Well, the rally is over…

Depending on which report you listened to, up to 23,000 showed up in Richmond, VA today to lobby against the anti-2A bills currently being shoved through the VA house and senate by the dems…

Coverage from Breitbart, HERE. The gent does raise an interesting point, in that this rally has been ‘pushed’ by the MSM as white supremacist, right-wing, etc…

More from WSLS Ch 10, HERE. Fairly straightforward coverage.

WAVY coverage, HERE. Again straightforward coverage.

WUSA coverage, HERE. A little slanted as they concentrated on the weapons and selected pics of ‘heavily armed’ individuals.

This one, from PJ Media, HERE, is interesting. Scroll all the way down to see the agitator get slapped down by the crowd

And at least 2 sheriffs showed up in uniform to support the rally…

From various folks that were there, it was colder than hell, and the lines to get in were being searched to a fare the well. Apparently at least a few Pub representatives came out and participated in the rally, and the majority of the Pubs in VA government came out and waved to the crowd.

One of the interesting things ‘I’ noted in the coverage I saw was the ‘lack’ of coverage of anyone who was not white, male, and carrying a weapon openly. Videos and stills seemed to be concentrating on the ‘heavily armed’ groups of whites only.

Breitbart was the only coverage that I saw that actually featured a black 2A supporter.

I am truly thankful the only arrest appears to be a female, possibly antifa, who was arrested after the third run in with the police.

Now we’ll see what today’s news reports have to say. And the ball is now in Northam and the Dems court in VA… I wonder if they will pay attention to what happened yesterday???

Oh, and of course there was the Babylon Bee… HERE.

And they even picked up after themselves… HERE.


Well, the rally is over… — 16 Comments

  1. Northam won’t listen. He’s already taking credit for de-escalating a volatile situation due to his security preparations for the rally and hard work of the police. This guy is a piece of work. And the VA legislature has already said this won’t change their mind.

  2. I’m also glad no one was hurt at this rally. And very classy to pick up after yourselves, the ‘Save the Planet’ crowd could learn a lot from them.

  3. It’s amazing how much common sense breaks out when you have several thousand armed men surrounding the police. Somehow, the police managed to not cause a riot inside the cordon.

    There’s a lesson to be learned here.

  4. I had a number of friends there. News reports this morning say that bills that ban AR’s are too complicating to pass this session, hence the anti-gunners may be backing off a bit !!!

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. Old Woody- I hadn’t heard that. Interesting…

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  6. Many great things happened at that rally.

    First, there was a wide spectrum of gender, race, age.

    Second, all the protestors were extremely peaceful.

    Third, they were polite.

    Just like every other time the right has held a rally, be it Glen Beck’s 9/12 thingy a while ago or the Tea Party rallys or even the two rancher standoffs (though rather heated, they were peaceful, relatively polite, especially in comparison to the oil-line protestors everywhere.)

    No piles of garbage. No cars on fire. No businesses looted (actually, the local businesses did a bang-up job from what I hear.)

    Nobody spit on, hit with concrete ‘shakes’ or anything.

    Whowouldathunk the People who support the Bill of Rights would be so… nice? Weird, huh.

    The most poignant photo? The person carrying the Hong Kong flag. Says it all right there. The HKers want our rights, and are denied them. And we have people over here who want Red China’s lack of rights.

    I was not surprised at all by the way our people acted. And it’s interesting that any paid actors from the other side just decided that yesterday was not their day to play.

  7. Just a wild guess, but I bet the reason no mass media showed any women is because ya know they are only there with a gun because their mean, evil, white, racist husbands made them come and carry one. They couldn’t possibly REALLY want to touch a gun otherwise…right?!?! After all, guns are only for “those Southern good ol’ boys”…right?!?!

    Must really twist their knickers into knots when they look at what percentage new gun sales are being bought by ladies these days. Just saying…

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I am very happy that there were no violence during the rally, I was expecting a soup sandwich and got BBQ instead. The media was really disappointed that there was no problems so they could beat the “gun owner are criminals” drum, and the democrats were hoping that there were problems so they could push for more gun confiscation.

  9. I’m with Ed on this. Thank God it went off well, and now what?

    One thing’s sure, we’re not going to roll over and die in the face of the left’s revolution, and that’s exactly what it is.

    If they don’t get put right back in their Marxist box I warrant it’ll get ugly. To put it politely.

  10. Most people, including politicians, fail to realize that the ultimate legal authorities in the land are the county sheriffs.

    This was established from the time of the Founding Fathers and upheld by the US Supreme Court in the 1997 case of Printz v. United States.

    Initially, the case was Mack v. United States, but by the time it reached the Supreme Court it was renamed.