There are some ‘strange’ people in Kali…

Got frowned at for my Molon Labe shirt today, and got told that it’s ‘illegal’ in California to sell Iodine ointment by a woman in the grocery store. When I commented that it ‘figured’, she got a bit ‘snippy’ with me.

I just turned around and walked away.

PP is ‘feeling the pain’, as all the pain blocks, etc. wore off, but she’s ‘mobile’ enough to get to/from the bathroom by herself, if one helps her lift her leg off the bed. And she made the mistake of sitting down in a recliner last night… LOL

Two men and a pry bar later, we finally got her out of it!

And the dogs have another sucker… sigh… I sit down, I get one or both of them wanting attention.

And this one will paw your hand down where he can get to it if it’s sitting on the table…

And now it’s back to kid herding…



There are some ‘strange’ people in Kali… — 18 Comments

  1. I’ll bet many of us have a drawer full of shirts that would get us cross-eyeballed there. On the other hand, wearing them to the VA clinic or hospital is either unnoticed or complimented.

    Uh huh. Ever notice how those four-legged healers can sniff out a soft touch a mile away? Best trackers in the world. 🙂

    Wish progress to PP as you enjoy canine benefits of your stay. You are a good man, Charlie Brown.

  2. One of my sister’s dogs would gently head butt my hand and keep doing that until I began petting her.
    I told a friend about the dog’s behavior and he laughed and said the dog is training you!
    And that’s OK.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    You know you gonna antagonize a lefty with your shirt and Cali is 100 times worse than Austin. You did smile at her, big toothy smile I hope. You try to go to another store and verify about the Iodine story?. Man how can you resist those liquid lab eyes..heart of stone gov’nor. LOL Hope PP continues to mend

  4. I didn’t think they still made iodine ointment anymore? But I bet they sell Betadine Ointment. And snippy chick didn’t ask you if the betadine was what you were looking for?? Boy, talk about being really rude and totally unhelpful!!

    Bet she didn’t even know what your Molon Labe shirt meant…after all you are in Cali.

    Those 2 pups look like total sweeties!! Hope PP is feeling better fast.

    • MILLIONS of Conservatives in CA know what “Molon labe” means…

      …And we don’t give a DAMN about left wing stink-eye!

  5. Bob- Thanks!

    John- you got it… little (well not so little) pests…

    Suz- Thanks, I didn’t know that. And she’s recovering slowly.

    WSF- Hah!

  6. It looks like you’re having fun while doing a very good thing. Win/win

  7. Iodine ointment? Even Web MD is keeping quiet. The stuff must work pretty well if it’s illegal to sell it in California.

    I don’t see what you’ve got to complain about. Two dogs for company, and PP is doing better – which I’m very glad to hear.

    My brother lives out by LA. If you need any help, I know he’d do whatever he could for you. He’s a gun owner and a conservative at heart.

  8. Good to hear PP is healing, and the dogs know a good thing when they see it.
    Trying to make Cali Iodine red… is most likely illegal there.

  9. Sounds like you got a clerk who wasn’t happy with her $15.00 an hour ‘minimum wage’ job.

    I’ve always found using the good old Southern phrases, “You’re a special ray of sunshine, aren’t you? Bless your little heart,” to be an effective way of confusing and insulting the little darlings at the same time.

    And saying to the twerp, “What, California says Iodine causes cancer or something?” might have been a triggering event. Funny though.

  10. CP- She’s about a 5 on the pain scale with pain pills, so no…

    Beans- Yep! If I’d been thinking fast, I’d have said that!

    SPQR- And getting worse!!!

  11. Turns out that iodine – unless you are buying it for industrial reasons – is another “prevent meth making” casualty. So rather than 1) sell dilute or slightly denatured versions, or 2) require everyone to register the way we do for decongestant, in CA a lot of places just don’t bother selling it.

    But this is the same state that requires warnings on jewelry, saying that if you grind up the beads and swallow the powder, you might get lead poisoning. *facepaw*

    • Safeway stores here used to sell Red Devil Lye Soap. I used it for cleaning greasy car parts.

      One day they had none on the shelf. I cornered a manager and asked when they expected more. Nope, no more. “People use it for making meth!” Which seems to be the excuse all stores use when they discontinue something.

      Eventually I expect something like:

      “When do you expect more coated 3″ deck screws?”

      “We don’t sell those any more. People use them for making meth!”

    • I have a wooden box in my workplace to protect fragile glassware. We built it out of pretty standard plywood. Printed on the wood, quite legibly, is a warning that the state of California has found wood dust to cause cancer.

      They really are insane.