Comeback of the year???


“Some analysts suggest that the impeachment of President Trump has emboldened enemies like Iran and North Korea – is this president is more vulnerable because of the impeachment effort?”


“You should ask Mr. Soleimani.”

Teh stoopid is strong with the dems and the media, but I repeat myself, on this one…

Obungler didn’t tell anybody about taking out bin Laden until after the fact. war Powers Act the US operates under DOES give the president latitude to protect US interests without Congress permission, or prior notification. He only has to notify them within 48 hours, and is limited to 60 days without congressional authorization.


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  1. There is a quote that says, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

    And another that says, “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.”

    The first quote is attributed to David Burge and Jim Treacher, and the second is attributed to David Burge.

    Modern journalists still don’t understand why everything they say is treated as a lie until proven otherwise.

  2. Chris Wallace needs to move to CNN where he’d be more at home with the likes of Lemon, Tapper and Cuomo.

  3. John- Exactly… sigh

    Grog- Yep! And guess what… Boom!

    LL- Agreed, and take Napolitano with him. Ever since Trump ‘declined’ to promote him to SCOTUS, he’s turned against the president.

    • Judge Napolitano proved precisely WHY he was not chosen to SCOTUS. He is a venal, whiny child, who lacks the legal creds, with the moral compass of a Clinton.

  4. Seems this is the year for snappy comebacks.

    Did you see the uproar about the Golden Globe Awards last night? Seems the ‘host,’ Ricky Gervais, unloaded not both barrels, but a complete mag dump from an A-10’s gatling upon all of Hollywood. It’s worth watching.



    Don Rickles would be pleased. Though he would have been rougher, if that was possible.

    So far, 2020 seems to be working out alright.

  5. LL- That he did.

    Beans- Oh yeah, that was hilarious! Good on him, and no, they’ll never let him work there again… LOL