Rehab, care, and oddities…

At 85 lbs apiece, now I get to keep the ‘puppies’ occupied, while PP bedrests…

But I did note a couple of odd things yesterday on the trip to the surgery center. One is the proliferation of tiny houses, apparently being bought by those who aren’t able to get a builder to come back in and build a new house after the fire, and saw an ad for this one, HERE. $72000!!! Stopped at MickyD’s for a biscuit and OJ, and it was $1.39 higher than it was in Itchy Paw Falls… sigh…

You can tell where the money is, and that is down in Santa Rosa. Houses are going up left and right, usually with a 3 car garage and mother-in-law suite over the garage, apparently being occupied by the owners while the ‘big’ house is finished. According to PP, what they then do is rent out the MIL suite…

Up the hill, where people don’t have all the cash, you see, even 2 years later, campers on the property, and maybe one in 10-15 houses being rebuilt. That is truly sad. And those folks are clinging to their property by the skin of their teeth…

Oh, and a pic of PP and K at lunch the other day. Went to Thai, and K chowed down on the Satay Chicken! She at three pieces like you or I eat corn on the cob… LOL




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  1. Kids look good.
    When’s the Fake News going to report on the real estate situation you described?
    I know the answer. Does it ever freeze over? Except in Michigan?)

  2. Glad that everyone is okay … Good to know.

    Tiny houses are starting to be a “thing” in the Colorado mountains near our place. Some are built on trailers, and that skirts local building codes. Don’t know how I feel about it. I have a spot or two where it would be great to “drop” a visitor’s cabin, but not sure about the money or that I want to do that to the land. 10′ x 12′ buildings require no permit and think I’d rather build something that sits on the land proper. Maybe two small cabins, linked by a walkway. That works too.

  3. A couple of weeks ago, my grandson asked me to help him find a place near where we live, which is a northern outlier of Atlanta. I had the dismal task of letting him know that there was absolutely NOTHING at his price point. He owns a house in West Virginia, and was thinking they could sell that and get a similar place here.
    Alas, no.
    However, I did a real estate search all across the state, looking for locations where there is a 4 year college or university, and found that there ARE some places where quite nice homes can be had, very similar to our modest house, for 1/4 the price.
    Yup. The house itself contributes only a small amount to the living cost. It’s almost all the location of the property.

  4. Cute family, Old NFO.

    Naturally things are more expensive there. I go back and visit too and I feel your pain. But it’s well worth it to be with family. Mine are coming here for Thanksgiving, which will be a treat.

    • Now all you have to do is engineer some plot to blow the road and trap them on this side of the border, and conveniently have housing available at a safe distance from you that they’ll still be family and not a pain.

      Which, I am sure, you have thought of.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Face it, the puppies love you, lol. From what I have heard, California has its own issues.

  6. Restrictive building codes contribute. The manufactured housing industry countrywide can rapidly replace the lost homes at an (somewhat) affordable cost. My guess local zoning and building codes make it very difficult.

    Very good news about your daughter and that is one darling grand daughter!

  7. All- Thanks for the comments. I’ll pass the good wishes along.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. Watching and reading blogs about ‘tiny homes’ is weird. They want full-sized features all compressed into a shoebox, like 2×4 or 2×6 studs, washer/dryer, full internet connectiveness, marble countertops and so forth. Plus the manufacturers seem to have seen the schmucks coming from a mile away and are charging accordingly.

    I mean, go to Home Depot, get the biggest shed they make (usually a 2 story barn type with a loft, which will cost $10,000 or so, and do the interior work yourself, short of electric work. You’ll have a 14×20 great room with kitchen and so forth, put the bathroom under the stairs, and upstairs is the bedroom. Insulate the walls, put a tin roof on, slap some Hardi-Board cement siding on, and you’ll have a pretty fireproof shelter, too.

    All of that would beat living in a trailer.

    There are cabins in the Smokies that are basically just this thing that are comfortable to live in long time, or to rent.

    And, yes, it is all local zoning and building regulations that jack up the price. Especially the regs that specify cedar shingle roofs and wood siding, because esthetics are more important than functionality, right?

  9. Great photo! And I’ve been after some chicken satay…

    It seems housing’s only getting more pricey and where will it end, will the market correct itself? SErious question, in the meanwhile I’m in a church house, so I can’t complain.

  10. Beans- Yep, truth there!!!

    LSP- Good, and I don’t think you want the ‘commute’ to eat here. Just sayin…

  11. $72000 for an ice-fishing shanty?

  12. PP is a stone fox, and you are truly blessed.

    The tiny house phase started a while back. A lady I know moved into a tiny house and lived off the grid in MO; she eventually added a second house for guests.

  13. Orvan- Yep!

    Bill- She is, and most have a storage unit somewhere for everything ‘else’ that won’t fit.