You just can’t make this up…

Biden goes ballistic over a gun question, HERE.  And there go the union votes…

Portland has a ‘fix’ for the homeless and Coronavirus…

KGW-TV reports that city and county officials have requested that homeless shelters ask “houseless” people to stay six feet from each other in the shelters and if they won’t do that, send them back on the streets and demand they separate themselves there.

Like THAT will work… full article, HERE. I just wonder how long it will take for the virus to work its way through the Seattle, Portland, SFO, Los Angeles, and San Diego homeless?

Cue Cuomo in NY, HE’s gonna fix it… With the National Guard…

Cuomo announced he was dispatching the National Guard to enforce the closure of “large gathering areas” within the radius, including schools, houses of worship, and other large gathering facilities effective starting Thursday and running for two weeks. The two Metro-North stations serving the area will remain open, transit sources said.

Full article, HERE. Oh, and the center of the area is a Jewish synagogue…

Lastly, can ANYBODY ‘splain the run on toilet paper??? Sigh…


You just can’t make this up… — 29 Comments

  1. The toilet paper thing is easy to explain. Someone coughs and fifty people crap themselves.

  2. My theory on the toilet paper has nothing to do with Coronavirus, but the possibility of Bernie winning the presidency. Since he is an avowed Commie (that needs to go for a half helicopter ride I will gladly pay for), he would impose Communism, thereby creating the normal commie shortage on TP. Buy snapping up huge amounts now, wary consumers will have enough for themselves and surplus to sell on the black market later.

    It’s as good a theory as any.

  3. Is the forced closure of gathering places legal? Especially private places of worship – if they wanted to, the locals could respond with a weighty lawsuit. Being New Yorkers they probably won’t, but still…
    I am pretty sure what they are doing there will be painful, awkward, and pretty much useless since there is no real enforcement mechanism beyond closing places where people gather in large groups…

  4. Oh, and the toilet paper thing? I think it is the fear that they will run out if there is a quarantine… they seem more focused on running out of toiler paper than running out of food; a thinking person would expect the other way around, but herds don’t think.

  5. I may be way off base here, but any bets on whether the “places of worship” will somehow fail to meet the State’s criteria for re-opening, when the crisis has passed?

  6. A run on toilet paper? My aren’t you punny this morning!

  7. It’s easy to say that people are mistaking a respiratory illness as being a gastrointestinal illness, but the one part that at least makes some sense is: What one item do you REALLY not want to run out of, if you must self-quarantine/shelter-in-place?

    Food… illness often lacks hunger.
    Water? Piped in.
    Entertainment? Cable, off-air, books, ‘net etc.

    Still, it is quite silly overall.

  8. Men look on the shelf and see a 12 pack of TP and think “I’m good for 6 months”.

    Women see that and think “that’s only gonna last me a week!!!”

    SO they buy a bunch, just in case.

    • B – If the average woman used her head for something beside a place to smear grease paint on. She would know that if a male can see a 6 month supply of TP so could she. All it take is 7 old wash cloths and a clothes hamper. She dries herself and hangs the wash cloth off the side of the clothes hamper between uses. The next morning she gets a clean one and the dirty one is tossed in the hamper. She has increased the laundry by 7 pieces of 8″x8″ cloth. I don’t know anybody who is going to use a wash cloth hanging off the side of the clothes hamper to wash their faces with it.

  9. Bad- Good point, I hadn’t thought about it that way.

    Capt- Sigh… Probably…

    Jon- Not sure, but now the NG folks will be susceptible, and I wonder how many of them will come down with the virus…

    Rev- Interesting, and scary thought…

    Juvat- Tank you, tank you… Try the veal, I’ll be here all week. 🙂

    Orvan- Point!

  10. So, send the ARNG folk (I almost said “guys”) out without MOPP gear to soak up Covid, then send them home to their families. Who is the Gov working for?

  11. With one encounter old Joe (think Beavis) just lost the auto workers union vote, if he should be the presumptive Demoncrat Nominee.

    And quite possibly a list of other unions.

    Just think about it a moment. Demoncrat choices for presidential nominee is between Beavis and Butthead.

    • Actually, I don’t think that slip will cost him that much. My UAW/democrat/ detroit area friends and family are just as rabidly anti trump as ever. I’m really impressed how well indoctrinated they remain. Having once been one of them, I realize that if you remain in that bubble you will not open your mind.

  12. Senile, corrupt, creepy, old Slow Joe Biden is the icon of the Democrat Party. He’s what they are.

  13. New Rochelle is a $$$$$ community. I can see that going both ways, it IS the NYC area, so they may just tolerate it. But those folks have MONEY, so if they decide to sue its not going to be pretty

  14. The rest of the nation is finally experiencing what we in Hurricane Alley experience every time the Weather Channel needs to boost it’s ratings.


    Stock up on bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, masking tape, plastic sheeting, face masks. Somewhere remember to buy a case of beef jerky or some packaged meat product you’d never consider eating this side of a holocaust of holocaustic proportions.


    Only good thing about this panic buying is by the time actual hurricane season shows up the stores will be stocked full again and I can top off my preps. Of toilet paper (because I’ve been told I’m full of shtuff enough my bowels now believe it) and bottled water (because my lady wife uses the bottles for drinking milk out of,) maybe a jug of bleach if the one at home is low, and glance at what dried or preserved meats I may need (hmmmm, my Dinty Moore collection is getting kind of old…)

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    With the exception of the ideologically pure among the union members, old Joe lost their support. Most vote with their pocketbook. Trump is the first GOPer that has made serious inroads in to union support of democrats. And well New York is New York and Portland will not put much pressure among the homeless, like antifa, they are a protected constituency.

  16. Word from my home office today: “If your clients show symptoms of COVID-19, stay at least six feet away while completing your shift.” Part of job description is wiping butts and flossing teeth, etc. Gonna be interesting…

  17. If (When?) the Wuhan Flu sweeps through *insert benighted Dem. controlled city here* the media will A) blame Trump for the deaths. B) congratulate Dem. mayors for solving the housing crisis.

  18. Biden’s team is spinning that auto-workers and union guys will respect him for the tough guy stance.
    Out of touch.

  19. What’s with the damn loo roll? A friend in Dallas foresaw this months ago. Prescient. I’ll ask her about the logic.


    “We are facing an unprecedented health emergency,” said Seattle-King County Public Health Director Jeff Duchin. “We expect a large scale outbreak in weeks, and this will be a very difficult time. (It’s an) infectious disease equivalent of a major earthquake that will shake us for weeks and weeks.”

    There are 30 people in wa state who have died from this as of yesterday.

    Explain the tp hording? nope, won’t even try to figure that.

  21. TP is stuff you don’t want to go to the store to replace if you are spending time isolated at home.

  22. Portland wouldn’t find a clue if it were preceded by a marching band with 76 trombones and 109 bass drums!

  23. I Have Figured Out The Toilet Paper Hoarding

    I realized it today. It is the same impulse that drives my friends to hoard ammo or reloading components.

    An example. You learn to reload. All is well. You buy a couple of hundred primers in the various types, some powder, and you make some ammo. You observe that there is a price break to buy a thousand primers. Next time you get a thousand. Moving along, you use a couple of hundred and you feel understocked so you buy another thousand. You have established a floor, the minimum number you feel comfortable having. Next time you buy five thousand. Well above your minimum, but wait, it becomes the new floor.

    Then there is a shortage. There was panic buying at some point several years ago and the supply and manufacturing did not keep up. There were outages for a while. If you needed large pistol primers and didn’t have a supply, you were out of luck. People remember that. They buy ten thousand. That sets a nice base, they don’t use them, they are the emergency reserve. They go back to buying a thousand here and there and working from that, maintaining the reserve that has become their minimum.

    Ammo the same way, in whatever quantities are the baseline.

    Now it’s toilet paper and it’s everyone. Might be 48 or 96 rolls, but there’s now a minimum stock that people want on hand. Store stocks will not recover until people’s attics and garages are filled to the new minimums. There’s nothing to be done about this except ramp up production for a while.

    Humans and human behavior can only be observed. Telling people to be comfortable when they have an open eight pack of toilet paper is now impossible. The stores are empty, rolls are being snatched off the pallets before they can be unloaded, and having eight rolls is like having the fire warning light on in the cockpit. More must be found.

    It will sort out. Our grandchildren will wonder why we felt the need to have 96 rolls of TP in the garage at all times, just like we looked back at our grandparents that lived through the Depression and wondered about the things they did.