurance policy” to the Mueller Report and now this goofy secret/not secret impeachment deal. I find it interesting how the same talking points go out every day to ever Dem and they faithfully report them. And when it splatters as useless and untruthful crap, they take up a new cry.

    • “exercise in pathetic ineptness”

      That is the “Deep State”. No wonder the country was in such a bad state when President Trump was elected. The phrase, “Would screw up a two car funeral” comes to mind.

      Note to Old NFO. Your blog so I cleaned up my language.

  3. But in the meantime, back at the ranch, our President made an Executive Grant of Clemency (Full Pardon) for Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, an Executive Grant of Clemency (Full Pardon) for Army Major Mathew Golsteyn, and an order directing the promotion of Special Warfare Operator First Class Edward R. Gallagher to the grade of E-7.

    Thus partly undoing a travesty hangover from the previous farce.

  4. She felt “threatened” by a Presidential tweet, after Shiff told her she should.

  5. Ray- concur.

    LL- Agreed, and that ‘cry’ is now apparently based on polling… sigh

    Ian- Yep, now if he can just clean up the military justice system and get rid of the trash from the previous administration…

    Ed- Oh, bad… BAD! But true!

    NRW- Yeah, that was rather ‘interesting’…

  6. I believe you are asking too much of this congress. Their soul agenda is making Trump look bad so one of their idiots can be elected in 2020. Sadly, we can’t recall any of them unless we live in their state.

  7. I don’t know, I think I would not enjoy being a Professor at Georgetown. I also kinda doubt that her field is one of the ones I might actually enjoy studying.

  8. It was okay and actually great (at least that was what the newsies said) when Obozo fired all republican-appointed ambassadors. But it’s the end of the world when President Donald J. Trump (I just love saying that) fires 1 or 2 for incompetence?

    Weird world…

    As to the whole freakshow that’s going on, well, I don’t see how this is going to end up as anything more than a fdailed attempt, and hopefully the powers-that-be are taking copious notes for the backlash. And there better be a huge friggin backlash to all this carp.

    My wife, who doesn’t follow daily news like I do, asked me why they are trying to impeach President Donald J. Trump (I still like saying that) and my only answer is because he hurt their feelings by winning.

    3 years, now 4, of this garbage and President Trump is still making remarkable headway against all this opposition. Makes me wonder how much he could achieve if he had at least token bi-partisanship in the House and in the Bureaucratic Government.

    And now the dems are freaking about Trump using Eminent Domain in order to secure land to build the border wall on. This is something that is the only big reason (national defense) for Eminent Domain, and the dems are having a snit-fit about it. It’s okay to ED to save snail darters or flying frogs, or to increase the property tax base (so more dem politicians can skim off the money) but it’s not okay for NatDef reasons? WTF?