Is the faux impeachment over YET???

How many hours can the Dems stand up and blather the same BS?

Or is it a case of telling the lies over and over again, hoping that ‘somebody’ will believe them?

Lies about the Mueller Report.

Lies about Zalenski’s response to Trump phone call.

Selectively pulling words out of context.

Saying that Executive Privilege isn’t what we think. That it doesn’t apply to the president.

The election cannot be decided at the ballot box… WTF???

What are we, us poor voters, chopped liver?



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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Why are you up so early?, Goebbels said it best, “repeat the big lie long enough, people will believe it.” Especially democrats, they are herd creatures by nature and TDS has grabbed them really hard. I honestly believe that there will be a backlash against the democrats for this foolishness.

    Yay I am first!

  2. I doubt if a single mind has been changed since this movement began. If you were a DJT fan, you probably remain so. If you hated him, that hasn’t changed either. Just theatre and the actors know it as does the audience. The entire country is sick of this – just move on already.

    • Actually, my mind has been changed.

      I started out with a strong dislike of Trump, because I thought he was deliberately trying to lose to Hillary. Even after he won, I was not sure how deliberate that was.

      I was, and perhaps still am, prepared to believe the worst of Trump after that election.

      The Democrat’s hypotheticals have been surprising in the way that, when I start out willing to be persuaded by both sides, they discredit their own side by needless excesses that they can’t substantiate.

      The Democrats have convinced me that there is something deeply unhinged in their strategy, and that they have a dangerous amount of bureaucratic influence coupled to that.

      • Generally, with children, the louder and louder they repeat a statement, and the more histrionics that go with it, shows that they (the children) are lying.

        Now look at the Democrats and never-Trumpers and the volume and theatrics behind their statements, vs the calmer demeanor of Trump and his people.

        Really makes you think about how childish this is. The leftists and non-Trumpers are so unhappy that Trump won, and is doing stuff without consulting them, that they have to resort to childish behavior to ‘prove their point.’

        Back in the day, during debate and speech class (remember those? If not, you missed a good class,) the main rules were, always, Act calm, act like an adult, shake hands and don’t go away mad (or at least don’t show it.)

        Obviously some people in government need a refresher course.

        • Beans – obviously some people currently in government should never have been there in the first place – and should be removed as soon as possible – be it by voting them out or recalling. 😉

  3. The Democrats intend to ensure that we, the voters, are never able to elect the wrong candidate ever again.

  4. We have always know that the left hates us, hates our viewpoints, and has no desire to live and let live.

    It was only when they didn’t get “their” president that they took the gloves off.

  5. Cynical but with a grain of truth.

    “If they thought it would make a difference, they wouldn’t let us vote”

  6. “How many hours can the Dems stand up and blather the same BS?”

    IIRC, 24 hours spread out across three days, then next week President Trump’s team gets the same to respond.

  7. The dems really didn’t have any options except to double down on the lies and fraud of the last three years, since they started this debacle right after Pres Trump walked into the office.

    The question now is, what will the repubs do. If there is a vote for dismissal directly after Sekulow et al present their side, this vote may or may not pass. If the “trial” continues, it’s even money that Pres Trump will be found guilty on the final vote.

    Before anyone throws eggs at me, please consider that for a moment. What is the over-riding priority of those who are elected? to maintain continuity. If the Senate decides that voting for acquittal will not hurt their side for re-election, Mcconnell will push for that. If the opposite is true, he will push for a guilty vote.

    This farce should have never been allowed in the Senate in the first place, Mcconnell should have outright dismissed the entire pile of paper garbage sent to him. But he didn’t, and now we wait to see if Pence will be sworn in.

  8. Yep, listening to Schiff bloviate is a surefire cure for insomnia. Between all his deliberate falsehoods and over-exaggerations its pretty clear they’ve got nothing.

    Senate should vote on it after the arguments, ask the Dems to present the evidence they based their impeachment on, not let them call additional witnesses as its a little late in the process for that, and the only exception to be to have the “whistlebower” actually be identified (or at least formally identified so far its pretty clear its Ciaramella) and testify rather than have this entire thing be based on double hearsay.

    If the Dems refuse to have Ciaramella testify then the whole thing should be dismissed outright.

    Other than that, they had their chance to collect and compel evidence at the House stage of the process and they failed to do so, and they are not entitled to a do-over.

  9. The pitch is that Trump will win (again) by cheating in 2020 so he must be removed today. The subrosa argument is back to Russia, which has been completely discredited.

    That’s all they’ve got.

    • That’s been obvious for a while. But, funny, only when conservatives win.

      It’s one of the obvious moves behind illegal voting schemes and illegal aliens voting. Because ‘numbers’ mean something, as long as the numbers are on their side.

      • Just like progressives loved initiative and referendum until conservatives started using it to push back.

  10. They’re trying to undo the 2016 election.
    They’re trying to invalidate the 2020 election before it happens.
    If you listen very closely you can hear Moscow and Peking laughing.
    I positively HATE living in “interesting times.”

  11. I was thinking on the drive home tonight that the only option the Dems have is to double down on their Russia-election interference. That is all they have talked about for the last 3+ years. While Trump has a long list of promises he has been working on like he was punch-listing the end of a construction project, the Dems have just been yelling and investigating. What promises did the Dems even make?? I can’t think of one. Furthermore, I find it VERY ironic after fluffing at Trump about would he accept the results of the election when HRC won…and yet, none of them accepted the results when she lost. I might be inclined to listen more to them if they hadn’t started within 24 hours or so of his winning saying he needed to be impeached. I kept telling my husband “the guy hasn’t even been sworn into office yet, and already they are saying how they will impeach him.”

    That right there told us everything we wanted to know about the upcoming 4 years. And so far, that is all we have heard.
    I am just turning the channel. I listened for maybe a half hour the first day. They have just been so histrionic, even I can’t take it.

  12. NFO, to your point, the sheer level of “faux” is breathtaking, and it doesn’t seem as though anyone much outside of the leftist shouting chamber’s particularly interested. If anything the reverse, and it’s galvanized the GOP base while bringing swing voters and sane dems to the 45 cause.

    Per LL, all they’re left with at the end of the day is moar Russia, and that faux brand’s well past its sell by date. The DNC needs to hire a different and better PR firm.

  13. Ted Cruz has been podcasting about the trial.

    He’s comparing the Democrat arguments to Vogon poetry.