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Is it racist to announce that you’ve contracted a possibly deadly virus while referring to the virus by the name of the city where it originally broke out? For example, is using the phrase “I’m scared because I just found out I have the Wuhan virus” evidence of racism?

Apparently, yes…

Full article, HERE.

WTF people???

And while I’m on that subject, what is it with a virus scare that is causing a run (literally in some big box stores) on stuff? 2,3,4 of the BIG packages of toilet paper, ten or more cases of water, entire shelves of wipes???

I was in Japan just after Fukushima happened. There were some shortages but there was NO hoarding that I ever saw. At most, people would get TWO big bottles of water, or ONE roll of toilet paper. And their situation was presumptively a LOT more dire at that time than we have now.

Of course, if a lot of folks want to self-quarantine, the more the better in a lot of cases…

Just sayin… 🙂


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  1. Spanish flu….. African swine fever…..Japanese encephalitis fever…… huh…… so much for racism in the past. Oh no, don’t want to [email protected]#$ off the Chinese? Just ask the WHO and Disney.

  2. It’s the Chinese Flu.

    I recall the Hong Kong Flu, and calling that wasn’t racist.

    Then again, I’m not culturally sensitive.

  3. MERS. Probably the only reason it isn’t racist is that no one knows that the M and the E stand for “Middle East”. And that you can get it from your camel.

  4. Shortages are because here in the US we don’t trust TPTB to make sure we have what we need.

    Let’s face it, our government has the reaction time of Broccoli. They will fix things (and fix them well), but next month, not right now when we need it.

  5. a) if the government had a faster reaction time, it would definitely use it to create messes for some events.
    b) We have a bunch of unknowns with this disease.
    c) There is a school of thought that the costs of the panic will be worse than the costs of this disease.
    d) I’m not sure what Trump is saying, nor what the correct actions actually are. I know that some of the never Trump folks on twitter think he is not saying the right things.

  6. Seems to me that both the panic buying and the recent stock market gyrations have the same root cause — while perhaps, as B suggests, we don’t trust Big Brother to hold our hands (and why, I ask, should we?) we — or at least some of us — also realise, at least subconsciously, that we can’t take care of ourselves. And like lost puppies in the woods, we panic.

    I’m fortunate, and I realise that. I live on a farm, in an area where there is adequate game. I’m no prepper, but we’ve always made sure that we could take care of ourselves if need be. Would we be as comfortable? No. Would we be content? Yes. Would we be safe? Probably, unless the city hordes came “foraging” — and we might be able to cope with that.

    I do feel some compassion with the city hordes; I really don’t know how they would cope in a major shutdown situation — and perhaps they are right to panic. History tells us (who reads history?) that no government of whatever stripe can cope with a major disruption. But they have chosen to live where and how they do, so…

    • I suspect too that a large percentage of the population have decided that whatever the government says must be suspect, and so they plan for the worst. Mortality rate of 3%? Oh no, must be 30%. Temporary global economic slump? Oh no, global economic collapse is looming.

      That, and the coastal media herd mentality that demands being scared and so terribly wants a dreadful crisis.

  7. I was at CostCo last Saturday on a regular, non-panic visit and what was interesting to observe was that when something sold out, the store’s procedure was to plop down a pallet of ANYTHING in that place, just to avoid the ‘look’ of empty spaces.’
    Potemkin shopping…

    • Saw the same thing in the local Market Basket (a New England chain of grocery stores famed for decent quality at low prices and internecine battles over control of the business after the death of the founder). The shelves that formerly held antiseptic wipes (Lysol brand, Clorox brand, etc) were filled with single-roll paper towels, but the shelf labels had not been updated. No alcohol-based hand sanitizer to be found anywhere.

      In contrast to the Potemkin-towel strategy of Market Basket, several Home Depots left the N95 mask shelves completely bare. (And no Purell to be found at Big Orange either.)

      Oh yeah. The “Wuhan Flu is racist” is obviously not in defense of Chinese. It’s to smear the Republicans who use the term. The progressive left does not give a shredded, snot-filled used Kleenex about East Asians: Not enough rioting, social dysfunction, lack of impulse control, and general victimhood to be useful to the Left. Also, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are each group extremely ethnocentric and do not buy into the victimhood and white-guilt narratives weaponized by our masters.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments, government does NOT equal trust… sigh… Guy- Interesting…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. BobtheRegisterredFool said:
    “if the government had a faster reaction time, it would definitely use it to create messes for some events.”

    Well, I don’t know if reaction time played into it, but last Friday, President Trump visited the CDC here in Atlanta.
    Whilst >I< was on my way HOME from attending my mother's 92nd birthday celebration at my sister's house in Macon.
    It's 94 miles from my house to my sister's house. Most of that is Interstate, and while the first part of the trip DOES run through Atlanta, we can usually cover it in an easy 2 hours.
    With POTUS in Atlanta, it took me in excess of four hours to get home, most of that navigating surface streets in disreputable parts of town.
    Fortunately, I was able to get Mike Rowe's podcast "The Way I Heard It" to run on my telephone, and that kept me from becoming TRULY upset. I also was glad I had chosen my Browning Hi-Power as my carry piece. Some places my navigation software took me were…strange…

    Yes, they create messes. On Friday, if I were to speak to the Prez, I would have said :

    "HEY! The people sent you to WASHINGTON. How about you just STAY THERE?"

    • But then the media would scream that he doesn’t care and he wants people to diiiieeeee and he’s a fool for ignoring the CDC and . . .

      I’m thinking that the punderati make Scylla and Charybdis look friendly and charming.

  10. They should be hording the important stuff, coffee, sugar, salt, milk, creamer, cases of beer, Jack Black, Jim Beam, nuts, twinkies (they never go bad) and other stuff.

  11. I don’t understand the panic buying of…take your pick, bread and milk for a snow storm or toilet paper in this case. Knowing more than one way to wipe your butt or a box of powdered milk, sack of flour and a packet of yeast on the shelf just makes good sense. Wasn’t it Heinlein who said ants are specialist; humans need to be generalists?

    • “panic buying of…take your pick”

      I was in Seattle area (Bellevue) in Feb 2019 during the Great Seattle Snowstorm (OMFG 6 inches in one day – snowmageddon!!!). Amid panicked talk of the electric power going down, Trader Joe’s shoppers stripped the store of – waaait for it – frozen microwave dinners. Because clearly the best preps to have when there is no electricity are chunks of frozen organic chicken with quinoa.

  12. All- Good comments, and Pat/TXRed/Beans- Regardless of what he does, it’s ORANGE MAN BAD… sigh

    CP- True… LOL

    Judy- Heinlein was correct… sigh

  13. I’m reminded:
    Eight years ago I bought an M-1 Carbine.
    Online, I ordered 1,000 rounds of ammo from Cabela’s.
    A month passed. Cabela’s emailed me and said “If you still want this ammo, call us.” I called and told them I wanted the ammunition no matter what.
    A month passed. “If you still want this ammunition, call us.”
    Angry… I called and told them again.
    A month later, “If you still…” Obama scared us that much.
    Panic makes people selfish. We protect ourselves, then our families, then our loved ones.
    It’s not logical.

  14. Wife and I went to Costco Saturday morning. No TP. Asked a stocker, who told us “We got 6 PALLETS this morning, and they were all gone in one hour.

  15. For Ed-
    Yeah, but it took three months, and I thought there was some sort of conspiracy going on. I later found out that the Carbine ammo is exclusive to that one rifle, and about a million M-1 Carbine owners got scared by Obama and ordered bulk ammo.
    If you’ve got a calculator that goes that high, multiply a million M-1 Carbine owners by the 500 rounds of ammo they wanta buy.
    (I don’t have a calculator that will display that number!)