Power… sigh…

Apparently the ‘outage’ was ‘local’ and restored after we left this morning. PP is home and resting ‘semi-comfortably’…

Operation was successful, and the labrum was repaired, along with scar tissue clean up from the previous surgery.

I’m glad that is over, and that 2 hour drive over the hill from Calistoga is in the rearview…


Power… sigh… — 10 Comments

  1. She’s in good hands.

    The power situation in California leaves something to be desired these days. If they’re going to stay, they need to invest in a generator, just to be sure.

  2. Yay, good news all the way around!
    Will keep her on the prayer list for healing.

  3. Well, time to keep her on prayer card for speedy recovery without issues. I hate issues.