BBQ rig…

Texas style!


Set up as a VERY large smoker, with the firebox on the left, also has option for propane. And if you guessed it’s made from a 500gal propane tank, you would be correct.

And a setup for two LARGE boiler pots… Also propane…

Why did it cost so much???

Well, he had to buy a new truck to haul it… LOL

He did ‘admit’ it might have got a ‘tad’ out of hand… But now he can cook for a BUNCH of people. 🙂


BBQ rig… — 17 Comments

  1. “Why did it cost so much ?” So the buyer could brag what he paid for it.

    Its nice if you have political rallys to cook for, but for a weekend cookout – too much. I personally prefer a mesquite wood open fire with grille on top, just to appreciate the flames (Wilderness TV) and aroma of mesquite smoke.

  2. Maybe a foolish question, but is there any Texas solution that does NOT involve buying a new truck?

    • The only thing better than a new truck is a vintage truck from our teenage years. Metal headliner, bench seat, manual windows and room under the hood to work on the engine. Power nothin’, just a plain dog ass radio.

      Uncomfortable to ride in compared to now, but takes years off the attitude. If I could get my Dodge ’76 Adventurer with a 318 c.i. you could get parts on the moon for …

      • You make sense jrg! I wish I had kept my ’68 Chevy C-10 (true) Step-side half ton with a stove bolt 6, no power nothing but a heater/defroster and AM radio. It was rated half ton but would solder on with a ton and half in the bed. Try that with one of the new redneck pimp mobiles they are selling today.

      • “Room to work on the engine.” Years ago I had a ’53 Chevy pickup and when I need to work on the engine, I sat on a fender with my feet down on the frame. Can’t do that with my’07.

  3. That might be big enough for dinosaur or giant squids!

  4. Perfectly normal Texas solution to the problem of “where do I baarbecue?”.

    It’s not like he needs a semi to pull it, after all.

  5. jrg- Yep, there is something to be said for simple.

    PK- Well, there IS that point… LOL

    jrg/et al- Oh hell yes… 67 C-10… 327, STILL room to climb in the engine compartment and work on it. sigh

    John- Somebody would sure as hell TRY! 🙂

    LL- Heh

    Jay- There are a couple of those floating around Dallas and Austin! LOL

  6. Park it up wind of a PETA rally (do they have enough members for a rally?). Fire it up and lay out some pig, brisket, and even some chicken. See how dedicated to the cause they are.

  7. Shoot – I was expecting to see a tricked out 1911 in a nicely tooled leather belt, holster and magazine pouches……….;-)

  8. Is it wrong to sneer at Texas for designing an over the top grill that is only large, and doesn’t have excesses like operating pressure, and speed of fuel and oxidizer into combustion area? If the thing is not at risk of exploding whenever you start it, and does not require a expert operator to avoid cooking everything to ash, isn’t it passe?

    Much more seriously, I must have been very ill earlier today, because I am only now working out what certain features of the design are. The firebox is where you pull the ashes out? And you load it by opening the covers, and pulling the grills out?

  9. GomeznSA
    Actually, I was expecting a carved leather holster and gunbelt for a six-shooter, but a 1911 rig would also be right.

  10. What GomeznSA and Waepnedmann said. I read the post title ‘n thunk “Oh, a purty gun”.
    Saw the price and thunk “A really BIG gun”.

    “any Texas solution that does NOT involve buying a new truck?”
    Probably, but why bother considering it?