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First up, Monalisa Foster’s newest short story- Pretending to Sleep- A Communism Survivor’s Short Story

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The blurb-

Based on actual events, this short story provides a quick glimpse into life under Ceausescu’s brutal communist regime. Like so many Romanians, ten-year-old Renata lives in fear of Securitate (Ceausescu’s secret police). They don’t always take you in the middle of the night. In a world where the living envy the dead, not all examples are made in the shadows. Some are made in the light of day.

This one is truth, plain, simple, and unadorned. It’s not pretty… But it’s a damn good read if you want to know what it was actually like behind the Iron Curtain.

Next is another installment of Wayne Whisnand’s story arc with Tole- One of Those Days

The blurb-

A plan gone wrong serves as a forceful reminder to Tole that even though things seem to be going according to plan, your guard is something you should never let down. Everyone has an off day, but when you’re a killer for hire an off day can be your last.

Good quick read, great characters, and an interesting story.


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  1. I’m driving the local librarian crazy because of you, and I’m not one bit sorry.

  2. Sorry for off topic comment – Saw your comment at Eaton Joe about your opinion on the .308 Winchester.

    “I shoot both 30-06 and .308. BOTH of them will take down anything in North America. It IS always about shot placement… ”

    Exactly my opinion as well. I’ve used a .308 Winchester on all big game from Texas (whitetail – feral hog and one nilgai) since 1977 and its all about bullet placement as you and the original article said.

    Given that, the 30-30 Winchester will do as much. I was born too late for ‘that generation’ which used levers almost exclusively, but Dad and his friends shot the 30-30, .32 Spcl. and 35 Marlin with the same results. They were shot with iron sights and so their ranges were limited to closer shots. So what – they developed the skills to overcome that limitation and brought meat home.

    Sorry for off topic comments – that ONE OF THOSE DAYS book sounds like a good one, I may decide to order it.