Dueling Jingle Bells…

Yet more Navy Band having fun, Country Current does it in ‘style’… 🙂

By the way, most of these folks have at least one degree in music, and are all successful performers and writers of music!


Dueling Jingle Bells… — 12 Comments

  1. While the band in the video is THE United States Navy Band, it’s worth mentioning that the Navy has 9 or 10 other bands, they call Fleet Bands, that are stationed all over the country, plus Italy and Japan. The top players are in THE US Navy Band and they are often recruited into the band as prior professionals, but all the bands are full-time, professional musicians with “MU” ranks.

  2. If I could have sat around all day listening and watching these five fine string pickers, I would have joined the Navy!

  3. All- Thanks for the comments! Kenny- Actually one of members of the band is a former ABE on the Kitty Hawk, who worked his way into 7th Fleet band, then up the chain to the Navy band. 🙂

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  4. Growing up in DC spoiled me. Free weekly performances by most of the service bands (USCG works out of Conn.). Cheap date: picnic basket, blanket, and first class music on the Capitol steps/Jefferson Memorial/Sylvan Theater. Then a walk under the cherry trees for a “quiet moment.”
    Professional duties would take me to The Navy Yard (my great-grandfather was a machinist there in the 19th Century). I’d make a point to drop by the Sail Loft to pick up the latest releases by the Navy Band. Later I worked at Bolling AAF … er … Joint Base Bolling and I could pick up USAF band CDs.

  5. Stretch- Consider yourself lucky! I never got to see them perform in person until after I retired and moved to DC for work.

    • Damn lucky! Grew up with The Mall as my playground. The Smithsonian museums were just a 30-45 minute (depending on time of day) bus ride away. And when I got my license I could be down there in 15 minutes (yeah, it was a long time ago).
      The NSO at Constitution Hall (affordable), then the Kennedy Center (not so much).
      Heck, before jets regularly landed at DCA we use to go to the REAL Watergate to see the service bands. And Pershing’s Own doing the 1812 Overture with the Fanfare Trumpets AND 105mm cannon. And all for free.