In honor of Bloomie…

And his first ‘appearance’ in a debate…

Not that he did real well… 🙂

Matter of fact, IF the reports are accurate, he got hammered by Warren et al pretty soundly!


In honor of Bloomie… — 11 Comments

  1. Bloomie is accustomed to buying his way through things. He bought his way onto the debate stage and folded like a napkin. He will throw another few billion at the problem to try and overcome his personal weakness. It may work. But yeah, they took him down to Chinatown.

  2. Heard a funny comment. “Bloomberg might get disgusted with all the socialism on display and endorse Trump once he is eliminated from the D race.”

    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the groin for the Democratic party?

  3. PS Enjoying Calexit: Anthology. Halfway through one of the later stories and I started thinking “Boy, this sure seems like Bridget’s writing style.” Flipped back and sure enough. L. B. Johnson. Man that woman can write.

  4. I’ve just seen the clip from when Fauxcahantus was taking him to the shed. The look on his face was priceless.

  5. PPS Ben English’s book certainly addresses my criticism about Texas books glossing over how damn hot it is. A great story, worth the read, and you “definitely” get the heat and the dryness.

  6. Common sense education control.

    If you are such a wimp that the profoundly limited automated fabrication tech sounds dangerous, then it only makes sense to prevent poor people from ever learning the trades or engineering.

    Of course, with public school, college track with a STEM education program may amount to the same thing.

  7. LL- He can keep throwing money, but I don’t think it’ll help.

    Hereso- Yes she can! And Ben knows that of which he speaks…

    PH- Wasn’t it though… LOL

    Guy/WSF- With thorns. Don’t forget that.

    Bob- Excellent point!

  8. Why, why, why do they keep harping on MORE gun control laws, when the laws on the books aren’t effective?
    This week, the sister of a family friend was murdered by her boyfriend, and one of the charges was possession of a firearm by a felon. He has BEEN a felon since 2013 (at least), and two years ago, he got busted for receiving stolen property AND gun possession by a felon. He spent ONE DAY in jail.
    Please, Mr. Bloomberg, and anyone else who is pushing on changing the Constitution: how will that reduce the number of crimes like that which brushed by us this past week?

  9. I need to post that bingo infographic too…

    Mini’s spent an awful lotta cash on a pretty thin result. How can he even face himself after i. the Liawatha scalping ii. the pathetic billboard campaign.

    Bloody hell, cash might not buy brilliance but at least competence, surely. Then again, maybe Mini’s metrics are skewed, by Satan.