The media was boo hooing the fact there wasn’t death and destruction yesterday in Richmond, even as Gov Blackface ‘took credit’ for ‘defusing’ the situation… Yeah, right.

Oh, and they were STILL portraying it as alt-right/white supremacist/yada, yada…

But here’s an interesting take from Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter.

He founded BGM in 2016 and used to sell his T-shirts out of a suitcase at the NRA while he walked the floor. We talked to him (and bought a t-shirt), and I can confirm he’s definitely pro-gun, pro-2A, and pro black and urban ownership of guns. He’s from Philly and as he said, “Came up hard.” Kudos to him, and he did have some folks at the rally wearing his t-shirts.

Here’s another, this one a boots on the ground interview.

There were also LGBT, Hispanics, Asians, those browbeaten women who were there by direction of their… never mind… LADIES were there by themselves and proud! And at least one person flying the Hong Kong flag, although I can’t find a picture of it… And I found it!!!

Now the question is, will the Dems in VA listen, or will they bow to Bloomie’s instructions, since he bought the vote and Virginia.



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    • Bloomberg’s and Soro’s money is an excellent sound insulator, no?

      • The first Bloomberg radio ad aired this AM. Ick. A faux (perhaps) Brooklyn accent talking about how he’s been hired, and he’s a working man just like everyone else, and he wants the same success for ordinary people. He’ll reach across the aisle, and so on and so forth.

        Facto, non verbum. I know him by his deeds. A friend bought an apartment in NYC the month before Bloomberg’s 12% tax on all such purchases kicked in, and she had to scramble to pay the surprise.

  1. It’s been my experience that the smile on a face caused by a good grouping transcends all ages, races, genders, preferences and nationalities.

  2. BadFrog is right. I’ve also found the smile on the face of a novice shooter discovering that shooting is fun does much the same.

  3. We can only imagine the ass chewings government employed agent provocateurs are receiving this week because of the lack of violence and bloodshed at the rally.

    • It was amazing how quickly common sense broke out when the cops and others realized they were surrounded by thousands of polite but armed citizens.

  4. Art/McC- Good point…

    Kirk- Oops, you’re right. Found it.

    Bad/Jim- That it does!

    WSF- LOL, probably…

    Fixed the post with screen shot of the HK flag.

  5. It’s almost like… the People of the 2nd Amendment aren’t white supremacists… or we’re better at blackface than the leftists are.

    Seriously. The crowd was more racially, politically, socially, economically, sexually and religiously diverse than ANTIFA or any other leftist organization.

    Funny, when I think of all the leftist organizations, ANTIFA, BLM, Moms Demand, etc., I keep thinking of the park scene in the Dan Akroyd/Tom Hanks version of ‘Dragnet’ where all the hate groups all are being run by one man.

    Kind of like, well, Soros and Bloomberg are the backers for most all the modern leftist hate groups.



    Could it be?


  6. Happily the predicted violence did not happen. However NOTHING was accomplished politically. Coonman Northam and his commie accomplices were NEVER in danger thus they NEVER felt fear therefore they had ZERO incentive to reconsider their actions. In fact they were probably enraged at the nerve of the peons for inconveniencing them by showing up en masse and to salve that insult they will likely double down on their efforts to destroy freedom and enslave their intended victims.

    Commies are like the Terminator…..It(they) can’t be bargained with. It (they) can’t be reasoned with. It (they) doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it (they) absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

    The commie demonrats will, quite simply, NEVER cease their efforts to destroy America, enslave everyone and seize total control of everything as long as they are capable of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide.

    • The rally was never going to influence the traitors. It was to influence us Americans, and show that we can gather together.

      • Neither side was affected by this. The pro 2A side already knows we need to be able to defend ourselves and the commie left knows and is committed to disarming us so they can RULE US. The only realistic path open is the destruction of one side or the other. The left will NEVER compromise or surrender. That means the right MUST eradicate the left or be destroyed/enslaved. Helluva choice but that’s where we are….

  7. I keep hearing people saying the rally was a waste of time, etc.
    They say it did not do anything to change the tyrants behavior.
    Of course it didn’t. Why would it? Stop being so negative.

    What it did do, and the importance of this cannot be overstated, is to raise morale among the people protesting.
    There is great power in seeing one is not alone, that others have your back.
    It’s not about them- it is about us.
    Same reason people pray in church, yes? To gather in His name? Emphasis on “gather”.
    Every one of those people went home and became a sower of seeds.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    Couple quick thoughts, THe Rally was a success, it showed that all could come together for common cause and clean up after themselves, unlike the groups from the left. 2nd thing, Virginia is a warning to never take an election for granted, a lot of conservatives stayed home and the democrats were energized with “orange man bad” and it paid off. Every election from now is is a referendum for our rights and survival as a free people.