1968 green Mustang for sale. Used hard. No reserve…

Reason for selling- Owner only has a 2 car garage…

Estimated sale price- $4,000,000

Yeah, it’s THAT Mustang…

Full article, HERE.

I need to hit the lottery. Oh, that would mean I have to PLAY the lottery…



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  1. Bacon with onions is about done, but that’s not why I’m drooling. THAT forest green fastback!

  2. Years ago I had a friend who wanted a similar car after watching that movie. I seem to recall it being a different color, but it was a ’68 fastback with a 390 CID engine (no liters please, American V-8s are measured in CID) and it was FAST! Never got to drive it, butI did ride in it.

  3. Spent a good deal of my childhood/early adolescence around the cream of muscle/pony cars and that one is the ne plus ultra. Guess I’d have to “settle” for a Boss 302 or something now

  4. Lottery is almost never a fair bet. A fair bet is one in which the prize, if won, is equal to the odds against willing it. And the MegaMillion odds are 1 in 259 million, times the discount to cash, less taxes, times the chance of multiple winners.
    Virtually a tax on stupid, but for a lot of prople who lack the sense of history or the will to defer impulse actions, miracles enter imto the range of ordinary possibilities.

    • Payout on the lottery, over 30 years, is approximately $20,000 a year per $1 million won, after taxes (in most states, not including New York, NYC, Taxachussets, California and other progressive locations.)

      And, yes, if you want to live longtime with lottery winnings, choosing the 30 year payout is a safe way to lose some money.

      Actual earnings as one-time payout is roughly half to about 2/5ths of stated value. And then you have to find a way to squirrel away a good portion of what you get in a way that you can’t suck it dry and do too many stupid things with it and end up broke (subtle hint – stay away from booze, rent-a-women, and drugs. Buy a modest spread or ranch or facility, and only a few vehicles, and ignore family unless you really really like them.)

      No… I have never put any thought to this

    • I hate the “tax on stupid” quote because it assumes hat people have no agency. I buy Powerball about five times a year because it is fun. I know the odds and I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. It ain’t a tax, it’s a gamble. Worst case scenario, I’m out a few bucks.

  5. Loved the driving in the chase scene but hated the dubbed sound.
    Think they would let you drive that way in San Fran these days?

  6. PK- Yeah… sigh

    Jim- 66 GOAT, 389 Tri-power, 4 speed, no power no air. šŸ˜€

    WSF/John- Point(s)!

    Boat Guy- Oh yeah, but I’m a Chevy guy. Friend picked up a real 69 Z-28 (ZZ3 code) a couple of years ago. Talk about flashback!!!

    LL- LOL, there ARE 2, but one is a mess and needs restoration.

    Gerry- Agreed… I watch it with the sound off… And no… Unless you’re an illegal… sigh

  7. Every week, God, I pray to You to win the lottery and every week I don’t win the lottery! Why have You forsaken me?


  8. For some strange reason, that car doesn’t do it for me.

    Now, a WWII Jeep, or an M3 or M5 Halftrack, or one of those lengthened M113A4s with the 400hp diesel, 6 road wheels per side, separate gen set for when not running the main engine, add-on armor, full MLTV package, maybe an Arisgator add-on system (hey, I live in Florida, there might be a chance to go splashing through deep water) and the Class III weaponry to go with it. Ah, that would be fun. Probably, after refitting with a wheelchair ramp for me honey, guns, etc, it would cost about $4 mill…

    Or an uparmored RV based on a school bus chassis. Hmmm. Aluminum and UHMW plate armor with kevlar spall liner, decent bathroom with grey and black water tank, top circular ‘roof hatch’ with a slab enclosure or remote ‘camera’ mount on it, armored shutters behind decent glass… Ah, that’t the life.

    No. I don’t have weird tastes compared to other people. I have really weird tastes…

  9. I’ve never thought Mustangs were all that. And I wouldn’t buy that one for $4 million even if I *had* $4 million.

    However, as for the chase scene in “Bullitt”, I always wondered what became of the green Volkswagen.

  10. Beans- Not really weird… I know people with PLANS for those RVs… LOL

    Thag- I know the feeling … sigh

    Roy- Now THAT is a good point, and I have NO idea.

  11. It used to be “common knowledge” that there were three different Mustangs used in the movie, one totaled, one badly damaged. The entire front substructure of one collapsed after one of the leaps. It was written up that way in various car magazines in the pre-internet days, anyway.

    Supposedly you can see differences in trim and body damage from shot to shot. (note footage typically isn’t filmed in the order of the finished product which can also confuse things)

    Hollywood has never put much value in used props; all sorts of vehicles have turned up in gas station or used car lots, in fields, or in junkyards.

  12. Never cared much for stang’s.
    Give me an old pickup with a stick and manual windows, that you can work on yourself.

  13. In November of ’67 I purchased a NEW ’68 Olds Cutlass 442.
    400 Cubic Inches(!), 350 horses measured at the flywheel.
    Premium only fuel. Fast car. Loved it.
    There’s a Big Block ’70 Vette in my garage.
    I still think that Mustang is the best looking of all the years.
    Our new Taurus SHO will blow anything made in the muscle car era into the weeds.
    And it will run fine on regular unleaded.

    • I had a ’68 Cutlass SS.
      350 small block.
      Drum brakes.
      Bias ply tires.
      Learn a lot about physics with that combination.

    • I used to own an engine shop. I did a lot of stroker motors, mostly big block Fords. I was driving a Geo Metro when gas was $4.50 a gallon; I’d gotten the Geo for free, and it got 48mpg with its little TBI 3-cylinder, 1-liter engine.

      One day I was assembling a 550 cubic inch motor and realized every *cylinder* had more displacement than the whole engine in my daily driver…

      It wasn’t really a “cobbler’s kids have no shoes” thing; at the time my need for speed was satisfied on two wheels, and four wheels were for hauling stuff.

  14. Shut up, Delgetti.
    Great opening line.

    Greatest movie with the fewest lines of dialogue ever made.
    Entire 5- and 10-minute segments with no speaking whatsoever.

    Robert Duvall(!) in a bit part as a cabbie.

    If I had it to spend, I go to $8M.
    Just because.

    This thing is “Rosebud” from Citizen Kane; it’s Dorothy’s ruby slippers; it’s John Wayne’s big-loop carbine from Stagecoach; it’s the toby jug in Twelve O’clock High.

    It’s not just a hero car, it’s a cultural icon.

    The week after I bought it, I’d go driving around in San Fransh*tsco.
    In a black turtleneck and sport coat.

    Just because.

    • Navy Blue turtleneck. But I’m a pedantic pain in the ass.

      • McQueen wore a .38 snubnose in a Brown Shoe Leather “upside-down” shoulder rig. That’s still my everyday carry due to comfort and concealability.

        There were a bunch of companies making similar holsters back in the day, almost none now.

      • Depends on the color saturation/reproduction of 50 year old film stock; still pics appear both ways.
        After 50 years, unless you’ve got the original hero wardrobe piece, I’m not buying it.
        But we can definitely agree on “dark”. šŸ˜‰

        • Done! “Dark” turtleneck and tweed sports jacket covering a .38 in shoulder holster. The very essence of cool … if you’re Steve McQueen. Off to buy lottery tickets. No, not for THE Mustang. I want one of the new ones.

  15. And the comments about the “idiocy” of the lottery?
    “You’ve a better chance of being struck by lightning.”
    But someone is always struck by lightning.
    I buy a ticket (ONE) each for the Wednesday and Saturday drawings.
    I know I have little/no chance of winning. But for a few days I can imagine buying that Mustang and parking it next to my old ‘Vette if I wanted to.
    And for me, that’s worth $100 per year.

  16. TRX- Yep, very true. Back in the day there were plenty of cars available… sigh

    Brig- Hell yes!

    GB- sigh… I know.

    Aesop- Excellent point! And I’m betting THAT would turn some heads… LOL

    GB- That isn’t a bad option… LOL At least you can dream, right?

    • In “Cannonball” they blew up a DeTomaso Pantera. I always have to close my eyes at that scene. There were a bazillion Mustangs, but only 7300 or so Panteras over a two-decade-plus production run.

  17. Hey Old NFO;

    I don’t think I would spend that kind of money, for starters, you are afraid to drive it and you have to worry about someone stealing it because some cartel chief wants it. I would be perfectly happy with a Mustang SVO šŸ™‚ or a Ford Torino, I have other uses for the money. Nice to dream though

    • If he did, or messed with my girlfriend’s gift pup, I’d have to hunt him down and kill all 200 of his minions in ever more inventively gruesome ways.

      Hey, waitaminute…

  18. Bob- Good point, but I’m with cars like I am with guns. I don’t have safe queens and don’t believe in trailer queens… sigh

    • WSF, What model year was that Comet?

      In 72, the Ford version was a Maverick. Right after I joined the Navy, I bought one of those with a 302 in it. However, I didn’t “stomp on no stangs”, but that was mostly because it had drum brakes, bias ply tires, the handling of a dump truck, and my 18 year old self wanted to stay out of the local dungeon.

  19. But if that’s really the one they used in the movie, then the dings have been pounded out and it’s been repainted, and the windshield has been replaced. That should lower the value, sorta like an original Colt Python that’s been reblued, right?

    • Actually, they prove the provenance, and increase the collectible value by a huge amount.
      There’s only the one.

      It’s the difference between a pristine Brough Superior SS100, and the slightly dinged up one that was crashed by T.E. Lawrence.

      The former is pricey; the latter is priceless.

  20. As a gag gift, my sister bought me $10 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets (before the outrage, she also got me a nice big Amazon gift card which will be used to buy Kindle books primarily).

    After scratching them off, I determined that I had won $11.

    Let this be a lesson.

  21. Heh, this car is actually the ‘pretty’ car that was driven normally for the wide shots, and yes, there is provenance with it. And in answer to the email, yes, I WOULD drive it…

  22. That is the only Mustang on the plant that Iā€™d like to own.

  23. I’m not a car person. But I’ve gotten addicted to “Grand Tour” on Amazon Prime…

  24. My edc for the Kimber is made by A. E. Nelson out of Oregon. Vertical clamshell, shoe leather, good retention, very quick draw, with a light jacket nobody knows.

    I gave grandson twenty-five scratchers for Christmas, he won $21.00..heh.