Virginia gun control…

Virginia continues down the path of going hard left on gun control with two more bills passed yesterday! I guess they figured nobody would be around to protest, so these got pushed through…

The Virginia legislature passed a new gun control bill requiring background checks for all firearm purchases.

The state passed two measures Saturday, one of which mandates all people purchasing firearms to undergo a criminal background check and another that limits those without concealed-carry permits to one gun purchase each month.

Full article, HERE from the Washington Examiner.

Any bets that one of the things they try going after is CCW permits in the future? Can’t have those pesky permit holders getting more than one gun a month, dontcha know…



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  1. Listen, and understand. The Left is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  2. Let a million machine shops spring up. And recall gramp’s chemistry, too.

  3. At least it’s the democrats doing it in Ole Virginny . Here in Ohio the traitor Dewine , a republican is leading the charge . Insert picture of Quisling here !

  4. already after ccw permits. outlawed online training and almost outlawed nra training as qualifying for ccw. no doubt those rules will be tightened up next year too, going for may-issue versus shall-issue. that is, if we don’t toss them out first. northam is soon venturing out to Free Virginia, hope his bodyguards are up to the task.

    • If not, well, the Virginia state motto comes to mind.

  5. McC/Ed- Agreed.

    Orvan- That ‘tech’ is out there…

    River- Understood. And trying to close indoor ranges, all in a move to specifically get the NRA range in NOVA… sigh

    TOS- I’m beginning to doubt that the left actually knows what it means!

  6. I had my first background check in ’73 – needed a bartenders license as the pizza joint I worked at sold beer. During a 44+ year career of civilian and military LE, I lost count of the background checks for employment and enlistments and security clearances. My question for the universal background check crew is: how many checks are enough?

  7. The Democrat’s theory of security and theory of rights with regard to gun control shows that they would have no principled reasons to object to restricting who has access to education based on personal background indications of a security risk. In that case, it would be hypocritical to oppose restricting educational access by the poor or some other indicator within their theory of security risk.

    Their insistence on funding public education for all, and their bitching about outcomes with ‘historically disadvantaged’ shows that it is purely a matter of partisan gain and whose ox is gored.

    Their claims that poverty or historical oppression are a cause of crime or a cause of terrorism directly imply tests that can be used for security access control.

    Gun control is entirely consistent with a system where certain ethnicities are not permitted to learn to read, or where people whose families cannot pay are not permitted to attend university.

    They have no moral grounds to choose to fund education at the local, state or federal level.

    Conservatives who are merely inexorably in favor of gun rights are de facto moderates, who are not extreme enough in pointing out the self-serving duplicity of the left. This permits the Overton window to be shifted too far in favor of gun control. I regret that so many find that moderation necessary. Sadly, the hypocrisy of the left becomes very hard to effectively argue, because the alternative policies on education are so radical that independent of gun control, there is little conservative reason to push them to the point of implementation.

  8. Bloomberg and Soros are buying a lot of politicians. They’re more dangerous than guns, and no background check required.

  9. Background check will soon mean “Registered Democrat.”
    I do know the “personal interview” portion of the Maryland CCW process usually means a 4 digit donation to the Dem. Party. Of course that was in the ’80s. Probably up to 5 figures now.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Virginia is a lesson that we literally have to vote like every election our lives will depend on it, the days of taking elections for granted are over.

  11. I guess they should hold another Gun Woodstock…that last one worked so well, apparently.

    It must be true, I read it on the internet.