You have to go out…

You don’t have to come back…

Unofficial motto of the USCG Rescue units. That big guy in the middle of the picture exemplifies that.

He swam at night through 80 knot winds, ripped through a roof without the aid of a chainsaw and was repeatedly hoisted more than 100 feet into the air while battling turbulence and dangerous power lines around him as he aided in the rescue of 59 others in Houston, Texas, as Hurricane Harvey battered the area in August 2017.

For his heroic feats during Harvey, Petty Officer 3rd Class Tyler Gantt, a Coast Guard aviation survival technician, or rescue swimmer, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross — the U.S. military’s oldest aviation award for heroism in flight — during a ceremony in December at the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama.

Full article and link, HERE.

He clanks when he walks, and he’s not the only one. Kudos to ALL of these heroes for the lives they saved!!!


You have to go out… — 14 Comments

  1. Not to eclipse anything he did, but I know several dozens of people that would match that criteria, this is what we did, and we didn’t expect any recognition for it. Yes, for those of you considering my typing, I’m Retired USCG. BZ PO Tyler!

  2. I have the highest respect for these guys, I flew Navy SH-3 SAR, never in those conditions, it takes a big set to be hoisted down into that.

  3. You find that sort of courage where people put themselves second. Never in the DC Beltway or on Capitol Hill.

  4. Grog- For all the crap I give you guys, you know it’s in the highest respect. 🙂

    Glenn- Helluva story! And yes, clanker…

    Steve- Concur!

    LL/WSF- Amen to that.

  5. NFO, as the saying goes, we that wore the Uniform have earned the position to insult each other, knowing it is based on Respect, but when someone that never Served wants to do this, it’s game on for the verbal blanket party.

    And you airdales never had good coffee, anyway, we had that in the pit.


  6. While I appreciate medals given for ferocity in battle the ones for saving others seem more special.

  7. Grog- NOW that is a low blow… Navy coffee is well known as the best! 😛

    Tsgt- Agreed.

  8. Few years back i met the Daughter of the Coast Guard Captain they used for Kevin Costners movie “The Guardian”. He didnt have his name on the door to his quarters…it just said “Ancient Mariner”.

    My company makes all the comms on every US Coast Guard vessel.

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