Puppers are brother and sister, neutered and homed with PP and family.

This is my lame attempt to tire them out…

Koda usually beats him to the chew toy, but she ‘waits’ for him to grab an end (they do this with pretty much anything thrown that is big enough for both of them to get their mouths on it). Then it’s a race back, followed by a tug of war. And if either drops their end, the other one pauses long enough for a regrab.

She’s stronger on the pull, but Karl will usually try to overpower her, throwing his paw over her and bearing her down. I ran them 10 laps of this yesterday, so they wouldn’t play fight in the house (which gets interesting on slick wooden floors). When they play fight, they will both go for the off hind leg hamstring, growling and snapping… LOL

I can’t get a good video, because as soon as I get up, they stop and want me to pet them. PP is recovering slowly, trying to do too much, and I have to send her to bed sometimes…

The grands are basically doing pretty well, although they both tend to run to momma or daddy when they know they’ve done something that I’m displeased with.

Sigh… And the little one is 3 going on 30.


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    It is a good thing to spend time with the family, time like that is priceless….and of course the dogs love you, LOL

  2. My experiences over the holiday season mirror yours. It’s a wonderful life.

  3. Glenda- She’s up and moving, albeit slowly, which is good. She can sit for about 15-20 minutes.

    LL- Agreed!

    WSF- LOL