At dinner Saturday night we-

Plotted how to destroy Long Beach Harbor, including what armament would be required, down to specific rounds…

Discussed the perils of research. There REALLY needs to be a button you can select for searches that says, “Searcher is an author doing research for work in progress! HONEST!!!” Research can literally ‘eat’ a day, or more, and end up supporting two or three lines of dialog or scene setting… Sigh…

OR it can send your muse down an entirely ‘new’ set of actions for your character, which means you’re revising your WIP, sometimes all the way back to the opening scene. It may also take that minor, throwaway character you were going to kill off in the next paragraph and shove him/her into a subplot you didn’t plan on or even know about until you did the @#$#% research…

Pretty much put together an anthology… I know better… Somebody just shoot me now!

Cussed and discussed the current weather, upcoming Cons, and travel in the current ‘panic’ environment.

Discussed where we are on respective WIPs, gently chided some folks, threatened to kick others in the ass. In other words, a normal evening… LOL

And yes, I spent most of Sunday researching…


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  1. I remember a multi panel cartoon.
    The first one showed somebody at a typewriter and wondering how long it took to cut off a leg.
    The middle panel shows the writer getting up and heading for the door.
    The final panel shows him typing something like, “It takes fifteen minutes to cut off a man’s leg.”

    My research didn’t find the cartoon.

  2. Better to do the research than to have some reader point out an avoidable mistake.

  3. I guess your “research” explains the visit I got this morning from two serious men in dark suits. They were interested in your character, political viewpoints, and who you associate with.
    I told them you were a character, your view was that all politicians should be introduced to C-4 suppositories, and that your nickname was “Lone Wolf.”
    Last I saw, they were headed to your house…I figure this should give you some story inspiration!

    Have an interesting day!!

    • I am NOT an author, and that sounds rather like ‘Tuesday’.

  4. John- I ‘think’ I saw that… LOL

    Jim- Oh yeah! And mine will!!!

    Rev- LOL, either or…

    WSF- We try!

    RC- Oh ‘thank’ you… sigh

    Orvan- LOL, so you’re saying you’re having one of THOSE weeks?

  5. How to destroy Long Beach? It takes about 7 congresscritters…

    Well, that’s how many it takes to destroy most bases, as they get riffed, right?

  6. Today, with all cargo containerized, just demo the cranes. Very long lead time to replace.

  7. Couldn’t you just destroy that place with the right insane legislation passed in the California house?

  8. Beans- Point… sigh

    SPQR- Ohhh… That would work too!

    Bob- That’s already being done, but it’ll take too long.

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    YOur books are known for their realism and accuracy. Better to chase a muse and get a better result.

  10. Snicker – my first thought on seeing the title was that writers are like singers – anyone can do it but some shouldn’t 😉 (at least not in public).

  11. You want the port destroyed? Just pay off the union bosses. They’ll get the job done for you.

  12. Taking out the Vincent Thomas, Gerald Desmond, Commodore Heim, and the Henry Ford railroad bridges would isolate Terminal Island from the mainland. Port traffic and cargo would screech to a halt, and panic would ensue. A few sunk ships in the channels would finish the job.

    And a couple of those bridges could probably be brought down with a few swift kicks…..