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The lawmakers in Virginia continue their spiral down the rathole of gun control yet again. This time rather blatantly…

A state senator claimed he was told by the Democratic Senate Majority Leader that sheriff’s departments would not be getting a pay increase because many sheriffs have voiced opposition to gun control legislation.

Full article, HERE from Channel 6.

There is doing things behind closed doors and pandering to the media with some kind of BS sob story about the money not being available, yada, yada, then there is just flat telling the truth…

This time I ‘think’ the truth got out, possibly much to the Dem’s detriment come November. The last thing any politician wants to do, at least in most places, is to piss off law enforcement. Virginia, and the Dems in particular, don’t seem to care.

We’re going to need more popcorn if this keeps up!

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Winning friends… — 9 Comments

  1. So much for ‘The Will of the People’ …

    Wow, I thought it was illegal to discriminate against people who disagree with you. Pay raises should be based on merit, not political philosophy. I’m guessing a ‘lawyer type’ would be interested in a few cases like that.

  2. Getting petty because you didn’t get your way (in violation of the Constitution) is typical of modern Democrats. It’s like Nancy Pelosi standing up and saying that the impeachment acquittal wasn’t valid. It just makes them look like bigger jerks.

    I recall a different of Democrats who disagreed with Republicans and the other way around. Fighting for what you wanted was part of the political game, but it wasn’t as small and filthy as what we witness every day now.

  3. jrg- Exactly… and I’m betting there is a growing line of ambulance chasers for those suits.

    LL- Concur. This IS getting worse every day.

    WSF- LOL, good point. And I’m SURE those sheriffs aren’t even considering that… /sarc off

  4. I guess all the “Get out of Jail Free for drunk driving, pandering, solicitation of prostitution, parking tickets, speeding tickets, moron tickets” just got rescinded.

    I predict a field day of enforcement if any of these legislators step or roll one foot into Free Virginia.

    Conversely, the Sheriffs and their departments in Socialist Virginia will be protecting these same legislators as carefully as the goose that laid the golden egg should have been protected. Expect to see these departments get money showered on them like an exotic dancer when the big rappers come to town. With much the same respect. But they’ll be dancing for the money.

  5. Is there a Constitutional lawyer in the house?
    The brutal over-rule of the rural counties by the cities screams discrimination- and , if it were not for the odious Reynolds vs Carr, and Baker vs Simms cases, could not happen.
    Time for these cases to be contested- when 90 percent of counties are in opposition to the capital,it is clear there rights to equal representation have been destroyed. Time to go back to State senators being apportioned by county, and not by population.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Nothing like pissing off the Rural counties and the rural county sheriffs, There will be no malaise the next election.

  7. well, I live in Free Virginia. I see no recourse now but separation, by force is need be. most people I know feel the same way including the sheriff and several o-6’s I hang with, not to mention the rank and file. militias are still forming, people are still stocking up. the preamble is reading like headline news. how many more intolerable acts can we stand?