Either marketing genius, or somebody was smoking something…

Star Wars Instapots? Really???

star wars instant pot release
Apparently the ‘new’ latest and greatest sales pitch to all those fans…
I would really hate to see what their ‘decorations’ in their houses look like if they are willing to go to this level of… whatever you want to call it.
From Food and Wine, HERE.
Kinda reminds me of the guy, I think in Britain, that started to build a ‘model’ of the Millennium Falcon cockpit. It ended up taking over something like one floor of his house, or his garage, I don’t remember which, and he spent WAY too much to do it. These fans are almost as bad as Trekkies… They obviously have no lives.



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  1. I know what you’re thinking, and I wouldn’t have one, but there is an evil marketing genius behind this because there are a LOT of people who will buy them.

  2. I won’t buy one of the Instant Pots, but they have a couple of trivets that I might. They wouldn’t be out on display or anything, but they’d amuse me when I pulled them out to use.

  3. Marketing to sheep is fairly easy it seems.
    sorta reminds me of the cash back cards, do people really think they are getting free money…

  4. I recently bought a plain jane pressure cooker/hot pot. Maybe the best small kitchen appliance I’ve used. That said, you couldn’t give me one of those “Star War” things.

  5. Ida Know. The R2-D2 one is sort of cute. It might be fun to pick up one on deep discount and have it around, just to see who notices. (Day Job has pot-luck dinners every so often.)

  6. “I would really hate to see what their ‘decorations’ in their houses look like if they are willing to go to this level of… whatever you want to call it.”

    LOL! Dude, you have NO idea! I’m a member of the 501st Legion, and while my apartment is “normal,” I’ve been to some of my fellow legionnaire’s abodes, and let’s just say that in more than one of them, a regular (i.e. not R2-D2-themed) instapot would look terribly out of place!

    • Love that you’re in the 501st! If we weren’t already knee-deep in the SCA, I’d give that a look.

  7. I’ll admit to having an Artoo cookie jar (hubby came with it) and a set of Artoo measuring cups (gift from a friend).

  8. These people do have lives. They’re just different. Instead of guns, they have blasters. Instead of books and movies, they have, well, different books and movies.

    It’s a hobby. Some people make it into a lifestyle. And some people become consumed into an obsession.

    • It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. (Types she who looks like she stepped out of a 1890s Goody’s Ladies’ Magazine.) OK, I do draw the line at skirts that don’t fit through the doorway. And I can assure you, hoopskirts and trying to drive do not mix.

  9. Here’s hoping my wife doesn’t see this. We already have an R2-D2 that is made from stacked measuring cups and measuring spoons.

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