CNN has truly ‘drank the kool aid’…

That a talking head could say this with a straight face is just… beyond me…

On Thursday, CNN host Erin Burnett dismissed Iran’s incessant “death to America” chanting as merely “a thing and a trope.” 

Full article, HERE.

Does ANYBODY at CNN have a grip on reality??? Do they not understand what has been happening since 1979? Have they not read the reports of Iranian IEDs being used in Iraq and Afghanistan???




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  1. “But if we are nice to them, they will be nice to us. I mean – they gotta be !!”

    CNN is not news, its left wing propaganda. Slanted perspective to gain favor with the Left who worships bad news to conservative views. CNN is not fair and balanced, nor are many of the MSM outlets out there. It is much easier to seek foreign news sources which are much more news information.

  2. The opposition are always willing to believe the worst of us and the best of our enemies

  3. Trump talked about it, so they have to oppose it. They have selective oppositional defiant disorder – it’s only active around non-Leftists.

  4. It’s like some in Foggy Bottom (US State Department). The talking heads know that they don’t believe such things are serious, because if they did them, it would be for show. Therefore, such things must be for show, because the other side thinks just like the CNN/bureaucrats think.

    I first realized this when CNN et al were saying that the Iranian leadership was only talking about the return of the 12the Imam and the Mahdi “for internal consumption.” The analysts didn’t take religion seriously, so why would the Iranian leaders. *Facepalm*

  5. She ought to have a nice chat with Lara Logan.

  6. They need to be dropped off in Iran and left there for three or so years. Then they can come back and tell us how much fun they had.

  7. > Does ANYBODY at CNN have a grip on reality?

    It doesn’t really matter; the talking heads are going to parrot the Narrative if they want to stay employed.

    It’s in institutional problem… any dissidents will be weeded out automatically.

    It’s not just media, colleges, or social media; when General Billy Mitchell toured the Imperial Japanese Army’s officer training school, they were right up front about planning to declare war on America. Mitchell tried to spread the word after he got back and got court-martialed for it. The Japanese were planning in fantasyland and the swivel-chair officers in DC didn’t want to hear about it, la-la-la-la. Later, the French military academies had inbred until they got brain lock, and they watched helplessly as the Germans rolled in because the French officers had never been trained to consider anything but WWI-style direct assault.

    Remember good old Spencer Rapone at West Point, and his “Communism Will Win” hat? A whole lot of people either looked the other way or actually supported him, and they got away with it. How many West Point grads were influenced by these people? Or Annapolis, for that matter? These are the people who can’t seem to quite accomplish the job in the Middle East right now… our officer corps is rotten.

    It was easy to raise and eyebrow and shake my head when I first read about the Japanese and the French, but now we’re in the same boat.

  8. Makes me wonder just who really owns CNN. Actually makes me think that the same people who own Al Jazeera are behind CNN.

    They don’t have a good track record of telling the truth.

    They supported Saddam Hussein, well, they actually lied for him, served as a propaganda arm of Saddam’s regime, up till the day he died.

    Same with any middle east whacko and nutjob.

    They are proven to be anti-Israel, running film from ‘different’ ‘Israeli attacks’ that all star the same actors, and video has come out showing the ‘dead’ and ‘injured’ standing up and moving to the next ‘scene’ of attack. CNN is the biggest studio of ‘Paliwood’ (Palestinian Hollywood, so to speak.)

    And so forth, and so on, yada yada, SSDD…


    • …well, when the video isn’t actually a bunch of good ol’ boys in Kentucky having fun at Knob Creek…

      “Any video will do!”

  9. All- Thanks for the comments. TXRed- That is it, in a nutshell… sigh… LL- That assumes they would still be alive in three years…

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  10. In the ’80s we called them Commie Network News.
    Now it’s Caliphate Network News.

  11. Sam- Don’t disagree, but it’s nice to know what the OPPO is doing…

    Ed- Point. If it wasn’t for airports, I don’t know if they would have many viewers.