Another one bites the dust…

9th Circus actually got up on their hind legs for a change…

In a key victory for the rule of law, a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a lawsuit filed by children against the U.S. government, claiming that the federal government had violated the children’s rights by failing to act against climate change. 

Full article, HERE from PJ Media.

Buh-bye Greta… Your handlers failed again.

It’s interesting that all of a sudden, Greta T’s not in the news after the revelation that she isn’t really writing all those climate posts, they are being written by her dad and a climate activist from India.

Borepatch, among others has long been posting about the fallacy of the climate change arguments. In my previous life, I worked with actual PhDs in metrology, oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, and atmospheric science. These are real scientists from four different countries that are research scientists, who have worked with satellite altimetry, physical ocean and ice measurements, and conducted multiple at sea and on land experiments.

To a person, they didn’t believe the hockey stick, and disagreed with ‘fitting’ the data to the model. And almost to a person, they were ‘excluded’ from major scientific publications and conferences when they didn’t ‘toe the line’.

And yes, I ‘cling’ to my Bible and my guns… Sigh…


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  1. This weekend on a ‘Coast To Coast’ AM radio episode, the person being interviewed had said that expecting to warm the ocean’s water by air temperature made no sense at all. He claimed it was due to volcanic activities (underwater) which caused the water temperatures to rise.

    I don’t know if its true, but to me, makes more sense than atmospheric conditions. Far more underwater surfaces than water / air.

    • Underwater volcanic activity has been proven to be active along the northern rim of the Pacific.

      Yet no major paper or news article yet has talked about fish deaths due to volcanic poisoning, or temperature changes due to volcanic flows.

      Like “OMG, ANTARCTICA MELTING!!!” Which, yes, there are some parts of Antarctica that are melting, the ones on top of active volcanoes.

      Same with any glaciers melting on Iceland. Not caused by man, but by volcanic activity. Actually, the last 10 times (or more) that Iceland had an active, blowing, gushing, spewing volcano, European temperatures went… down. Icelandic volcanoes were a major tipping point for the French Revolution (seriously, volcano blew, spewed, wintery spring and summer, no crops, peasants are revolting and there you go.)

      Climate change, especially linked to man, is like… news reporting in foreign lands. It’s so much easier and safer to stay in the hotel lobby’s bar and drink and have people come to you (as a reporter) with information than it is to get off of your duff and actually go ferret out information. This type of reporting is what led to Watergate (two reporters provided information from a deep source and didn’t check out the whole story before only printing what the source wanted them to print.)(Lazy, every one.)

  2. The makeup of the 9th Circuit has gradually shifted over the past three years to something closer to parity. As I understand it, most of its rulings are made by individual judges or small panels of judges, so its rulings are now very much a gamble.

    • That’s the way most decisions by ‘Teh Circut Kort’ are made. By small groups (3-5 judges at most per group.) It’s why you’ll hear about Xth Circuit Court decides Y decision, and then when brought to the full Circuit Court, the whole court tosses the lesser decision.

      All those anti-trump circuit court decisions? Small groups of judges, sometimes even 1, deciding for the whole court.

      And the leftists shop circuit court judges for their decisions, just like they shop lesser judges.


      But Trump has appointed enough judges both lesser federally and on circuit courts that it is becoming hard to pick a wholey leftist-leaning panel of judges.

      Thank God.

  3. Just a slight clarification… that lawsuit wasn’t filed by children. It was filed in the name of some children (who hadn’t a clue what was going on) by some big money types on the left, looking for publicity and media attention. Any more than Ms. Thunberg came up with her various stunts on her own.

    We used to call that child exploitation, and it used to be it wasn’t regarded with much favour. I’m not even sure how much it really differs from some … ah let’s just say individual in the mid-East using a child as a human shield or bomb carrier. Whatever, it is just plain morally wrong.

  4. I think that by now the elites are hoping they can use the climate scare to ram their politics down everyone’s throats. The election lessons of the last 3 or 4 years suggests pretty strongly that the populations aren’t buying it, either here or across the world.

    In a sense, it’s a bit like what’s going on in Richmond right now – the Powers That Be can dial things up to eleven but the days of no pushback are over.

  5. There’s a lot of money in climate change activism. Almost every Hollywood mutant throws money at them and shames corporate donors into doing the same.

    Look at how much money Al Gore made when he sold his green company to oil interests.

  6. The media blast out “hottest year” in a decade, etc. Never a mention if the recording instruments were in the same place the entire time. They weren’t.

  7. Read somewhere, dangit I got to keep tabs, that President Trump may, if he gets re-elected, be able to appoint Constitutionalist judges to more than half of the Circuit Courts positions.

    And roughly the same or higher percentage amongst lesser Federal Courts positions.

    Along with the Supreme Court, if Ginsburg finally stops showing up.

    Elections matter. It’s why the leftist elite are so busy buying and inventing votes.

  8. Washington State – D run leg and governor pushing low carbon fuel standard, aka the .57 cent per gallon tax with no other discernable effect. It will probably pass, all in the name of climate change. If the Rs don’t make a serious run next year I may have to consider leaving.