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TGM- Sunset is selling well (at least for me in my Z-list author status). And many of the reviews are positive. But there is always going to be those who don’t like it…

So… I got my first 1-star review…

Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2020

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  1. That’s it? Cool. Now I really want to read it. That review was very helpful. On my list today.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    That’s it? for a 1 star review? I expected the reviewer to wax poetically on the abuse and the downtrodden word, how you twisted the poor pronoun into an adjective and forced your hategroupthink on an unsuspecting populace and you deserve to go to gulag. LAME, LOL

  3. I’ve been reading them so fast that I haven’t had time to go back and do reviews, so I just did. I bought Vignettes just before Christmas and every time I finish one I click the button to buy the next. On the fourth now.

    As far as “too conservative” I get it although I don’t know if that should make it one star. I’ve read books that were less enjoyable because the author made some politically motivated claim from the left and stated it as fact. I wanted to argue the point with someone but couldn’t for obvious reasons. I think if I were reading these same books from the perspective of the leftist administrators portrayed in the stories I probably wouldn’t be enjoying them.

    I do appreciate that I haven’t caught one annoying “gun” mistake in the four books I’ve read. With no background in tactical operations but with a lot of firearm experience, that kind of thing, “flipping the safety off on his Glock he moved forward into the doorway”, drives me insane.

  4. All- Thanks for the comments. I try NOT to push a narrative, just write a good book.

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  5. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve gone back and done the reviews on a couple that I missed doing.
    I didn’t consider myself much of a sf fan til I started reading your Rimworld series, now I have another genre to add.