My son-in-law is an avid fisherman, and has multiple rod/reels for a variety of types of fishing. They also have two small children. And those two items DON’T mix!

He was also trying to figure out how to better use his wall space in the garage, and had some left over PVC from a project.


Ceiling mounted rod/reel track! It freed up six feet of wall space, has different sized holes for various rods so they don’t get confused, and it’s on the ceiling, keeping those expensive rods/reels out of danger, and the kids safe from hooks and tangling the line and/or breaking anything.

He’s done an amazing amount of work at the house since they bought it, and continues to come up with good ideas that improve their lives!

In a PP update, drug her to TWO doctor’s appointments yesterday 4 hours in the car, both surgeons chewed her ass for doing too much… Sigh… But I kinda knew that was coming. BUT both are impressed with her progress, so that’s a plus.


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  1. Glad to hear she is up and about. As long as she doesn’t seriously overdo it, she should be okay.

    My Uncle had knee surgery last month, and sped the healing process by vigorouse exercise BEFORE surgery was done, as well as religiously going to therapy after the event. Its really sped his healing – he feels great, my Aunt is happy – all around positive results.

    Cool fishing rod storage idea there. Also keeps everything snag free and easy to choose which rods go along for the trip. Smart cookie that guy there …

  2. Nice storage idea, candy adapt that for garden stakes and other items.

    Realized I was within 20 nm over the weekend; visiting with Darling Daughter and we took her up to Napa/ Sonoma for the weekend. And the rain just sheeted in …

  3. I may steal that rod and real storage idea for myself. Genius!

  4. Good idea there! kudos to the son in law.
    Thinking PP is a lot like her dad, just say’n!

  5. PVC as a construction material seems to be much more a Southern thing than a Northern thing, at least in non-heated places, as it tends to get brittle in colder climes.

    Heck, I know one person who made a pvc beach wheelchair for his grandma, back in the days. Sure, she had to be pushed, but it got her around. (Stainless hardware, those plastic or graphite 5 spoked BMX bike wheels, stuff like that.)

    Love pvc. If you split a section, and then warm it in the oven over a proper piece of wood you can make a u-shaped piece to serve as a slider on your closet doors to help keep out 4 legged friends.

    • Somebody had stolen the frame I made out of half-inch conduit to support the tarp covering my boat fro the winter.
      I made it again out of PVC.
      No scrap metal value, lighter, less dangerous and better all around.

  6. Now how exactly do you fish for avids? And what us the season in them? I’ll show myself out…LOL

    J.D. Brown

    • LOL…that comment brought you you via a childhood and youth spent reading Patrick F. McManus (RIP) former writer for Outdoor Life for many years, and outdoor author.

      J.D. Brown

  7. Thankful I am like my father! I may have smirked at my surgeon when he asked if I was doing to much as Kaya was zooming around the exam room and said “ya think?”…but 2 surgeries 3 months apart on the same leg make for a rough go of it. As both said I have a long recovery ahead. Fingers and toes crossed I can regain full function to be able to go back to work. I love my babies but as Dad can attest to they are crazy! Especially when you add in 2 puppies!! Thankful in so many ways that he could be here and help out. With both kiddos coming down with colds and getting diagnosed with Asthma I could not have done it without his help!!