Who remembers…

And they had camping gear and other stuff too, but I never got any of that… sigh…

There was a competitor too…

I ‘think’ this was probably one of the first attempts at a ‘loyalty’ program by grocery stores and other places.

Oddly, I do remember getting things like hand towels in detergent, and other odd things in some products when we were kids…

Today, it’s all electronic, so kids will never have the ‘joy’ of pasting those things into the books…LOL




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  1. Yeah, S&H and Texas Gold stamps. Issued with grocery store sales, you would glue in a book and so many stamps would allow you to purchase items from their store. I received an Imperial hatchet – knife set from one of those stores. I can’t remember when they stopped them, sometime in mid 1970’s ? Back in ‘Way Olden Days’ time frame for me.

    Thanks for stroll down memory lane – hope hunt is going well !

    • Mid 1980s up here. The S&H store stayed in business for a year or so after places stopped offering them, because so many people had stashed books of the things.

  2. Yep, I remember the green stamps, and there was a redemption place on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philly.

    I hadn’t thought about them in a very long time.

    This 2016 article said that the green stamps could be redeemed online, but when I followed the link to it said they were no longer accepting Green Stamps.

    Greenpoints site.

    And if you want to know more, Wiki has some information.


  3. My dad is still rocking a Hoover vacuum cleaner that we got with Green Stamps in the 70’s. Damned thing has to be close to 45 years old and still works.

  4. Not only soap but IIRC cereal boxes delivered dishes and other items. Odd times we lived in 😂.

  5. I also remember being told not to mix stamp types on the page. We also had partial books, because they redeemed by 1/4 or 1/2 books on some items. “Change” was rubber banded to the new books.

  6. The last thing I bought with stamps was a weight bench. We did that Christmas of 1982.

    I remember getting drinking glasses for a fill up at Shell or Texaco. But it could of been Esso. Fina did some of that too up in Lubbock.

    When the Panhandle South Plains Fair would come to town, mom would divy up rolls of nickels to pitch. If it landed in a plate or glass, you were got it. We always won some goblets. Mom could really pitch nickels.

  7. I seem to remember getting S&H stamps at Piggly Wiggly when I moved to South Carolina in the 90s. I could be wrong, though. I hadn’t, at that point, seen them on the West Coast for quite some time.

  8. Oh yeah,
    My Dad and Sister and I lived across the street from the store and warehouse on the south side of Ft. Worth in the mid fifties. Lots of ‘green stamp traffic’ in and out of that place.

  9. There were Plaid (or maybe Scotch… something with a tartan) stamps, too.

  10. I remember seeing the green stamps. My mom used a competing brand, Blue Chip Stamps. Don’t remember where we shopped to get them or what we bought with them.

  11. I remember them all too well. Among other things, my mom got a new Iron. She was so proud of herself for getting it without paying anything but tax.

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    Hope the elusive white tail hunt is productive. I remember my mom and her books of green stanps that she got from the Piggly Wiggly and the A&P. She guarded those books like fort Knox. They had their own spot in the drawer and she knew to the page where she was on anything.

  13. My first fiberglass bow was obtained with S&H green stamps. I remember the trip to Lubbock from our home 50 miles away. Why? Because my mom could get lost going around the block. When she left Lubbock after our trip to the S&H store she went West on 82 not East so a one hour trip home took us four when she figured out she was lost.

  14. I do recall them, in faint memory. I know Ma had them for a time, but no idea if she ever got anything from them. Considering how tight things were then, it would not surprise me if if she squeezed every last thing out of every last thing. And then squeezed some more, just to be sure.

    • Checked with her. She never collected enough to do anything of interest to her, so her mother got them. What grandma might have done, I’ve no idea.

  15. Does nobody else remember “Top Value” stamps? How about picking your shopping destination by which trading stamp they offered?

  16. In the St Louis area we had Top Value, S&H and the best was Eagle Stamps. Eagle’s could be redeemed for merchandise at I think $2.50 per book or $2.25 CASH per book. I think the cash option is what made it the winner.

  17. My sister’s hope chest dishes came from soap boxes, glasses were jam jars. I can’t remember where the silverware came from. When she got married she had almost everything she need to set up housekeeping. We didn’t do green stamps where I was raised.

  18. Oh, CRAP. The taste of that dammed glue just crawled through my mind. Thanks a heap. Was a time I was thoroughly convinced my only purposes in life were to cut grass and lick S&H stamps. 🙁

  19. I remember the “Raleigh Coupons” from Brown and Williamson tobacco, from the ’70s. Mom and Dad both smoked like tire fires and we made regular orders from the Raleigh/Belair catalog. Sadly, the last things they got were fatal cases of COPD and lung cancer, respectively.

  20. Yes, I was press ganged into duty pasting stamps into the books, yuck. I remember pouring over catalogs, figuring out what we wanted and how many more books we needed. Anyone else remember Alan Sherman’s Parody song “(Don’t Tempt Me With Your) Green Stamps”?

  21. Yes, I remember licking those damn stamps til I got smart enough to wipe them with a sponge. We got drinking glasses in laundry soap, toy guns in cereal boxes, and a host of other goodies.
    Always amazes me that people think this stuff is free!

  22. I remember all the old giveaways mentioned – used to work at both Texaco and Exxon gas stations, every once in a while would get one of the freebies, including the steak knives. Do y’all also remember both companies also had their own credit cards that you ran by hand? I found a bunch of old receipts in mom’s files. And I still have some of the S&H green stamps in a box on my dresser.

    Anybody remember the Fina gas station ad campaign talking about Pink Air coming at some point in the future? And Sinclair gasoline with the dinosaur on the sign (and in front of some rural stations)?

    • Tom, the dino is back in places; saw one in NJ with the big green beast out by the road. Sinclair opened new gas stations in a couple eastern states. They closed or renamed theirs because of an oil company merger, but recent spinoffs put them in a position to reopen under that name.

  23. harry
    +1 on the baseball glove.
    It was small and of crappy construction, but hey…better than nothing.

  24. Oh, boy, do I ever remember those! Used to help my Mom stick them in books. She hated the taste of the glue, so we used a little sponge in a small dish/cup.

    The electric space heater in my first basement radio shack was from S&H, and I had it for about 25 years.

  25. All- Thanks! I’m checking in on the way back from hunting (skunked by WX and wind)… But a good time!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  26. I remember my mom getting me a zebco rod and reel and a little tackle box in the late 50’s with green stamps. The only other thing I remember was a shiny metal toaster. I know mom got a lot of stuff but thats all I remember.