President Trump on Friday unveiled the logo for Space Force, the newly established sixth branch of the Armed Forces.

“After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!” Trump tweeted Friday afternoon, attaching a picture of the logo.

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However, there is a ‘slight’ problem… Does it look familiar to anyone???


Yeah, you got it… Somebody on the design team was a Trekkie…



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  1. Considering how universal the general ‘space logo’ look is (see: NASA logos), is it REALLY any surprise that the designs are similar?

  2. It’s… I don’t know. I don’t have a thing worth contributing to this, except to say that with all the fertilizer in the air and a container ship headed for the turbine blades, President Trump decides to bring this up – Star Fleet, no less?

  3. I always thought it should be department of the Navy…..

  4. Go back and look at the Apollo mission logos. There’s a similarity that Gene Roddenberry was likely using when he made the Starfleet logo.

  5. Apparently the Air Force has had similar logos.

    One was allegedly designed in 1982, before the 1993 version of the Star Trek logo.

    There’s also the NASA symbolic ancestry.

    Of course, these arguments are invalid if the Air Force is a waste anyway, and the Navy is perfect and stuff, and should have the tasking and funding. 🙂

    I’ve been following the Space Force carefully, from the earliest rumors. I think it might have an effect on my interests. I’m still not committing to a good or a bad impact.

    I think the Air Force was probably not a mistake. I think it was successfully able to focus on problems that might not have been addressed as well if it had remained the Army Air Corps. But I can not test that suspicion, so it isn’t evidence to argue from.

  6. Air Force space command logos have looked just like this since at least 1982 and similar to the NASA logo that was adopted in 1959. Just another example of Trump deranged silliness, as though the President’s job is to sit around in his office designed logos for new agencies.

  7. Dear John Williams,

    Please compose a march or fanfare for the Space Force.

    Bob the Fool

    • Bob – I think it might already exist: “Up In The Air Junior Birdmen” 😉

    • It had a little moral at the end. Long ago (and far away), I watched a TV show, Brave Eagle (subscripted, Chief of the Cheyenne), which had a moral after each episode, and just bugged me, and inoculated me against them.

  8. Similarities, yes.


    The shape of the Arrow reminds me of the old USAF Missileer badges (the background for the missile) and the swooshy satellite or whatever is obviously a nod to NASA.

    Good, clean heraldry. Easy on the eyes. Easy to translate into patches or seals.

    And, really, after “Star Trek – Picard’s Lost It!” and “Star Trek – Sentient Resource Manager” and the remake movies, Trek’s been dead to me. So I could give a rotten fig if the USSF stomps on Red Roddenberry’s magic money making machine.

    • I was thinking more along the lines of the USAF Millileman’s badge from the late 50’s to 60’s.

      Which makes sense, because Roddenberry and Hollyweird copied a lot of stuff from the USN (different colored uniforms denoting role and position of person) and USAF (the badge.)

      I remember seeing the officer’s version on my dad’s uniform, back in the 60’s.

  9. All- I know, I know… but still… sigh… And Bob’s right, if they come out with red shirts… RUN!

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  10. Which came first? The design of military patches was around long before the starfleet TV or movie which appears to have been designed to look like a military unit patch.

  11. The planet with satellite emblem was also part of the classic Lego Space sets, emblazoned upon the chest of every spaceman.

  12. As more and more people chime in…

    Starfleet’s logo would have been a trademark violation if our military had bothered enforcing such when Star Trek started using it.

    In effect, Roddenberry copied the heraldry from the US military, who is doing much the same to his estate and Paramount/CBS.

    Good times!

  13. Personally, I would like the Space Force motto to be, ‘Failure is not an option’.