On the road again…

At Life The Universe and Everything in Utah through Sunday. LTUE is a writer centric con with over 200 panels covering a wealth of information. Their website is HERE.

Doing a few panels- Colonizing the Sea: Living on and under the Waves, The Cold War and Science Fiction, Horsing Around: Use, Care, and Feeding of Horses, and Disabilities Aren’t Superpowers: Balancing Human Durability and Frailty. You can find the guest list HERE, and look under the Cs to find my name and schedule.

Also, just for S&Gs, putting The Grey Man- Vignettes and Rimworld- Into the Green up on Kindle for $0.99 today through Sunday.

Also, proof copies of Burnt Ends is in house… Now comes the ‘fun’ of roof preading… Sigh…

Hopefully this one will release early next month, and it is ONLY going to be paperback, since all but two short stories are already up on my author page.

One story, Rocking C, is a short that was the first story I sold. It went into a vampire anthology. The other, To the End of the Trail, is a short in the Western series I’m currently working on.


On the road again… — 7 Comments

  1. Fair winds and following seas!

    Of course, we expect a full report – unless you have too much fun. Then a photo of you with a smile on your face will suffice.

  2. Be careful with that “roof reading”, I hear it gets windy on the North Texas plains.

  3. Your picture looks familiar. Ever serve on the USS Abraham Lincoln? Would have been around the time of their first cruise, 90-92 ish.