We can haz it…

but the magedon didn’t show up, we only got 4 inches of the white stuff…

And yes, even though we don’t have any ‘snow removal’ equipment, about 0700, the city grader went by, clearing one lane… sorta… He knocked a coupled of inches off of the snow and left tracks that others followed.

Obi was a bit ‘conflicted’ by all the white stuff. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go out in it, and kept smelling and smelling, until the call of nature overcame his reluctance. 🙂

It started snowing again about 8pm, and got down to 19 according to my little weather station. I probably didn’t need to, but I left a faucet dripping last night, just in case…

My happy ass didn’t leave the house, and I got some writing done! Yay me. Now the question is, what will today bring? It’s supposed to get up to 45. We shall see…


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  1. It’s a lot more manageable when it’s under a foot.

    Our predictions for the AZ mountains call for six days of snow next week. And the weather will drift east to you…

  2. Feb 1983 brought 30 plus inches of snow to the South Plains. That winter we got down into the lower teens a few times. It was blasted cold. The big snow didn’t melt totally away for almost a month.

    We walked around Abernathy after the snow. Farmers came to town and plowed the roads. I still remember making a left to get in the driveway over a big hump of frozen slush/snow.

    We had a whiteout that winter, too. Wound up sliding into a ditch and walking a mile in deep snow to the in-laws house.

    When it starts warming up in Jan, I always warned to not get complacent till March 1. Feb always has a trick or two up her sleeve.

  3. Philly has had a very mild winter. (Yes I known that saying that may bring the wrath of the Elder Snow Gods upon us, but it’s still true)

    The brand new snowthrower is three years old and has been used one time. That is OK.

    We are supposed to get a bunch of rain today and Friday.

    No reports yet of animals lining up in pairs.

  4. We got a couple more inches here as well. It seems that every time things start to dry out, along comes more precipitation. The gravel roads will remain mud and that brush pile I have will never be burned apparently.

  5. We are well north of you and have gotten gobs of rain this year, but no more than a half inch of snow so far… Weather is getting progressively weird!

  6. Northern CO Front Range about 4″ of very dry snow. Looks like my friends/relatives on the Western Slope are having a four wire winter (most use a 4 strand barbed wire fence). That is good for all the Colorado River users.

    To the north WYO is having a hellacious winter. So glad I’m not driving those roads as part of earning a living!

  7. LL- True, and I hope y’all don’t get in trouble up there.

    STx- Oh so true… It’s the month where ANYTHING can happen weather wise…

    John- That’s GOOD at our ages… LOL

    Jim- I’d light that sucker now for warmth… 🙂

    Jon- That it is.

    WSF- Heh… four wire… Sigh

  8. Growing up in Noo England I remember them being proactive and throwing salt down the afternoon before any sizable overnight storm was forecast to hit.
    An old saw was that the number of hours before midnight that the snow starts would equal the number of hours that snowfall continued after midnight – don’t forget to use 1am during Daylight Savings time. It was always fun to check on whether that trick worked.
    Also, the size of the salt chunks from the spreader trucks was a clue – if they were small 1/4″ or 3/8″ bits then the roads would be pretty clear the next morning for work and school – but when on a clear afternoon at 4pm the big 5/8″ – 3/4″ cubes came out like large gaming dice , well you could take a chance on blowing off your homework that night…

    That salt really tore into the early Japanese import cars of the 1970s. Everybody with a Honda Civic would get paint bubbles in their quarter panels after the 4th winter of ownership. Fiats also corroded very quickly and the Spider probably fared the worst. You could hear them rust in the silence of your garage. American cars might make 7-8 years before the acne started. The scrap engine market had plenty of New England engines to ship out after the rest of the car frames flaked away like French pastries.

    • Living on the east coast of Florida, my dad had a Fiat that, I swear, you could watch rust take over before your eyes. Fun little car to ride in, but rust killed it quickly.

      Hmmm… now I am driving a re-branded Fiat (Ram promaster city, yes, a eurovan rebranded and reengined for America) so I think I need to look out for rust.

      And… after the Fiat died, parents got a Datsun B-210, which, by the time I got it, the floorboards had rusted out. I fixed that by using silicon sealer to glue asphalt roofing tiles over the holes, which made it easy to recover keys left in the ignition if I stupidly locked the car with them still in it (which, um, happened kinda frequently.)

      Salt kills cars, whether from de-icing or salt spray.

      Oh well.

  9. In all my life, the closest I ever got (as far as I remember) to snow was… in Florida.

    Christmas, 1973, in Satellite Beach (just a tad south of the Cape, which should have been a warning to certain gasket designers for solid rocket boosters) it snowed. We watched little snowflakes get blown against the window and disappear.

    And then the Icemaggedon of Dec 22-23, 1989, where it went from 75 and rainy to 19 and slushy-snowy-ice doom in 5 hours. I even made a snowman, about 4″ tall, while running around in bare feet, tee shirt and shorts (hey, Florida, and NorthWestern European heritage, especially Germanic, combined with kicked-out Canadians, so snow tolerance is high.) Though it did shut the whole of North Florida down, as roads (like I-75) iced over, especially all the overpasses and bridges.

    Now that I am older, snow, bleh!

  10. My daughter has a dog that looks like Obi’s sister. she got her at a rescue;so she doesn’t know exactly what her heritage is. Do you what breed or breeds of dog Qbi is?

  11. We got four inches and a snow day because of the ice and slick roads. Maybe more next week Tuesday. Just enough to shovel, not enough to make good snowballs with.

  12. All- Thanks for the comments! Matt- Corgi and something with legs… No idea what!

    TXRed- I’ve seen ONE snowman… sigh… And no kids out playing in it.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  13. Sunny, 84 degrees, 5 mph breeze, partly cloudy. No shoveling, no aftermush. Just sayin’. 🙂

  14. Annnnd….it just started snowing again here in Northern Colorado.

    Expecting 2″~4″ here, more on the plains.

    @Beans – I had a FIAT X1/9. Rust never even took a cat nap on that one…..

  15. Right now, 2/9/20, it’s 38 degrees in Anchorage and much of our beautiful snow is melting! People might scream “climate change!”, but I’m 60 and the weather has always been crazy here.