This is just a ‘bit’ over the top…

An Indiana school district is under fire for writing a policy that parents and the ACLU say is a violation of their First Amendment rights and an attempt to shield the board from legitimate criticism.

Full article, HERE.

The whole silencing thing is getting ridiculous. The Perpetually Offended Snowflakes (POS) cannot stand to have their decisions, positions, pronouncements, etc. criticised by the mere peons like us. And Gnu forbid people actually USE fecesbook or anything else, like the twitverse or ??? to organize. By and large, the MSM refuses to cover things like this, where an organization or board is called out, or they ‘slant’ the coverage to make people look like idiots.

Two cases in point- The ‘classic’ is when there is a severe weather event. Who do they put on TV? The erudite clean shaven person? Or the uneducated folks that look like bums off the street, so that the commentator can ‘instruct’ said person on what they ‘should’ have been doing if they had been listening to Station XXXX…

The other currently playing out in Virginia is a true grassroots movement against the dem run state government over gun confiscation among other ‘interesting’ new gun laws. VERY little MSM coverage, and routinely negative. The honest folks there, VCDL have promoted a rally in the state capital on the 20th and I think all but maybe one or two counties have declared themselves sanctuary counties for gun owners (how many of you have seen ANY of that covered).

Granted there are a number of folks that think this is really a bad idea (myself included), because there are sure to be fifth columnists, provocateurs, and probably Antifa and their ilk there just to get on camera and cause trouble. I will predict that the coverage will by OMGELEVENTY>>> GUNS>>>BLOOD IN THE STREEEEEETS… and they will show maybe 1%, if that, of the actual rally that includes the good people trying to do the right thing.


Kicking the soapbox back in the corner.


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  1. As for the VA rally, I joined a Mich FB group promoting Sanctuary counties here.
    A number of posts are about the VA rally.
    And a lot of the posters are not trolls or 5th column.
    But I wouldn’t want to be with them for the same reason I stopped going to biker bars.

  2. At some point we have to stop playing the game. The left operates by changing the rules, moving the goal posts, bending the rules, redefining terms…or flat out cheating. That’s all they’re doing with guns. They don’t want you to be able to shoot your way out of what they want to vote you into.

    This will not end well.

  3. Notice that “POS” can also stand for another descriptor that is quite appropriate.

  4. Thank you for your service!
    1. For the sake of accuracy, I’d like to see the word fascist not be used as a synonym for totalitarian, dictatorial, etc. I know, I know, the newer dictionaries and common parlance so use the word. It is arguable that the U. S. under FDR was fascist (and dictatorial). Every facet of the economy was controlled by FDR’s boards. It was, however, a democratic fascism. Any time the voters tired of it, they could toss FDR, and the Congress out.
    2. School boards aren’t above extortion. “Nice little athletic and music program your kids have. Too bad if you don’t approve the new budget, with the generous sabbaticals, and research of educational methods in Aruba next winter.”
    3. Virginia has two militias (militiae?) in their constitution. One is the organized militia comprising the National Guards and the State Guard. The other is the unorganized militia, which includes every able-bodied citizen between 18 and 45, unless I miss my guess.
    4. Old curmudgeons like me can rant endlessly, until I drive from Nevada to Libertycon. Thanks for reading; and no I ain’t got no editor.
    Keep up the good work and the good fight,
    Ted Ung LTC (Ret.)

    • Well, Ted. Italian Fascism and German Nazi-ism all started as democratic versions before they slipped into totalitarianism.

      And one can pretty much state that FDR’s administration had slipped into the beginnings of totalitarianism, and fascism, and totalitarianistic fascism.

      But today, the media and the kids (not adults, you can talk to an adult) all use fascism and nazi-ism as if they are far right concepts. Well, admittedly they were kind of conservative for Europe in the 20’s and 30’s, but Europe has always been far left of what America is/was.

      But that’s just quibbling over definitions.

  5. Ed- Point… sigh

    Glen- Agree 100% Dammit…

    PH- Um… yeah.

    WSF- And they are probably watching with bated breath.

    Ted/Beans- Excellent points! Meanings are being ‘shifted’ by the left to suit their narratives. And thank you for your service too!

  6. Funny how leftist institutions, especially dealing with education, are the first to violate the rights of others.

    It’s why I have stopped using the word ‘liberal’ to define those on the left. Because a classic ‘liberal’ is more of what a ‘libertarian’ says they are, but often aren’t – that is, accepting of everyone and just wanting to be able to do whatever. Our founding fathers were liberals. Well read, well spoken, looking at all aspects of the situation, accepting (grudgingly at times) the beliefs of others (to a point.)

    So, well, leftist institutions always want to shut down any criticism of themselves, while at the same time retaining the ability to criticize and control others.

    As to Virginia… Well, yeah, crowds and agents-provacateurs and all that, but… Well… Sometimes, sometimes you just have to show up and shout into the wind. Sometimes it comes to a point (like the coastal elite being elected in using some NY billionaire’s money into leftist enclaves and then shouting what they’re going to do after they get elected but before they even friggin take office) that just meekly sitting on one’s hands and waiting for the gun-rights fairy or the powers-of-good-and-light to show up and fix everything isn’t going to work. Everywhere where support of the 2nd Amendment has occurred it is because people have stood up, loudly, sometimes obnoxiously, and said basically “What definition of infringe are you using?”

    Sometimes you have to stand up. Even though you know a hammer is set to hit the tallest nail.

    Just look at Florida. Obnoxious and unobnoxious people got shall issue concealed carry passed. Since then, most every gun-writer and gun-rights organization has told the Florida populace to sit meekly and don’t rock the boat. Meanwhile other states have rocketed past Florida to pass Open Carry and Constitutional Carry, while Florida has been slowly creeping backwards away from pro-gun legislation and policies.

    At what time do you stand up and say “No More!”? It’s past time in Virginia, where the incoming democratic socialist people’s party wrested control of the state legislature and started spouting their intent to fundamentally change Virginia into South Taxachussetts.

    And it’s past time in Florida, where weasel Rod Scott tossed the whole state under the bus in a blatant attempt to appease the leftist twits in whOrlando and surrounding areas in order to wrest Bill Nelson out of office. While signing anti-gun legislation because a county sheriff and his people didn’t do their damned jobs. Did Scott fire Israel, or mandate a cleanup of Broward? No. He blamed ‘ebil gunzzzzz’ like all the other leftist jackanapes out there. For that, and that alone, he went from ‘better than (Charlie) Crist’ to ‘WTFO?’

    As to dealing with media, after years and years of doing reenactments, the media will always find not the good looking guy in armor or the lady that looks fabulous in her repro outfit, but the guy who thinks the ‘Gor’ novels was the way past times were, or the obviously pregnant woman drinking booze, smoking (hopefully) cigs and whose version of history is even more jacked than what leftists are teaching in school today.

    Which sucks, but having done actual interviews with the media, it is obvious that they usually have the story already written before they leave the building, and are just searching for quotes they can piece in. Except when someone says something totally stupid, then they make sure to fit that in somehow.

    • Beans: I’m just outside Kissimmee, toward the rat. Sometimes I think (other times I’m sure) I am the only one who thinks being liberal is NOT being “A liberal.” The Republican party left me long ago, the Democrats want everything I have — money, rights, freedoms, and whatever else they can get their hands on, and the Independents (“other” in Florida parlance) couldn’t organize a birthday party. I don’t want to join a club and I donate freely without being hounded for it. I just want to be left alone and to leave others to their own business. Can’t we just all get along? NO. NOT REQUIRED. Just leave me alone and we don’t have the need to get along.

      • I live in Gainesvillegrad, in the Democratic People’s Republic of Alachuacountystan. So I feel your pain. Our local Repub office kept getting their window smashed, but even with very good video, no one was ever arrested. And then they didn’t support Trump until the last minute. Oh well….