Well crap…

Up in northern California and PG&E decided to once again cut power… NOT fun with PP bedridden and needing things in the night. No power = keeping food cold, no internet, no cell, time back on unknown…

Waiting on surgery on PP.

I’ll be back when you see me pop in.

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Well crap… — 24 Comments

    • It’s not over. It’s never over. Democrats are wholly immune to facts, logic, reality, and irony.

      • If facts were enough to stop the impeachment process, this would have been over almost before it had begun.

        This is all about butt-hurt, and feelz, and the advancement of socialism. This has nothing to do about facts or real crimes.

  1. Aargh. Will keep all y’all up on my prayer card, with an extra request for power.

    • NO!… “The rest of us” got the government the LEFT deserves!

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Well dang, sorry to hear that. You think this will form the impetus for PP and family to move closer to you?

    • Really. Florida Power and Light, also known as Florida Flicker and Flash, has a much better reputation, and fights to keep it’s lines clear or to get them up as fast as possible after a storm.

      Mayhaps it really is time to revoke California’s statehood and put a military governor in place until such time as it (the ex-state) grows the fruck up.

      • I was stationed in Miami in the 90’s. The power there was truly 3rd World. Blackouts and brownouts were as common as pigeons! We would get several “Ka-chunks” per week; momentary off-ons that regularly blew out computers and appliances. We called the utility Florida Arcs and Sparks! I called in to complain and was told “That’s just the way it is…”

    • Doesn’t matter if there’s no power for home care. Yes, hospital can operate all day and night. And then discharge people back to their now-stone age hovels, where there’s no ac or heat or hot water or food or woolly mammoths to snuggle up to…

    • I’d guess that they’re postponing procedures which might be considered “elective”, so as not to strain the system.

  3. Yeah, but by golly they got the flag up.

    “The Transgender Pride Flag is being flown over the California State Capitol on Wednesday.

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the flag to be flown in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

    Something nearly came up here as well. My breakfast.

    Stay under the radar on your way out.

  4. Jim,
    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Get home safe.
    Retired Cop

  5. Man, you should pop in to Sact’o while you’re out there, and tell them that The Day The Earth Shook and Calexit were cautionary tales, not DIY…

    • I’m starting to think those stories are prophecy.

  6. PP and family need to make a CALEXIT, Old NFO. I know that they have roots there but the place is not what it once was.

  7. I am amazed that with ALL the examples of domestic failure of the Liberal agenda (NYC, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, DC, Portland, et. al.) they continue to press their agenda.
    When Cali (and eventually Illinois) come crawling to DC for a Federal (TAXPAYER!) bailout I want Trump to say; “Sure. Revert to territory status. Lose your Congressional representation AND Electoral votes.”

  8. All- Thanks, apparently was a ‘local’ outage… Power was back after we left at o-dark-30 this morning. PP is home and resting surgery was a success.