IF these are correct there definitely ARE being some games played…\

Supposedly the actual vote counts from Iowa.

First Vote Final Vote Total S.D.E.s
Candidate Votes Pct. Votes Pct. Votes Pct.
Buttigieg 36,718 21.3% 42,235 25.0% 550 26.2%
Sanders 42,672 24.7 44,753 26.5 547 26.1
Warren 32,007 18.6 34,312 20.3 381 18.2
Biden 25,699 14.9 23,051 13.7 331 15.8
Klobuchar 21,896 12.7 20,525 12.2 255 12.2
Yang 8,660 5.0 1,752 1.0 22 1.0
Steyer 3,001 1.7 407 0.2 7 0.3
Uncommitted 955 0.6 1,410 0.8 4 0.2
Other 158 0.1 204 0.1 1 0.0
Bloomberg 214 0.1 20 0.0 0 0.0
Gabbard 326 0.2 15 0.0 0 0.0
Bennet 146 0.1 1 0.0 0 0.0
Patrick 49 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0
Delaney 9 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0
This does tend to lend credit to the one blurb that popped up ONCE on a feed about Bernie’s lawyers getting involved prior to midnight Monday…
And, again, if these numbers are right, there is once again a concerted effort to ‘minimize’ Bernie because the Dems are scared to death of him.


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  1. A caucus race is designed to be obtuse. The winner is often not the most popular, but the least hated. Everybody’s second choice, as it were.

    And of course there is hanky-panky going on. Democrats are involved.

  2. This is the Democrat inspired Common Core math at work. If you look at it that way, the numbers are fine.

    It was inspired by the Obama assertion that “You didn’t build that”, the government did.

    The DNC can’t have Bernie seen as being the front runner no matter what. And I don’t see why. When you look at the numbers that he and Warren (Bernie’s female clone) racked up, the Communists are in the lead!

  3. Adds to the Democrat Party leader’s luster! Think of all past Dem masters, like Daily in Chicago or the D’Alesandro family in Baltimore, who have lead the way in proper vote tabulation.

  4. McC- Don’t disagree at all… sigh

    LL- LOL, math… And yes, Bernie or Warren are a dead end for them

    WSF- Apparently Perez is catching holy hell for this cock up…

  5. But, but, but… 2000, 2004, 2016… All those times the Democrats told us it was the Popular Vote that counts, not the massaged ‘elector’ count! Right? Or have I been huffing too much glue again?

    Seriously. Those wacky stealers of excrement (commonize it, put excrement first, then stealer second… got it?) have been telling us every time for the last 20 years that a Republican won that it is the direct number of votes that matters. That the democratic process of election was all about who has the largest number of actual votes (whether the votes be real or fake votes, they meant the votes that were counted by whatever arcane system of vote counting the dems could think up in order to count votes in their favor (like, well, 2000… rig a ballot to make the ballot in a certain area in South Florida ambiguous so your party can throw a snit and count or not just exactly how the chad hung (by the chimney with or without care, apparently) while avoiding counting the tens of thousands of mailed in votes from Florida servicemembers. Hmmmm….)

    Then there’s the 2016 dem candidacy, where Bernie won the popular vote, but all the ‘special secret’ votes went for the Hildabeast and there you go.

    These people are so stupid (the dems, well Bernie and Hildabeast, too) that they can’t even keep their lies straight. No wonder why they try to control the judiciary branch so tightly.

  6. But about Biden, is he on or off the chart? Whatev, I’m with the dog-faced pony soldiers.