Got a bit of a quandry…

Y’all have been asking for a paperback with the stuff that has only been published on Kindle.

Burnt Ends- The Collection is roughed out. Problem is, pulling all of the stories together, plus one new story, takes it to 141,000 words/600 pages, which drives the print on demand price up to $18.50.

Here’s an early possible design of a cover… It may or may not be the final, nor is the text finalized. Tina is hard at work on different ideas, but I did want to at least update the status, since a couple of folks have asked in the last week.

I doubt that I will sell many at that price, but I’d like some reader input here. Should I go ahead and publish this? It will probably take another month to get it all done…


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  1. I think its a good idea – maybe drum up more sales. I much prefer the feel of a real book in hand vs. a reader. Being a CAD driver most of the day, staring at another screen is just too much. And you give your readers an opportunity to get a feel for your other book ‘genres’ as well.

  2. $12, $15, $18 … little essential difference. Your reader base is going to buy it anyway, because us old farts know Kindle won’t be here tomorrow. New, young readers will want the Kindle, fools that they are. Paper version, please.

  3. The Grey Man deserves his own book.

    Rimworld is its own book. (Maybe wait for the current project to be completed before pulling the handle on this one.)

    The Morning the Earth Shook is already part of CALEXIT.

  4. The only problem with the title “Burnt Ends” is that it has me salivating for good BBQ, and it is too early to run out and get some.

    • I’m fairly confident that his appreciation for good ribs is why he picked the title. 😉

      And somehow, random mini stories doesn’t quite sound as good.

  5. All- Thanks. FYI, burnt ends are considered a delicacy in Brisket. It’s the ‘point’ cooked down with plenty of bark on it.

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  6. I’ll buy a copy! E-books are OK, but nothing beats holding an actual book.

  7. Chuck/Skip/jim- Thanks! Thanks to another author and his magic formatting, I got it down to $16.50.

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  8. Hi Jim, I’ll buy one just to have it if for no other reason!

  9. While I’d probably buy one, if you don’t think you can make any money on it, why bother?

  10. All- Thanks. B- Because my readers asked for it. I won’t make a lot, maybe break even, and maybe bring a few new readers…

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  11. My only question is: why are you asking the question instead of publishing the book?
    YES!! Yes, man, yes! Publish the book! Sheesh!