It’s THAT night…

The Department of the Navy issued orders today to Adm. S. Claus, recalling him to active duty, with a report date of Dec. 24, 2019. A reservist, with 1,742 years of service, this Naval Aviator specializes in vertical delivery of high-value items. He is carrier flight deck qualified. He is also a Public Affairs Officer.

Also recalled, were Lt. Cmdr. Dasher, Master Chief Dancer, Senior Chief Prancer, Lt. Vixen, Cmdr. Comet, Lt. Cmdr. Cupid, AW1 Donner, and AW1 Blitzen, Individual Augmentees from the Naval Reserve. Ensign Rudolph is also authorized to report for duty; however, he must first successfully complete Carrier Qual training, which he has failed three times.

Although the above Sailors are on orders for only 24 hours, it is anticipated that they will submit a travel claim for 24,901 miles at .56/mile, using a POV. Suitable government transportation is not available.

As a special operations unit, each member is granted a high level of uniform flexibility, as well as relaxed grooming standards. Per diem is authorized and has been modified to include large quantities of hot cocoa and cookies.


Carrier Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, And up on the roof,

No Hoover was stirring- nor Shadow, nor Stoof.

The aircraft were fastened, To tiedowns with care,

In hopes that come morning, They all would be there.

The air wing was nestled, All snug in their racks,

The flight deck was closed, 60 knots at our backs.

So I slumped over my desk in Flight Deck Control,

And settled down comfortably, hearing nary a soul.

When the radio lit up, With noise and chatter,

I turned up the scanner, To see what was the matter.

A voice clearly heard, Over static and snow,

Called for clearance to land, with a green deck or no.

He barked his transmission, So lively and quick,

Couldn’t hear him too well, But think his call sign was “St.Nick”.

I called up to Pri-Fly, To turn up the lights,

The better to welcome, This magical flight.

The radio then squawked, and I heard his faint call,

“St. Nicholas One, Santa’s callin’ the ball!”

And then to my wondering eyes, There did suddenly appear,

A Lockheed-built sleigh, With eight G.E. Reindeer!

With vectors to final, Down the glide slope he came,

As he cheered on his engines, He called them by name.

Now Buda! Now Growler! Now Yukon and Slash!

On Monkey-Butt! On Connie! ” I hope they don’t crash.

While FDCs were sittin’, And scratchin’ their head,

The Boss phoned my office, And I heard it with dread.

The message he left, Was both urgent and dour:

“When Santa’s tied down, tell him Merry Christmas from the tower.”

He landed like silk, though the tailhook was sparkin’,

I thought to myself, where the hell do I park him?

He raised up his hook, and was ready to go,

clearing the landing area, with a “Ho-Ho-Ho…”

He stepped out of the sleigh, But before he talks,

I ran out to meet him, With my best set of chocks.

His red helmet and goggles, Were covered with frost,

And his beard was all blackened, From Reindeer exhaust.

His breath smelled like peppermint, Gone slightly stale,

And he puffed on a pipe, But didn’t inhale.

His cheeks were all rosy, And jiggled like jelly,

His fight boots were as brown, As a cropduster’s belly.

He was chubby and plump, his suit as red as can be,

And he asked me to “fill it, thousand pounds of JP.”

Then he came dashing in, From the snow-covered pump,

I knew he was anxious, For drainin’ the sump.

I spoke not a word, But went straight to my work,

And I filled up the sleigh, But I spilled like a jerk.

He came out of the head, And sighed in relief,

Then he called the weather guessers, For an updated brief.

And I thought as he silently, Scribed in his log,

These reindeer could land, In an eighth-mile fog.

He completed his pre-flight, From the front to the rear,

Then he put on his headset, And I heard him yell, “Clear!”

Then he keyed up his mic, with a voice that just roared,

“Hey Boss, this is Santa, I’ll need a 52 board.”

He taxied up to the bow, and a Cat 1 spot,

he saluted the yellow shirt, he was ready to be shot.

He launched off the cat, The best of the best,

“Your traffic’s an S-3, Inbound from the west”

Then I heard him proclaim, As he climbed thru the night,

“Merry Christmas to all! I have traffic in sight.

TSO brings the goodness…

I hope this night finds you safe in home and hearth with family. Say a prayer for those in the military on duty world-wide who protect our freedoms, and the LEOs, Fire/EMS, and many others standing the duty tonight…


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and all the others who volunteered to be away from their families, risking their lives so that the American citizen can sleep safe. God Bless you All.

  2. The Shoe cartoon was one of my favorites.

    Here’s to a joyful Chistmas to friend and comrades manning the walls, and stalking in the shadows. You’re why we can celebrate without fear. Thank you, one and all, and may His Hand protect you from harm.

  3. Merry Christmas and may the Force be with you.

  4. hot cocoa and cookies? Good deal. Alls We got was a limp bologna sandwich and a mushy apple.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and yours Jim. I see what you did with the two AW’s. BUT– remember without all those AD’s, the birds would all be sitting in their nests! LOL

  6. I’m sending this post to my son in law, a Chief who’s being deployed to a carrier. Fortunately, he’s home for Christmas. but a coming deployment is, well, a coming deployment.

    Thanks for posting this, Jim.

  7. Merry Christmas Jim, you are truly an inspiration to this old Army vet…. Yeah, even we can enjoy the rantings of an old Navy squid.

  8. Merry Christmas, for all the best reasons we ever noted and served so others may be celebrating in safety and peace.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and the Family and may you have a Blessed New Year!