Interesting SOTU speech tonight. He didn’t shake Pelosi’s hand (expected), didn’t mention impeachment (expected). High points, promoting one of the last Tuskegee Airmen, Col McGee to BG McGee. Giving Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and talking about how well the USA is actually doing. Pelosi got her ‘revenge’ at the end by tearing up his speech, then throwing it down…

The Dem counter talked about how the ‘divisiveness’ of the last few years should stop and how it was the Pub’s fault. She went on to talk about how ‘good’ the ACA was and said the Pubs would rip that away.

And as of 2130 last night, I found this graphic to be pretty interesting…

Also, looking at the Dems vote count as opposed to the Pubs vote count is rather instructive too…

And I’m really wishing I could tune all this BS out. Is is Jan 2021 YET???


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  1. I watched the snub a few times.
    Not sure he saw (or expected) her hand.
    But if he did, what could she expect after every attack leveled at him by her?

  2. As for the January 2021, after this when do you think the campaigning will start when the Dems know they won’t have to run against Trump?

  3. I couldn’t stand to watch the Dem reply. But NP is a right crazy biatch from hell. The devisiveness is the Repubs fault? Ya, right. If they had just decided to work with DT, as they should, they would have gotten some things done they wanted. DT has received nothing but ridicule, insult and hate since even before the election and it intinsified after. The Repubs didn’t start that. This divisiveness can only be laid at the feet of the Left and Far Left that IS the Dem party in the 21st century. At this point I want NP and the Dem party to die a political deaths but I bet they return like the Zombies they are. DT has proven to be a much stronger and decisive president than I thought he would be.

  4. Am I alone in being glad that I am not in the Secret Service at this point?
    It appears that the Senate will vote down the impeachment. If this happens, how large will be the increase of assassination attempts against Trump? How many of these will be nutcases and distractions and how many will be seriously funded plots? As in Soros, Bloomberg, Middle Eastern Oil money, or terrorist level money and planning? If someone is willing to put Soros kind of money into it, how likely is the plot to succeed?
    It feels like, given certain caveats, that it might be likely. If the plot is split into independent, apparently harmless pieces, AND the knowledge of the big picture is held by only 2, maybe 3, people, AND the plan-execution cycle can be completed so quickly as to avoid catastrophic leaks and get within Murphy’s perception-action cycle, AND the co-ordinators can keep the desired goal as primary to all other concerns, AND if the money source can fund the plot ONCE and then walk AWAY, then MAYBE it might succeed.
    In any case I expect the danger to Trump and sitting Republicans in Congress to increase significantly over this next year.

    • Agree. It won’t be just Trump but Pence also. The ascendant crazy person, Nancy P., then jumps in the seat and begins wrecking this Nation.

      As a side note if this happens, NP would have Melania thrown out the gates of the White House within hours since she, NP, is such a spiteful witch.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    I watched the SOTU last night, and I wasn’t sure what I felt, the shameless posturing of the democrats really turned me off and of course Trump blasting the sanctuary cities and states for their action was a political masterstroke. Totally caught the dems flatfooted, the look was “I can’t believe he said this?” Well President Trump fights and gives better than he gets.

  6. None of the dems’ antics will stop after the next election. They have clearly, at least to me, gone over the edge, gone past the point of no return. They are not just opposed to Trump; they are opposed to our form of government. This will not end (well) and I am happy my years of living through it are numbered statistically. My children and grandchildren will have to work out their own problems.

  7. Sorry not buying the vote totals in Iowa.
    As of 1/3/20
    639,968 Democrats
    614,516 GOP
    746,494 Ind

    That means Trump got 5% of the total GOP vote.

    • Gerry, caucuses are different from primaries. There is a much, much lower turn out because of how they are organized. (Now, this is as of 2000, when I lived in IA. Things could have changed since then, but I’d say only 5-10% of the voters attended the caucus when I lived there.)

      • Thanks you. I’m shocked so few people have such a large political presence in a presidential selection.

    • Gerry, as TXRed said, those are caucuses. The Dems only had 4% turn out, 1347, of the Republicans turnout, 32345. This is too early to tell but if it is a bellwether of the General Election in November, I think Trump will have a landslide second only to Regan’s re-election. The reason why I put it as second is that there are a few states (CA, NY, NJ, IL, WA, OR in particular) that are so solid Blue that they can’t even get a smidgen of Red in there.

      • Note, though, that the numbers in the graphic above represent 100% of Republican caucuses reporting in and 62% of the Dems, and the Dems have been having problems tabulating (or coming up with plausible lies – you decide!). I have heard that Republican turnout was greater, but the graphic above should not be relied upon for even vague numbers on the topic.

      • Still doesn’t seem believable to me. A total of 1347 democrat voters in an entire state? If true, the loser (by a huge margin) on the R side got more votes than the winner on the D side. This in a caucus that was national news. If true the results are meaningless, even if it took days to figure it out.

  8. All- Thanks. Carlton- No you’re not and I hope that doesn’t happen… Gerry- That was the caucuses, not the election. I thought the turnout difference was interesting though.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. Tom Steyer is no different from Mikey Bloomers, they’re both multi-millionaire liberal hacks that want to “redistribute” everything – in the name of fairness and equality, of course.

    :/ pfffffft

  10. Trump focused heavily on health care reform.

    So what was the Dem’s proposed (before the speech) main attack point? Health care reform.

    Yeah, they can’t even plan an ambush that doesn’t blow up in their faces.

    As to the Iowa Caucus, pretty much Trump won both the Dem and Repub side of the ticked.

    And, once again, we see how liberal and open minded the leftists truly are when one Iowan dem had a screaming hissyfit when she found out that Buttgiggle was homosexual and she wanted her vote changed. Loudly screaming hissyfit.

    Really good optics there. Along with the whole ‘we’re running an open and fair election’ thingy that the Dems have going there, using ‘Specter’ software… like something right out of ‘Man from Uncle.’ Now, finally, the rest of the nation can see that it wasn’t Florida’s fault in all those election fiascos from Broward County, it was clearly the Dems fault. Hanging Chads, missing forms, uncounted votes suddenly being counted, all Dem strategies to force a victory where none was.

    Great SOTU, better than any sports game I ever saw. Love the “Four More Years” chant at the beginning of the speech. Take that, pruneface Nancy!

  11. The Iowa caucuses have, IMHO, as an informed and involved Iowa voter, been blown entirely out of proportion by both the media and the national parties.

    The caucuses are supposed to be the kick-off of local party activities, but much like Groundhog Day, the caucuses have been turned into a national event, with about the same connection to reality.

    Unlike the New Hampshire primaries, the Iowa caucuses are not binding electoral contests despite the attention they’ve received.

    Sadly, this year they’ve also served to reinforce the negative perceptions of my home state by outsiders.