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This week is featuring local authors…

First up is Peter Grant with the fourth book in the Ames series- A River of Horns

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The blurb-

Walt Ames and his Texas partner, Tyler Reese, know that the U.S. Army is bound and determined to push the Comanche and Kiowa tribes onto the reservation for good. Once the Texas Panhandle is pacified, millions of acres of land will become available. They aim to be among the first to set up a ranch there – but that’ll take money… a whole lot of money.

How do you raise money for a cattle ranch? By selling cattle, of course! Buy them where they’re cheap, sell them where they’re dear, and use the profits to bankroll your project. It sounds simple – until storms, floods, fires, cow thieves and stampedes show up. They’ll have to buy their cattle in blood, as well as money…

As always, a well researched good read!!!

Kathey Gray is another local author, who mainly writes YA, but One Drunk Text is a bit different. 🙂

The blurb-

It’s your twenty-first birthday, what’s the worst thing that could happen? That you’d get drunk and text your super sexy best friend that you’ve secretly been in love with him for twelve years? For Corinne Powell, that’s a reality. She’s forced to deal with the after-affects of her reckless, inebriated decision, with no one to blame but herself…and Tequila of course. Will she regret her confession? Or was her and Garrett’s romance destined to be? And after years of running from her emotions and hiding her feelings, she’s faced with the most terrifying question of all, does he love her back? One thing’s for sure, the truth always has a way of revealing itself. See what One Drunk Text can do.

Next is Wayne Whisnand with another short story in Tole’s life- Here There Be Pirates

The blurb-

A short story about an inter-dimensional assassin who is hired by a group of pirates to eliminate a local government official.

Wayne’s got a twisted character here who gets into some ‘interesting’ situations… 🙂

Next is Alyssa Mayley, with a middle grade book- Arcane Adventures

The blurb-

The simplest of choices sometimes carry the biggest consequences. For that reason, you must be on guard of each choice you make throughout the day. If you’re not, you may just end up in an unfortunate situation.

Like Adam, a boy who chose to take the scenic route to school, only to find himself facing unimaginable monsters. Or that bullying someone could stir the ire of a covert society of spies. You might even learn it is impossible to keep a determined penguin prisoner, or that autumn winds are playful and full of mischief.

Only you can make the choice — if you’re brave enough — to explore this collection of stories and poems to discover a world filled with mischief, mystery, and adventure.

Next is Beverly Stowe McClure’s mid grade book- A Family for Leona

The blurb-

Ten-year-old Leona Chapter doesn’t understand why her papa left his six children at the Brooklyn Home for Homeless Children after their mother’s death in 1921. Each day she prays he’ll return and take his children home. God, however, isn’t listening. Her brothers and sisters are either adopted or run away, leaving only Leona and Baby Mildred in the orphanage. Leona promises she and Mildred will be together for always. A promise she cannot keep, for Leona, along with her friend Noah, who she defends from the bullies Hiram and Jehu, and several other orphans, are soon on a train headed to Texas, while her sister stays at the orphanage. Leona vows she’ll go back to Brooklyn, the first chance she gets. An Orphan Train tale of the early 1900s

And last, but certainly not least, Kari Lynn Collins and Kevin Slimp’s collection of ghosts and hauntings in Texas- Haunted Places and Ghost Sightings Across Texas

The blurb-

Edited by prize-winning authors Kari Lynn Collins and Kevin Slimp. Hold on tight! This books contains 25 chapters filled with stories directly from the pages of Texas newspapers and the pens of Texas paranormal experts. These stories come from every corner of the state, from El Paso to Tyler. These tales include such spine-tingling titles as “Funeral Home Haunting,” “Haunted Limes at the Jefferson Hotel,” “Legend of Pigman,” and “Burkeville Cemetery Hauntings.” One piece of advices…don’t read this book alone!



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